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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

When Sujata asked her whether she had ever been punished, Richa was surprised. “What do you mean by punishment? As a kid aunt and uncle would whale me with a strap but that’s that. Why do you ask?”

“Oh it may be nothing. Just asking,” Sujata mumbled though her nervousness spoke through her countenance.

By the time the Uber stopped at the gates, Sujata was sweating even in the cold winter evening.

Richa sensed something was wrong the moment she stepped inside the house. On the dining table there was a leather paddle, a cane and a wooden paddle. Her husband and father-in-law were sitting very grimly. The moment Sujata stepped in, she knew what was going to happen. She immediately took off her dress and kneeled down.

“Good Sujata. Although you have forgotten about your duties as a wife, at least you remember to prepare for the punishment. Why don’t you teach Richa?” her husband sneered.

“Richa, strip off your dress and join me kneeling. We are going to be punished.”

Richa thought the world had gone mad. Her mother-in-law was kneeling, naked except her underwear, with her hands on her head. Right in front of her son, Richa’s husband. And they wanted her to do the same. And by the looks of the situation the two of them are going to be physically punished with the instruments on the table. But the stern faces of the men brooked no further questions. Richa hastily unzipped her dress, pulled it off and kneeled down beside her mother-in-law.

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