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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

“Good. Now crawl and lie down on your husbands’ laps you two.” Suman said sternly as the two sat down on straight backed armless chairs. Sujata crawled shamelessly to her husband, her mascara already smugged. Richa followed her mother-in-law. The two women laid down across their husbands’ laps, balanced precariously on their hands as their legs barely touched ground.

Swat! Richa felt her husband’s hand make contact with her pantied bottom. From the corner of her eye she saw her father-in-law’s hand slap her mother-in-law’s buttocks. The two men fell into a rhythm, slapping their wives’ buttocks fast and hard. Richa struggled as the fire in her buttocks grew but she couldn’t escape from her husband’s tight grip.

Then he pulled her panties down! She gasped as her buttocks were exposed to her father-in-law. But she had no reason for shame. He had pulled down his wife’s panties too, exposing her buttocks to their son. The shame and the pain hit the two women and tears rolled down their cheeks.

But then they were told to stand up. Yet they both knew it wasn’t over. What they didn’t expect was that they would be told to go over the laps of each other’s husband. So Richa would be spanked by her father-in-law while her husband would spank his mother. Just the thought was so appalling that they cringed. But they had no choice. Suhel didn’t even spare his mother the ignominy of spreading her legs as she lay on her son’s lap in nude to be spanked by him.

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