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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

“Incestuous behavior”, Suhel declared as the second crime of his mother and wife. “25 whip lashes from the front”.

“Indecent exposure.” Suhel was now just saying anything that sounded devious. “15 lashes with the riding crop on the cunt”, his father devised as the punishment.

“Touching each other indecently” was the next fault and its punishment was 5 whacks of the cane on each palm.

“Cheating on their husbands.” This time it was Suman who came up with the crime. His son immediately came up with the punishment. “A five minute spanking with the hairbrush. Followed by 12 swats of the wooden paddle.”

“Delay in serving dinner” again the father contributed to the list and his son devised the punishment “dozen cane strikes on the front thighs”.

Both the men were at a loss of which feminine part to target next and for what excuse. Finally their eyes fell on the nipples. They knew it would be fun to put clamps on them. All they needed was a cause. ‘Allowing other men to touch them’ seemed plausible enough a reason and for that the clamps would remain on their nipples throughout the punishment.

“One final instruction. After every punishment you will deep throat us till we cum”, Suman instructed his wife and daughter-in-law.

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