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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

When her uncle had fixed her marriage to Suhel without asking her, Richa was peeved that nobody cared to ask her about her own life. She saw how her aunt treated her sisters-in-law and was afraid she too would be blessed with a monster-in-law. But contrary to her expectations, she found a mother- the mother she had lost at birth and the mother her aunt never was.

Sujata had always wanted a daughter. But a complication at Suhel’s birth meant she could never be a mother again. No, just she couldn’t conceive again. For she found the daughter she wanted in her daughter-in-law. Her neighbors had warned her that her daughter-in-law would steal her son and try to undermine her value. Instead Richa, accustomed to her domineering aunt, showed her deference that she didn’t expect. For Sujata’s husband Suman, the Patriarch of the family, didn’t believe in giving importance to women. He treated his wife like his slave and Sujata had grown accustomed to that. Even to Suhel, his mother was just someone who did everything at his father’s bidding.

On that fateful day, Richa had nagged her mother-in-law to accompany her to shopping. Despite her remonstrations that the men would be very angry if they found no dinner when they returned from work, Sujata couldn’t convince her daughter-in-law. At one level she didn’t want to either. She knew what her husband would normally do in such a situation but expected that she might be spared now that she was a mother-in-law. The two women lost all track of time looking at the junk jewellery and dresses. By the time they caught the taxi back it was already 9pm. By now Sujata’s fortitude was gone and she was fretting how her husband would react. Richa on the other hand had no idea what her mother-in-law was worried about and thought she was over-reacting.

When Sujata asked her whether she had ever been punished, Richa was surprised. “What do you mean by punishment? As a kid aunt and uncle would whale me with a strap but that’s that. Why do you ask?”

“Oh it may be nothing. Just asking,” Sujata mumbled though her nervousness spoke through her countenance.

By the time the Uber stopped at the gates, Sujata was sweating even in the cold winter evening.

Richa sensed something was wrong the moment she stepped inside the house. On the dining table there was a leather paddle, a cane and a wooden paddle. Her husband and father-in-law were sitting very grimly. The moment Sujata stepped in, she knew what was going to happen. She immediately took off her dress and kneeled down.

“Good Sujata. Although you have forgotten about your duties as a wife, at least you remember to prepare for the punishment. Why don’t you teach Richa?” her husband sneered.

“Richa, strip off your dress and join me kneeling. We are going to be punished.”

Richa thought the world had gone mad. Her mother-in-law was kneeling, naked except her underwear, with her hands on her head. Right in front of her son, Richa’s husband. And they wanted her to do the same. And by the looks of the situation the two of them are going to be physically punished with the instruments on the table. But the stern faces of the men brooked no further questions. Richa hastily unzipped her dress, pulled it off and kneeled down beside her mother-in-law.

“Good. Now crawl and lie down on your husbands’ laps you two.” Suman said sternly as the two sat down on straight backed armless chairs. Sujata crawled shamelessly to her husband, her mascara already smugged. Richa followed her mother-in-law. The two women laid down across their husbands’ laps, balanced precariously on their hands as their legs barely touched ground.

Swat! Richa felt her husband’s hand make contact with her pantied bottom. From the corner of her eye she saw her father-in-law’s hand slap her mother-in-law’s buttocks. The two men fell into a rhythm, slapping their wives’ buttocks fast and hard. Richa struggled as the fire in her buttocks grew but she couldn’t escape from her husband’s tight grip.

Then he pulled her panties down! She gasped as her buttocks were exposed to her father-in-law. But she had no reason for shame. He had pulled down his wife’s panties too, exposing her buttocks to their son. The shame and the pain hit the two women and tears rolled down their cheeks.

But then they were told to stand up. Yet they both knew it wasn’t over. What they didn’t expect was that they would be told to go over the laps of each other’s husband. So Richa would be spanked by her father-in-law while her husband would spank his mother. Just the thought was so appalling that they cringed. But they had no choice. Suhel didn’t even spare his mother the ignominy of spreading her legs as she lay on her son’s lap in nude to be spanked by him.

But shame took the backseat once the spanking began and the stinging in their buttocks took over. Swat… Swat… Swat… The hard hands of the men clapped against their spankee’s bare butts like an AK47. Both Suhel and her father were strong muscular men with large hands that covered huge swathes of the luscious buttocks on their laps. And they varied their target to ensure uniform reddening of the skin. The four fair (by Indian standards) mounds took an angry scarlet color. The women were now blubbering and crying and promising to be good wives for ever and ever.

The men however were not ready for mercy. Suhel was enjoying humiliating his mother. She was a beautiful woman and having her lie naked on his lap made him excited. He was enjoying having power over an older beautiful woman and the taboo nature of the act only made it more enticing for him. And he noticed pristine skin on the soft sit spot of the woman on his lap. He brought down his hand on the left sit spot with as much force he could muster. His hands cupped the mound for a moment and it forced the woman up from his lap. As the weight on his lap momentarily lifted, his cock sprung up inside his pyjama and when his mom came down she found it poking in her belly. If she had any self respect left, she lost it completely and started sobbing. But her son was enjoying the effect of spanking her on the sit spot and continued it.

Meanwhile Richa was having a separate ordeal on her father-in-law’s lap. He had turned his attention to her soft inner thighs after having spread them apart. As he spanked there his hands were brushing against her pussy lips. The fact that he was touching her labia was not lost on her, and she felt shame awash her. But to her surprise shame had a different effect on her: she became aroused. Every time his hands would brush against her pussy, every time his thumb ran along the slit, a jolt passed through her body and the taps in her cunt turned on. By the time he finished blistering with her inner thighs, she was too turned on to care.

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