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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

Richa however received no such subtle abuse from her father-in-law. He had grabbed them uncouthly as soon as her husband had uncovered them, leaving his handprint on the adipose tissue. He then pulled the nipples with all his might leaving them red and misshapenly long and hard. Finally he had settled to alternatively slapping them leaving them red with each slap. Richa chaffed at her father-in-law’s extremely ungentlemanly behavior. But the more she felt anger the more her father-in-law enjoyed it. He watched gleefully as the young woman suffered wordlessly unable to display her displeasure other than by shooting daggers at him with her eyes. But Richa’s futile defiance only made it more exciting for him and he mouthed swear words like “cunt”, “whore”, “slave”, “rendi” (hindi for prostitute) at her silently each time he slapped her breasts. The fact that his son and wife was unaware of this juvenile behavior only made it more taboo as if he shared a special private space with his daughter-in-law, one hidden from his wife and her husband.

But they could only last so long and the men deposited their second load of cum into their wives’ cunts. As they reached climax, they yanked their wives back by their hairs their backs arched back and their breasts thrusting out. Then as the cum flooded their cunts their husbands released their hair and they crashed onto the table. The men pulled out their limp cocks and pulled up their bermudas. Then they left their wives like uncared-for rags instructing them to have the table set for dinner by the time they came back after changing and to remain naked.

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