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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

But the women wanted every inch of their body tanned. Putting butt plugs into their butt holes they draped themselves across the laps of each other’s husband. They each held a wooden hairbrush in their mouths meant for the means of blistering their ass. And the men though tired did exactly that. From the very beginning they spanked hard and fast, trying to squeeze in as many as they could before five minutes were up. It was a testament to their extraordinary skill and experience that every inch of the skin from the top of the thighs to the back of the thighs were of a deep scarlet hue when they finished with special attention to the sit spots. It was well determined they won’t be sitting down comfortably at least for a week.

But the women took no notice of the discomfort in their buttocks and bent down side by side for the paddle. The two husbands paddled hard, the wooden instrument with holes drilled in leaving vicious blisters with each of the twelve strokes. But even while the women were crying and sobbing like little babies Richa told her husband, “Swap for twelve more. And spank harder”. The women were granted their desire and were left with heavily tanned backsides.

The men were now too tired to carry on. Their arms were paining. The women too were well punished. But everyone knew they had not finished the list. Sujata grabbed the clamps on Richa’s nipples and started pulling them. Richa paid back her saas in kind pulling her nipple clamps. The two women screamed like banshees defeaning their husbands. But finally the tight clamps slipped out and the women crouched on the ground cupping their paining breasts as their nipples were finally free of clamps.

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