Sunday , November 27 2022

A young man wooed my wife and then changed our lives – A Fantasy Becomes Reality

His big meaty hands moved slowly from my wife’s full hips to her soft natural tits and my pulse quickened. It didn’t seem real but my heightened senses made everything too clear for it to be a dream.

‘Tell me what you want Baby Girl,” he asked playfully as a wry grin spread across his handsome face. His eyes flashed briefly at me and his hands left my wife’s tits and gripped the top of her tight revealing dress.

My eyes widened and I watched his thick powerful forearms flex. Sweat glistened off his bare chest and the fresh musky scent of his body mixed with the familiar aroma of my wife’s arousal filled the room. My mouth watered and my dick grew turgid inside the tight confinds of my jeans.

“I want you to ravage me,” my wife replied softly. Her sweet melodic voice shook subtly with tremolo betraying her excitement as her lower lips curled into her mouth nervously. Her pretty green eyes danced and glimmered and her chest rose as she inhaled sharply.

He smiled knowingly at me and his hands moved apart tearing my wife’s dress down the front exposing her red lace bra and matching panties as the shreds of fabric fell to the floor.

“Oh god,” my beautiful wife gasped. She glanced at me with uncertain eyes but she couldn’t hide the excitement on her trembling lips. Goosebumps covered her soft supple body and her nipples strained against her pretty bra.

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  1. Erotic story of three some wife sharing. Thank you

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