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After 10 Day Tour, She Took Me Home

It was a wonderful trip at Delhi, pleasure was definitely a part of the entire experience. As we landed in Mumbai, she invited me home. I gladly accepted. I was surprised to see that she lived with a family with her mom, and 2 sisters. One elder and one younger. I visited her house for dinner, and as she introduced me, she was frank with her family about our relationship. Her mom was indeed very forthcoming to an extent that she said that “I have taught her to be very talented in her work. Her training started as soon as she was mature, and I did tell her that one day she will meet a man like you, who will not only use her body, but also accept her as a woman”. I was delighted and told her that we had a very good time in Delhi. Her sisters winked and said “we know all about it Sir”, they giggled.

After dinner we moved up to her bedroom and I was standing at the balcony. She walked up next to me, and we started to talk. She told me “You know how hard it is to find someone to train a girl?”. I said “I can imagine, it must be tough.”. She replied, “We need your help to train my sisters too, my elder sister is trained, and eager to make love to you, but my younger sister is in need of training”. I gulped, and waited a few seconds before responding “I am more than happy to help, you know me, I need to make love often”. “So what do you propose, how does it happen”. She was thrilled “Well,now a while my elder sister will walk in, and I will walk out, you have to make it all natural, and in the flow, just remember, I have not told her about how you jump in, to keep the excitement alive, So..” she winked. I moved closer to kiss her, and hold her boobs, she backed out, “No, reserve all your emotion for her”. “Come on, just one kiss and a nipple lick, please”. “No” she said gave me a wicked smile and walked out.

In a few moments her elder sister walked in, with a glass of hot milk. “Hello Sir, how are you doing?”. Well, its up to you now, your sister just walked out leaving me all curious about the evening. I am wondering how I will spend the evening. Why dont you stand with me in the balcony, lets talk. She kept the glass on the side table and walked closeby. I noticed her features, she had bigger boobs, and nicer lips. We started to talk, and during the conversation I told her about the talk I had with her sister.

She blushed, and said “Really! is that what she told you, that rascal”. Well, frankly I thought I will not tell you, but I am kinda finding you irresistible, and really want to know how your lips taste. my curiosity got the better of me. May I ? She did not respond, just stared back at my lips, she wet her lips a bit, that was sign enough. I held her hands, went close to her and touched her lips briefly. She closed her eyes, and I took the cue and kissed her this time. And again and again. As I the kiss intensified, I moved to her ears and neck. My hands were still holding her hands, and slowly I moved her hands behind her and held her in a embrace as we kissed, and this time I moved into a french kiss. Really hot, really hot. She moved her hands over my head and started to press down. And our kiss got harder.

I noticed from the corner of my eye, my mate was looking at us from the next room balcony. And she walked away in a while. I stood there kissing until my mate was watching, and then I began to move to towards the bed. I whispered in her ear. Look, I am going to make love to you, intensely, are you ready ?”. She nodded in approval with her eyes closed, with no words. Slowly she opened her eyes, as I switched off the lights, and only left a dim light on, so that I could see her body as I undressed her. She whispered back, “please be very gentle with me this time”. My eyes lit up, I said “this time?, do you mean that I can make love to you often?”. I smiled and said “I would really love that”.

As I was undressing her, “my youngest sister, will need to be forced, so be rough with her”. “I understand”. I removed her top and bottom, and we moved to the bed, I held her on my lap (my most loved position), and looked down her big boobs, “she instantly said, I have milk in them”. My response was almost “What,, really”.. “Yes, she responded, and I am full, do you want me to empty and come back in a while? I cam pump it out soon”.

I immediately said “No way, I am going to drink it all, I just love milk, my hardon got worse.”. I infact got such a hardon, that I could not control it any more, and instantly asked her, “I have a uncontrolled hardon, I am really excited to drink milk, but before I touch your boobs, I want to pump inside you, please”. Instantly we changed positions, and we removed our under’s. She moved into position and I got into her, I got in, and she let out a light scream, oh God, I am excited too, please pump me”. As I started to pump her hard her boobs started to move, I could not focus on her boobs as I would release soon, so we started to french kiss, it was really random kissing as I pumped her and gasped for air our french kiss got really messy but none of us wanted to stop. I pumped her for about 10 mins, before collapsing on her.

