Wednesday , October 5 2022

A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

The two women were framed side by side, their arms straining under the weight of their own bodies. Father and son stood behind their wives, the long leather whips in their grasp. These hailed from the times of the zamindar made of pure rhino leather. Richa thought with pride that the piece of leather that was lashing her back carried the sweat of her great grandmother in-law. The two men lashed at full force, the whip leaving welts on the unprotected backs of their wives. The women deciding not to cry from the pain shouted out the count. By the time they reached twenty their backs were crisscrossed with welts and their throats hoarse with screaming. Their wrists were chafed with straining against the cuffs. But that didn’t stop their husbands from giving them the last five whip lashes at full force.

Though the women had been beaten, they were not beaten. They hugged each other with tears running down their cheeks, but not for once they begged for mercy. When their husbands invigorated with the whipping and Viagra pulled down their pj’s, the women got to work on their knees. Following her experienced mother-in-law’s lead, Richa covered her husband’s cock with saliva and then sliding it into her mouth till it hit the back of her mouth. Her lips and tongue got to work as she bobbed her head up and down the shaft. Gradually relaxing her throat muscles she took in the cock of the man who had so thoroughly thrashed her. The two women now worked in tandem, sucking furiously on the hard muscle shaft. They played with the balls raking them with their nails and slightly squeezing them, to send them into a hormonal drive. It seemed as if the women were eager to finish their current job and get back to the frame for the front whipping. As if fulfilling their wishes their husbands succumbed to their expert ministrations and the women were rewarded with a mouthful of cum. They naughtily spat at each other before opening their mouth showing the gooey white cum in their mouth and drank it. Then they scooped up the spit that had landed on each other’s breast with two fingers and sucked them clean. Unnoticed by the men the women had been masturbating themselves while pleasuring the men and they sucked on the fingers wet with their own juices. The lashing though painful had turned them on. They had been dreaming of themselves as the viking queens punished by the Christian lords of yore (they had seen such a movie a couple days ago) as they were being whipped and the role-play was highly effective. They almost eagerly went to the frame to be hung up.

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