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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

Meanwhile Richa was having a separate ordeal on her father-in-law’s lap. He had turned his attention to her soft inner thighs after having spread them apart. As he spanked there his hands were brushing against her pussy lips. The fact that he was touching her labia was not lost on her, and she felt shame awash her. But to her surprise shame had a different effect on her: she became aroused. Every time his hands would brush against her pussy, every time his thumb ran along the slit, a jolt passed through her body and the taps in her cunt turned on. By the time he finished blistering with her inner thighs, she was too turned on to care.

On the other hand, Sujata found that with the jumping motion she made as her son spanked her sit spots she was dry humping his leg. As her cunt rubbed against something hard inside his pyjama pocket, she was getting aroused too. And by the time her son was done with her, she was rubbing off pussy juice on her son’s pj’s and left off a wet spot inches away from where his precum had left one.

Although the men had planned on a more elaborate punishment for their wives, they were too turned on to continue. They dragged their wives to their respective bedrooms and let their lust take over. Half an hour later two sweaty couples laid on their beds, exhausted. Richa had been brought up to think of sex as something that men wanted and women provided, that a woman’s strength laid in holding out. But that night, the night when she was spanked by her husband and father-in-law, the night her father-in-law had touched her labia, she had her first real orgasm. As Suhel fucked her hard, his hands cupping her blistered buttocks she felt her pelvic muscles relax, her husband’s cock stretching her. As the hard bulbous head brushed against her g-spot, she went into spasms milking his cock. As his cum splutered around, his mouth tightened onto her nipples and she convulsed as waves of pure pleasure hit her. She knew at that moment that she would get punished again and again through out her life and she would love it.

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