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A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

“Carry on” Suman instructed, trying to hide his excitement in the voice to maintain a facade of propriety. Suhel had no such compunctions. His tool was obscenely tenting his bermuda. The two women fiddled with the knots of their petticoat as their fingers seemed to have become dead. Finally the two women stepped out of them and stood in nothing more than their blouses and panties.

Indian saree blouses are usually upto the midriff only. And today they had chosen to wear a particularly bold design. They were sleeveless showing off their beautiful brown arms, the plunging neckline revealing their deep cleavages and their smooth backs were revealed by the blouse that had but a narrow back strap. Sujata would not have dared to buy something so audacious normally, but Richa had insisted they got them made at the tailors’ specially. Since it was custom fitted, it accentuated their assets well but still maintaining sobriety. As if to be an indicator the pendants of the gold chains around their neck nestled on their cleavage. They were gifts from their husbands during their marriages and the identical heart shaped pendants drew attention to their long necks and visible collar bones.

Right now Sujata wished that she didn’t draw so much attention from her son but that was just her conscious decision. Her body was acting subconsciously completely differently, her nipples were hard and she was leaking juices copiously. Finally the two women took off their blouses standing in nothing more than their underwear. The bras hardly revealed more than the blouses yet the psychological effects of standing in just their “underwear” were undeniable. The women looked incredibly hot as tears rolled down their cheeks from their conscious shame while pussy juices ran down their legs as the shame unconsciously turned them on. The years of seeing sex as taboo had turned against them; their brains had associated shame with sexual pleasure and estrogen pumped through their blood enciting every cell in their body as they stood shamefully in front of the men.

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