Wednesday , October 5 2022

A woman and her mother-in-law get some marital discipline

The men however felt no such conflict. They had always been taught as men they deserved whatever they desired; their women existed only to serve them and pleasure them. They grabbed their wives by their hairs and pushed them down on the dining table. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law faced each other held down at the necks by the muscular hands of their husbands. With the other hand they yanked down the panties and dropped their own bermudas. With one forceful stroke they plunged their long hard penis into their wives’ wet vaginas. With a plop the cunts clasped around the violating members and the men started fucking them hard and fast. They were already leaking precum as could be easily evidenced from the wet spots on their bermudas. Their wives were no less aroused. Neither men could last their brutal fucking long and as the women orgasmed and their vaginal muscles convulsed the men discharged their first load of semen.

But none were satiated yet and as they kept pounding, their cocks regained their hardness. But they slowed down as their hearts faltered to keep on pumping at full speed. They now yanked their wives up by their hair till the two women were facing each other. They could read shame, defeat and utter disgust at the public nature of the act yet naked desire was what they saw the most writ large upon their faces. As the women balanced themselves on their arms, their bangles clinking with every thrust into their pussy, the men had their hands free. The women’s long dark hairs were wet with sweat and hung down the sides of their necks. The two men unclasped the bras and slowly rolled it down the arms of their wives. The heavy breasts of the two women were finally unrestrained and they jiggled with the same rhythm with which the body they were attached to were being fucked. The two men looked mesmerized at the breasts of each other’s wife. With no self restrain or compunction about the taboo incestuous nature of their acts, they cupped the breasts of each other’s wives. Suhel was holding his mother’s breasts feeling their softness in his hands and rubbing her hard nipples between his fingers. As he slightly pinched them his mother winced in protest. But it only made his cock harden even more. He started twisting them watching with glee as his mother winced and whined at the abuse.

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