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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

Richa voiced it. “Ma wouldn’t it be so much fun if we could get 10 all over our pubis using a cat-o-nine tails.” The men needed no more words. They picked up the cat-o-nine tails and watched with wonder as the knotted thin whips peppered the soft pubic regions with red lines and purple spots. Soon the labia of the women were red and engorged. So were their inner thighs.

But even when the 10 ended, Sujata told her son “Suhel swap places with your father and give us 10 more.” And for once Suhel followed his mother without asking his dad. He lashed his mother’s labia at full force each of which elicited painful scream from her. But along with each scream, a stream of juices shot out of her pussy wetting her son as the reward for a well applied pussy shot.

Not to be outdone by his son, Suman lashed his daughter-in-law on her pussy with all his strength. But like her mother-in-law the excruciating pain only caused her to spray her juices all over. Suman hated the idea of going down on a woman yet today he had been drenched twice by the juices once by his wife and now by Richa.

This time when the women were unclasped the men knew there was no life left in their cocks. Even with Viagra they had reached the end. But that didn’t deter the women. Sujata took out the thick long cock shaped dildos from the cabinet and the women inserted them into their agape and abused vaginas. As the two women pounded themselves writhing on their backs, the men watched in awe of their pain-slut wives. But their arms were tired from hanging so long and they replaced it with a double ended dildo as the women scissored each other. They pushed in mercilessly till their engorged labia touched each other and the extremely painful nature of their pleasure had them screaming till they both orgasmed. Their cunts felt numb from being pounded so many times.

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