We continued to kiss, her nails were dug in. Waited for about 2 mins, we kissed and then we changed positions without disturbing the lock. My hardon was good enough to hold her together. As she was back on my lap, I slowly reached for her bra, and started to lick her nipple over the bra. Her nipples were standing out like bazooka’s. Taut and tight. I realized that they needed a tongue on them soon. So I slowly pulled the bra down enough to just lick one. She had brown nipples, unlike her sister who had transparent nipples. She gasped, I lowered her bra strap so that I could get more boob to get into my mouth and suck. I sucked, and lovely milk started to pour out. My mate had taught me the skill to suck during our visit.

All I could hear was hmmm.. hmmmm.. hmmmm.. Sahib.. my right breast is asking for some attention too, I kept taking her hands off her boobs and did not let her touch herself. AS I sucked her left boob, I lower her other strap too, and slowly her other boob showed. The nipple was harder, I wanted to suck and bite that nipple really hard, but I choose to excite her further (after all I wanted to pump her again before she slept). So I got my right hand on her left boob and started to honk, her right boob I kissed on top and started to circle until I reached her under boob, and spent some time there licking her boob under connect. I continued to lick and then circle back up. my circle got smaller, but I kept going back to her under boob.

Finally after 5 rounds and 5 mins she could not take the wait, and her nipple was standing out. She almost held my head with both her hands and put her nipple in my mouth. Even then, I just touched with a simple lick. I looked up and asked her “I want to suck and bite, can I”, “Sahib, please bite me hard, very hard, I love it when you bite me”… It took me not more than 1/2 second to start biting her, and sucking milk out of her boobs. I kept honking her left boob, and sucking her right. I moved both my hands to her left boob sometime. I had to ensure that both her boobs got the attention. All this action, I started getting a hardon, and the hardon was directly into her. She started to feel it and was slowly jumping up and down to get a pump her self. Soon her right boob had no milk, I moved both my hands to her right boob and my mouth to finish her left boob. I started to drink. I sucked and she pumped.

Soon her left boob ran out of milk too, I then continued to suck and will, any boob I felt like. I felt like I owned them. We slowed down and was just enjoying the time and the suck. I looked up at her and asked, “Can I french kiss your lips”. She was a bit surprised “Well, we have been french kissing no ?”. I slowly changed positions, got her under me, removed myself from her, and moved my head between her legs, I replied now “these lips”, and dug my tongue in, deep. She was so taken my surprise, she screamed out, I kissed her deep and rough, she was about to cum, she pulled me up to her head, and we kissed deep again, as she screamed and had a orgasm again. She roughly movevd me under her, and reached down. Wow, I was about to get a blow job. “Sahib”, she said, “I give a wonderful blow job, just let me take control now”.

I relaxed and she had my rod in her mouth, she moved like she was eating a big lolly pop and she sucked, as though she was trying to suck the cum out. WOW what a feeling it was. Never had I felt that way. As I was about to cum, she suddenly moved to my head, and as we kissed she inserted my rod in her, held me and got under me. I did what I enjoyed the most, I pumped. I pumped hard and rough, I held her thighs and focused my entire energy on pumping her, while she held her hair and was going wild, I could not take it anymore and fell on her, felt her milky boobs on my chest and we started to kiss as I came inside of her. We both had no more energy, we slept in each other’s arms.

In the morning, as I woke up. I was alone. I looked around, and I walked to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and as I walked out, the youngest sister was setting up my breakfast table. I walked out of the bathroom, “good morning”.. She smiled and greeted in return. I remembered what the eldest told me.

I was horny and it was morning. So I walked up behind her and hugged her. She was talken by surpise. She looked really scared, as I watched her in the mirror. I slowly began to kiss her neck, she was still on a bit of shock. I asked her, “do you like it ?”. hmmm. she responded, and got her hands over mine and tried to pull away, I allowed her only upto a point where I could turn her around. I did and she was now facing me. I started to kiss her neck. “I made intense love with your eldest sister last night”. “Do you know that she has milk in her boobs”. She replied meekly “Yes, sahib, I know”. Do you know what I want for breakfast? “Please tell me sahib” she said this as I continued to kiss her neck, “you”, and I started to kiss her lips and slowly I tried to french kiss her. “She shook hard”.

