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A young wife has to please her new boss

self, I’m Bob and my wife Cindy and I have been married for 10 years. We have two wonderful children both girls, age 5 and 7. We married soon out of high school. My wife Cindy has worked for a marketing firm for seven years and has worked her way to a good position making good money. Cindy is 5′ 3″ tall with long red hair, firm 36C breasts, a tiny waist, nice round ass and long slim legs. I love to see her dress in 5″ spike heels, her legs are fantastic and after having two kids, Cindy works out and has retained her figure. She is a knockout when we go out, I love to see her wear a push-up bra and show some cleavage. I would like to say we have an almost perfect marriage. I would like to think we have a good sex life together. Cindy knows of my perversions and we love to play out our fantasy’s. Mainly I have this fantasy of becoming a cuckold and one night I told Cindy of my fantasy.

I told Cindy I get turned on with the thought of her cuckolding me and taking a lover and making me watch as she fucks another man. Cindy just laughed and played along that night thinking it was just a simple fantasy of mine. She would grab me by the cock and balls and ask me, “So, you want me to take control of your little cock. What if I say your not going to have sex with me tonight. What if I find a man to take as a lover and make you watch us.” She would just giggle and we would end up having the greatest sex.

Cindy is pretty open minded when it comes to our sex life. I had seen one of these chastity tubes on the Internet one day and decided to order one. It has a metal tub that you have to slip your cock through with another ring that straps around your balls and a lock is put in place. Let me tell you, I really got turned on the first time Cindy put it on me. One thing for sure, I cannot even stroke my cock when I’m wearing the thing. Cindy put it one me one morning and teased me all day before taking it off late that night when we fucked. Cindy kept teasing me that she was going to leave it on and find a lover.

The kids were at there Grandmothers that weekend and Cindy decided to wear a mini dress around the house with no panty’s and spike heels. The dress was low cut and the cleavage drove me crazy. Cindy kept rubbing my cock and I couldn’t even get hard wearing this thing. She even bent down and licked my balls only to laugh and ask me how horny I was getting. I had wished that weekend would never end.

That Monday when Cindy came home from work she mentioned that they had hired a new guy that was going to be her boss. She was a little worried because she knows that they were making changes in the company. By Friday things were looking a little better when Cindy came home from work. Cindy came in singing and she had some flowers.” Look Bob, my new boss bought some flowers for me today.” She went into the kitchen to put them into a vase.

“Oh, Bob, can you fix dinner for the girls tonight? My boss would like to take me and a couple of the other girls out to dinner tonight”. What could I say, “sure no problem”. Cindy had changed into a dress with a jacket, she looked conservative but stunning. She wanted to make a good impression on her new boss.

“Oh, what is his name anyway?” Cindy told me his name is Randy Brown, a very tall man, seems nice. Wants to go over some changes with some of the girls she told me. Cindy returned home, I think it was no later than 9 and said she had a nice time and a great dinner. Mr. Brown was so charming and I knew Cindy was trying to get in good with this man. She has spent a long time getting the position she has and wants to protect it.

Everything went well and the following Friday Cindy asked me to cook for the girls again. Mr. Brown wanted to take her out to dinner again. I don’t think there was a mention of other girls this time. Before I could ask, Cindy was on her way out the door in a hurry. She was running a little late. I did notice she had on a green dress this time a bit less conservative than she put on last week for her dinner date. Three more weeks had gone by and each Friday Cindy went out for dinner with her boss, Mr. Brown.

That Friday Cindy had come in around 11:30 the girls were in bed and I was watching TV on the sofa when Cindy came in and kissed me. She looked tired and was about to say something when the phone rang. Cindy jumped up and answered it.” Hi Randy, I’m fine, just got home.”

Cindy had walked into the kitchen talking on the phone and I couldn’t hear what was being said. I did hear her giggle and say thank you. When I walked into the kitchen, Cindy was just hanging up. “Randy was just calling to make sure I got home safe.” I thought to myself, Randy, what happened to Mr. Brown?

Anyway, nothing else was said and that night we had wild sex. Cindy was extra wet that night and kept bringing up the role playing fantasy. Honey, do you want me to take up a lover and make you a cuckold. Kissing me running her tongue deep inside my mouth and rubbing my balls with her long fingers. Cindy has slipped down slowly kissing her way down my belly until she licked the head of my 5″ cock head. She looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes and smiled and said I think I’ll put you in your little cage tonight, what do you think? My pre-cum was leaking already but I knew she wanted to play. She reached over in the drawer and took out the chastity tube, taking her time and sliding my cock in place, folding the clap around my balls and putting the lock in place. She laughed and pushed herself on top of me sliding herself forward until her mound was only a couple inches from my face. I want you to lick me Bob, get me nice and wet for my lover. She moved forward until her pussy was in my face and started to move and rotate her pussy against my mouth. ” That’s it, lick me, get me nice and hot for my lover Bob. Isn’t that what you want to hear Bob? Do you want me to take a lover and bring him home and make you watch as he fucks me while your wearing your cock tube? Tell me what you want honey,” as she kept moving herself around on my tongue. I just looked up at her as she kept moving herself faster and rotating her ass around on my face.

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