Wednesday , October 5 2022

A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

The two women could hardly face each other in shame. Now that their arousal had disappeared they couldn’t feel but deeply embarrassed at being treated like sex objects. Especially Sujata felt extremely uncomfortable at being reduced to a cheap common whore in front of her daughter-in-law who showed her the highest level of reverence. And the fact that Richa herself felt shame at her mother-in-law’s abuse by her husband(Suhel) only made it worse for Sujata. The two women walked into the common bathroom together not even caring to shut the door behind them. They lathered up the soap and cleaned the sticky mixture of their husband’s cum and their own pussy juices that was all over their thighs and legs. They were sticky with sweat on the hot March evening and they rubbed the soap all over their body. As they stood together below the shower they rubbed each other’s body washing away the soap. The cold water running over their body felt so cleansing, so purifying.

The two women embraced each other, their breasts mashing together. Richa whispered, “I love you so much Ma (mother)” and lightly kissed Sujata on her cheeks. Sujata caressed Richa’s hair and pulling her close whispered, “I love you too beti (daughter)” as their lips touched each other. At that moment all the shame they had felt, all the abuse they had endured that evening and before and all the restrictions they had been taught their whole lives washed away with the soapy water flowing down the drain. Their fingers crawled into each other’s vagina and they diddled each other, their moans silenced by their locked lips till they felt their fingers wet and sticky with each other’s juices. Without any hesitation they put their fingers in their mouths tasting each other’s juices. Then they inserted their fingers into their own cunts and put them back in their own mouth tasting themselves.

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