Just then I got a wonderful idea. I reached for her dress, and started to unbutton it as I kissed her, I was anyway naked my bathrobe, I got her into her bra and under’s. She was just getting guide by me. I slowly got her into my lap. She was short and her boobs were a mouthful. That was good enough for a morning love. I held her in my lap and continued to kiss her. She started to respond. As she did I started to walk, and this time I walked outside the room.

Her sisters were shocked to see me walk outside with her in my lap naked, and she half naked. Her mom, was smiling as she worked in the kitchen. They all waited until they got over the shock, I did not stop kissing her. And I placed her on the dining table. She was shocked, her sisters and mom left and started to walk towards the bedroom, leaving us with some privacy. I started to pull down on her unders and her bra. She was completely naken. I noticed from the corner of my eye that her mom was waiting for me to drop my bathrobe before she walked into the bedroom. So I did. She got to see my hardon.

As she was on the table, perfectly placed, I inserted her. I felt a block, and realized that she was virgin. I smiled and started to kiss her again and she got lost int he kiss, I pushed really hard, she screamed out, and I just let it lie in there until the pain reduced. Held her again in my lap, I carried her to the sofa. With one leg on the floor, I could pump her harder. As her pain subsided, I started to lick and suck her boobs. “Oh Sahib… Oh Sahib…”.. “Can I pump you now, is the pain lesser”. “yes, please slow.. I’ll tell you”.. “Ok, I pumped her slowly.. “Oh Oh Oh Oh Sahib.. Oh… Yes, again… ”

I pumped her one more time, As she moaned and kept saying “Oh again, please”, I got harder and faster. Until a point came when I was holding both her boobs on my hands pumping her with the force of my leg on the ground, I pumped her hard, very hard, I was like jab.. wait.. jab.. wait.. jab… “until she went oh oh oh fast fast fast fast.. more more more” and then I went jab jab jab jab, and we made loud sounds of our body’s slamming against each other. I collapsed over her and we napped a while. I woke up and we were kissing, she said “thankyou sahib, it was wonderul”. I said “anytime, I just loved making love to you”

I slowly stood up, and we walked to the table, I handed over her clothes and as I helped her wear them I was pumped her boobs and stuck my finger into her love hole.

She walked away to her room. I took my bathrobe and walked towards my bedroom (my mate’s bedroom), and saw all ladies walking out, as they walked out smiling and giggling, I told my mate that I want breakfast in a while, I’ll call you. She walked out with a nod, her elder sister also walked out, as her mom was walking out, I held her hand. She looked at me, “Where are you going?”. She replied “I need to make breakfast for you Sahib”. Well, “I wanted you for breakfast”, come in with me. I dragged her in, and I sat on the bed as she stood next to me. “Sahib, my daughters are just here, what will they think”. I replied “you have needs too, and I want them to understand that your needs have to be addressed too, And I want to make move to you too”. I started to remove her saree, her boobs were not as big, but I am sure they had milk.

The mom I wanted to make love differently. no fore play, she would just love a quick fuck. I completely undressed her, and threw her on teh bed, I started to kiss her and enter her at the same time. I did not pump her, I wanted her to beg for it. With me inside her she will know that she can ask fro it anytime.

And her hole wad really loose, it just slipped in. I started to kiss her and she responded immediately, we were very passionate, lookingly kissing each other, as we changed positions several times. As she got over me, she gave me her hanging boobs to suck, they did have milk. She was focusing on pleasing me, so I decided to tease her to excitement. I licked her boobs and did the circle trick on her. She was really intense now. So we pumped, her I had to pump hard all the way. I had to be really rough with her nipples and her hole. I pumped her so hard that I collapsed really tired on her.

As she moved out of the room, my mate took her place. Little did I know that my mate, in my sleep, even inserted my rod in her. I slept hugging her. When I woke up. She looked at me, lets have breakfast now. No more love making. You have fucked everyone now. I said “except you”. She replied “Not now”. Lets have breakfast. As she started to move out, I pumped myself back into her. “Please let me just pump, i want to cum in you”. she replied “ok”, and we kissed. “you said only pump”.. “Really, want i meant was pump and suck”. I pulled her dress up as I started to pump and started to suck her nipples. I came in her really fast. And this time we walked out to the table. They were all there, her mom said “its now lunch time, thanks to you”. “Well, I am sure we all had the breakfast we wanted to”.. We ate lunch to regain our energy. I was really tired. I went back to sleep after lunch.

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