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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

Sujata is a disciplined wife. After Richa’s marriage to her son, the two women bond and they go on a shopping trip. When they return late the two are spanked by their husbands naked. Afterwards they swap and the taboo nature turns them all on. The spanking ends and the two couples enjoy hot and steamy sex.

Six months into the marriage it had become an established pattern. Suman and Suhel would accuse the two of “disobedient and disorderly” conduct, whether real or imagined, and take the two naked women across their knees. Then after the mounds had turned slightly reddish they would swap the women. They always left it to Suhel to spank his mother’s sit spots while Suman had the charge of spanking Richa’s inner thighs. Every time it would be a repetition of the first time. Sujata’s humping on her son’s lap would turn them on while the other two would be aroused by Suman’s illicit touching of his daughter-in-law’s labia. It was always followed by a hot and steamy sex for the two couples.

However as the novelty wore away so did its eroticism. Richa and Sujata now had a bond that traversed a mother- daughter relationship. They were like sister wives. They discussed the most intimate details of their lives including their sex lives. By now Richa knew that her father-in-law enjoyed deep throating his wife. And Sujata was aware that her son had an undue interest in inserting inanimate objects in his wife’s butthole.

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