Wednesday , October 5 2022

A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

The men were still recuperating from their strain when the women suddenly rushed out. But before the men could react they were back carrying the belts the men wore everyday. Then they pulled down the men’s bermudas clasping their lips around their cocks. They handed men their belts begging with their eyes for punishment. The men were surprised but immediately started hitting the back of the woman sucking their dick. As the leather struck their whipped backs cruelly the women cried but they sucked the men with even more urgency. Richa won the competition with Sujata following her by a few seconds though but her success probably was owed to her younger husband. The women decided immediately and silently that at next change they would swap places.

The women were back to the frames. The men picked up the riding crop- a rod with a small leather tail. The target was the splayed pussy of the women. The men tapped the clit of their wife twice before landing it there with force. And again. And then again. And then again. And again. The five strikes on the sensitive clit left it inflamed and red. The men decided it would have been better if the women had clit rings. And the women wished the same when the men pinched their clits and twisted them roughly. It was as if how much the men tortured them the women wanted more. The other 10 were applied all over the pubic region but the punishment satisfied neither the men nor the women.

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