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Adam gets more than he bargained for with Alyssa and Nessa.

Adam always enjoyed it when he discovered that Alyssa was coming to stay for the week. She was a terrific cook. She was very easy going and funny, a terrific companion. With her long blonde hair, sexy legs and pouty, full lips, and light blue eyes, she was most assuredly easy on the eyes. Right now, stretched out on the couch while reading a magazine, she was wearing a very pretty piece of black lingerie and heels. Alyssa practically lived in lingerie and despite her 5’9″ height; she would not have been caught dead in anything less than 3-inch heels. She was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen and she loved sex, he knew that. They talked about sex all the time. She was very open and friendly, nothing was a taboo subject to her. She was a terrible flirt and Adam was very drawn to the 27-year old.

Yet Adam had never made a move on Alyssa, nor had she approached him. Despite the circumstances that had brought the two of them together, their relationship had remained pure, almost chaste.

Adam Austin had met Alyssa Diamont through his wife and Alyssa’s husband, Jack. Jack and Nessa worked together and seemed to be turning into fast friends. They lunched together every day, but Adam wasn’t troubled by that in the slightest. He and Nessa had been married for nearly a decade. They adored each other. He trusted her implicitly.

Maybe, upon reflection, heshouldn’t have.

“We want to have an affair,” Nessa told her husband and Alyssa one evening when the Diamonts’ were over to dinner. “Jack and I really feel this — incredible sexual chemistry and we know we’re going to act on it eventually. We just don’t want to do it behind your backs, so we’re coming to you now before anything occurs.”

“Oh, so we’re supposed to just let you two fuck andnot have a problem with it?” Alyssa said, her rage showing on her face. In the few times that Adam had been with Alyssa, he had never seen her anything less than charming and convivial. Now he could see that this was not the kind of woman you messed with if you were smart.

“It’s going to happen Alyssa, whether you like it or not,” Jack told his wife. Adam was pushing down his own anger and the urge to punch Jack Diamont in the mouth. He couldn’t really warm to the man and never understood what his wife saw in the guy, although he supposed that Jack was good looking enough, in a roguish, Charlie Sheen kind-of way.

“Hear us out, please,” Nessa asked her husband and Alyssa. “The four of us have both been married for nearly a decade. We four married young and haven’t really been with anyone else. Jack and I have grown closer at work and we were talking to a few of our colleagues who told us — well, quite frankly, they told us that they’re swingers.”

Alyssa was glaring at her husband who seemed to have a perpetually-bemused smile on his face. Adam resisted the urge to wipe it off with his fists and instead, he kept focused on Nessa. Truth be told, he wasn’t much more thrilled about this turn of events than she was.

“They told us that they’ve had sex with a few other couples and it’s kept the spice in their marriage,” Nessa further explained. “Whenever they feel the need, they call up one of their couple friends or go to a party and let go of their inhibitions. When they return to their mates, they’re sexually charged and they don’t feel any need to cheat. It’s all out in the open and all partners benefit,” she told Alyssa and Adam.

“Why the hell should Adam or I go along with this?” Alyssa fumed.

Her husband’s answer almost made Adam want to leap up and throttle him. “Because everything we own is inmy name, I make all of the money and you like to spend it,” he said with a smug tone. “Besides, you’ve told me that you think Adam is attractive and you know that I’ve told you if I were single, Nessa is the kind of woman I’d go after. This way, everyone gets what they want and we all win.”

“You’re probably wondering whyyou should agree to all of this, aren’t you Adam?” Nessa smiled. She walked over to her husband. “Because darling, I was your first. You’ve never been with another woman and look at Alyssa. She’s sensual and leggy and so intense. If I swung with women, I’d go for her in a shot. Here’s your chance — so why shouldn’t we all give it a try and see how it goes? If it doesn’t work, we can always just stop.”

Adam knew better than to argue with Nessa when her mind was set on something. In most ways, she was a perfect wife and an incredible lover. She was far more sexual than he was, so he told her if that’s what she wanted, she could try it. Alyssa pulled him into the kitchen and wanted a word with him. “I’m really not happy with any of this,” she said to him. “Please don’t think you’re unattractive, if I happened to be single, I would go after you. You are a warm, good-looking man. But I simply don’t want my husband screwing another woman.”

Adam sighed. “I don’t want this either,” he told his friend. “But we both know that if we don’t agree to this, they’ll just sneak around behind our backs and do it anyway. This way at least we can keep the lines of communication open. Let’s just let them try it and maybe they’ll get it out of their system. You and I don’t have to do anything we don’t want to do, we won’t play their game. I promise that I won’t lay a hand on you, okay?” He grinned. Alyssa nodded and the two of them went back to tell their spouses they agreed to their terms.

It didn’t get it out of their systems. Almost once a month, Nessa seemed to want to be with Jack, she told Adam that he was like a rutting bull in bed. “I like the slow, sensual way you make love darling,” she would tell Adam, “But he fucks like a machine and sometimes a girl just needs that.”

They finally agreed that once a month or so, the couples would change homes instead of going back and forth constantly. Alyssa came to stay with Jack and he got to looking forward to her visits. She always cooked fabulous meals, brought DVDs he hadn’t seen and she became a good friend. She flirted with him outrageously. “You know darling, if you ever want to break our little agreement, I might be willing to go along with that,” she would tease him. “Why should they have all the fun?”

“You and I are different people than they are,” Adam would argue. “Their moral fiber isn’t the same as ours, they live for thrills. We’re more practical and down to earth. We just aren’t the kind of people who cheat.”

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