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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

That however turned out to be a double edged sword. “Richa, you must follow my lead while deep throating. The men have already cum twice and since you are inexperienced you might find it difficult to arouse them multiple times.” This oblique barb at their virility incensed them.

“Don’t you worry about that woman. Beta(son) get the Viagra from my room.” This simple instruction revealed a lot about Suman. That he required the help of sex pills to get aroused. That he expected his son to need the services too. And his son by eagerly going for it revealed he agreed with his father that they needed it. Richa couldn’t resist smirking at her mother-in-law’s naughty remark.

As the two men downed the pills, Suhel asked his father “Dad, where will we whip them?”

“We will hang them in the whipping frames in our basement. They are of wonderful use as your mother already knows”.

The whipping frames belonged to Suman’s grandfather. He was a zamindar (landlord) during British rule. One of the frames, the ornately designed oak wood one, was for punishment of his wife, daughters, daughter-in-laws and other women of the andermahal (inner palace) carried out by himself. The other one was more commonplace, made of teak wood, for the women of servant class carried out by an executioner. The steel chains, the leather cuffs for wrists and ankles, the hooks had seen the tears and blood of many women of the family. Sujata had experienced it many times as had her mother-in-law but they had never been hung together. But today Sujata would hang beside her daughter-in-law, the two women of the family experiencing the device together.

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