Thursday , March 23 2023

African Seduction of Three White Women

African culture regards the seduction of sexually active
women totally different than that of the western
hemisphere. Sadly, there are few laws enforced to
protect women in some countries and this appalling
practice of sexual humiliation has torn families apart.
A lot of kidnapped women, wives and daughters, have been
forced into prostitution and sex slavery… especially
the young white ones. Many rich black African men lust
for white women and have forcefully impregnated many of
them as payback for the white man’s past wrongs in
dividing the African continent.

Working as an oil engineer in several African countries
during the 1970’s through the 1980’s, I encountered
many bizarre things but have not revealed them until
recently. There are some things about Africa that have
drawn little press and that are hidden from the American
public. Little has been published about the black
African leaders, power brokers and businessmen who took
sexual advantage of white businessmen and their
families. If brought to the public’s attention there
would be an outcry as to why these things happened.

The following story is of one occurrence that I
partially witnessed and later became aware of what else
had transpired from conversations with two of the
daughters. To protect their privacy I have changed the
names of the people involved.

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