Tuesday , March 21 2023

After joining my parents aunt and cousin and his wife sexually on Thanksgiving, we seek others to join us

After my incredible discovery; finding out at
Thanksgiving that my parents were having sex with my
aunt and dad’s cousin and his wife and them including me
– after my horrible divorce – in their fun times, life
couldn’t be any better.

My parents Bob and Sharon 71 and 68 my aunt Doris 66, my
cousin Frank 67 and his wife Sue 64 have been getting
naked and having all kinds of wonderful sex about 3
nights a week in all different combos and since our
first encounter on Thanksgiving. We were all at Frank
and Sue’s house about a week before Christmas naked as
usual. I just got finish fucking my Aunt Doris in her
ass and was relaxing on the couch as my mom licked her
ass clean of my cum. Dad was fucking Sue’s ass on the
couch next to me and I was playfully reaching and
pulling on Sue’s nipples and dad pumped her ass with his

Frank was on his laptop computer and he came over to me
with his cam on and on the other end was a lady named
Pattie he was chatting with totally nude. Pattie was in
her 50ties very chubby and cute had huge tits and from
what I could see an ass very similar to my moms, big
juicy, kissable and fuckable. Frank had been chatting
with her for a while and had been trying to get her to
join our group.

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