Wednesday , October 5 2022

A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

The women were so engrossed that they failed to notice their husbands standing outside watching their activities. Their trance broke only after they turned the shower off and heard Suhel’s voice. “Dad, now we have a plethora of violations to punish them for.” Mother and daughter(-in-law) felt their faces turn red in shame. But they felt strangely defiant, strangely uncaring that they had violated several norms by their lesbian campers, strangely proud in their taboo relationship.

“Yes Sir. We will accept whatever punishment you give us.” Sujata told her son. Though she spoke with utmost deference and meakness to her son, the very fact that she had spoken seemed like a defiance, a stand against silently accepting their men’s diktats.

Suman felt anger bubbling up in him. He felt like grabbing his wife by her throat and twisting it till she begged for her life. But he felt a sudden nervousness; he was no longer sure that she would let him do that. He has been punishing his wife for 30 years now and never had she ever uttered a single word. She had always silently stripped naked, crawled and draped herself across his knees. Always till now. He remembered his father had never punished his mother in front of him or Sujata though everyone was well aware that she suffered the same fate as Sujata. Suman wondered if he had made a mistake by embarrassing his wife in front of their son and daughter-in-law. But he quickly shrugged off the feeling, laying the blame completely and fully on his daughter-in-law. He decided it was time to introduce her to harsher instruments of corporal punishment than the bare hands of the men.

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