Wednesday , October 5 2022

A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

The men had returned from office and the women would serve them dinner. As per the traditional customs, the men ate first while their wives acted as personal attendees and women ate only after attending to all the housework.

But today the men had told them to get naked before serving. Wordlessly the two women started unwrapping their sarees. The men unabashedly took in the sight in front of them. Slowly their deep cleavages came to sight as did their lithe waists.

Even though Sujata was a mother of a married son, she still had a flat stomach and a dancer’s hips. Her 36C bosoms narrowed down to 32 inches at her waist before widening again at her luscious buttocks. Although her son had seen her naked so many times in the past few months he was appreciating her body for the first time today. He was not seeing her as a mother or even his father’s wife but as a beautiful older woman.

Meanwhile Suman was appreciating himself. He had chosen Richa based on a picture of her, and now he stood vindicated. Her perky 32D breasts, her lithe 28 inch waist and luscious 34 inch buttocks made her no less desirable than an actress. At 5’4″ she stood demurely as her father-in-law’s eyes hungrily drank in the sight before him. Her friends had often compared her face with Alia Bhatt’s and she felt like she was facing a casting couch like she had heard on #MeToo news. To her consternation, she felt something roll down her inner thigh, something wet and sticky. It was nothing but her own juices yet she had lost all control over them.

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