Wednesday , October 5 2022

A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

But shame took the backseat once the spanking began and the stinging in their buttocks took over. Swat… Swat… Swat… The hard hands of the men clapped against their spankee’s bare butts like an AK47. Both Suhel and her father were strong muscular men with large hands that covered huge swathes of the luscious buttocks on their laps. And they varied their target to ensure uniform reddening of the skin. The four fair (by Indian standards) mounds took an angry scarlet color. The women were now blubbering and crying and promising to be good wives for ever and ever.

The men however were not ready for mercy. Suhel was enjoying humiliating his mother. She was a beautiful woman and having her lie naked on his lap made him excited. He was enjoying having power over an older beautiful woman and the taboo nature of the act only made it more enticing for him. And he noticed pristine skin on the soft sit spot of the woman on his lap. He brought down his hand on the left sit spot with as much force he could muster. His hands cupped the mound for a moment and it forced the woman up from his lap. As the weight on his lap momentarily lifted, his cock sprung up inside his pyjama and when his mom came down she found it poking in her belly. If she had any self respect left, she lost it completely and started sobbing. But her son was enjoying the effect of spanking her on the sit spot and continued it.

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