Wednesday , October 5 2022

A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

The two women were told to quickly serve the dinner and kneel down in the corner facing the wall. The aalu parathas (Indian bread stuffed with potato) and mutton rezala (lightly spicy curry of goat meat) was a delicious fare but the men couldn’t enjoy it as they wolfed it down with their attention on the two naked women in the corner. Their curvy backs and luscious buttocks were smooth, unmarked and deliciously beautiful yet it only increased the desire in the men to extract their wrath on these beautiful bodies.

Once dinner was over, the women were made to kneel facing the men. They were on their knees with the knees spread apart as far as possible. Both father and son preferred their women to have shaved cunts and the women showed their shaved and splayed cunts gloriously. Their arms were straight on top of their heads, the tension in the muscles pulling up their breasts. Though the pair looked extremely sexy the men were more interested in the sheet of paper in front of them. They were noting down the crimes of their wives and their corresponding punishments.

“Unnatural sexual behavior” Suhel said referring to the lesbian act of the women. “25 lashes of the whip on the back”, his father decided the punishment for the crime.

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