Wednesday , October 5 2022

A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

The flat stomaches that had aroused them so much earlier this evening became their next target. As the thin leather whip cut into the soft flesh of feminine stomaches, their bodies crunched in pain at the assault on their visceral organs. But while the ten lashes into the soft part eviscerated visceral screams from the women, they elicited no signs of remorse or begging for mercy. By the end the women thrust out their stomaches as if daring them to do their worst. And the men obliged them by whipping their breasts each of which resulted in a red welt across their skin. The women were now openly sobbing, feeling no shame in letting their pain known.

When the men unclasped the cuffs, the women collapsed on the ground. Little skin between their shoulders to their waists retained the original colour either in front or back. But that didn’t stop them from twisting each other’s nipples by the clamps. As jolts of pain shot through them, the two sat up and howled. But that didn’t stop them from keep on torturing each other’s most sensitive place. But once they left the clamps they sat up straight, their breasts proudly showing their welts. They cupped themselves feeling their bruised mounds, trailing their fingers along the welts.

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