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After losing her innocence she lost her pride and dignity – Innocence Girl Part 1

Next morning was not usual as we were not having anything to prepare ourselves for, so we woke up late as I was yawning and stretching myself after a long peaceful sleep I saw Aliya was coming towards me in a hurried pace as if she was being followed by someone, before I asked her anything she directly asked me to come aside so that we could talk, I was not so surprised as earlier I was teasing her about the incident at store, so I guessed she would enquired about the extent of my information on the events of the night before or may request me not to reveal the secret to anyone else, but instead she asked me if I liked what I saw last night.

I was perplexed over the enquiry and stared at her for asking this unusual question as I was about to cross question her she said she know that I was watching her and it was all intended. This time I was shocked by her boldness and revelation, and out of no where I exclaimed what! I mean you know I was watching you still you did all those things just to put up a show before me? I mean why? Didn’t you scared if I go and told anyone about it? She said, that was her worry but after dinner we understood that I would not told the event to anyone, wait a minute we what did you mean by ‘we’?

Another moment of surprise did Zuhair also know? I asked out of curiosity, She moved her head in affirmation, now I was really curious and surprised both at once to know the reason why they did it while knowing that they were being watched was it some kind of bet or dare or anything or they were under some kind of exertion I really wanted to know, I asked Aliya to told me everything about it only then I would conceal the fact from becoming the family scandal.

It was not my idea to exhibit our love making to anyone particularly to you or anyone else particularly to any of the family member but Zuhair had other plans only he knows the real reason but he said it would add thrill and excite him to the core if someone was watching while he had his sexual onslaught. I also not really love him but forced to act according to his will as he had my numerous photos and videos in a very compromising postures and state.

Now the fact really shocked me and I instantly asked her if he blackmailed you to do what you did? She started crying instead of replying me and said please listen I would not like to involve you in to any of this but as you are aware of my state now I had been asked to enquire about your opinion about what you had witnessed last night.

Now it is my time to get surprised as not only Zuhair knows but also asked my opinion about it. I replied puzzled what! He wants to know whether I like the show you two had put before me yesterday or not, but why? didn’t he think I might go to the elders and told them whatever I saw and make him guilty before everyone. She said he was aware of the possibility also very much scared about your reaction but when Nashra told him about what she saw you two were doing inside the trunk he was confident you would not tell that to anyone but instead he want you to join him in his games of pleasure else you would consider the consequences of the fact if he revealed what we did in the trunk to which he present Nashra as witness and later if I told everyone about them no one would believe me as I didn’t have any proof instead everyone would think that in order to deny the fact revealed by him about me and Sufian, I am putting a false blame on him.

I was shocked and literally hold my head with both of my hands in sheer disbelief that he was smart more then I expected, not only he would defame me with Nashra as a witness but also prove himself innocent if it was true what I just heard from Aliya.

As I was lost in my thoughts and the consequences I had to face after the possible revelation I was brought back by Aliya’s hand caressing my shoulder in a sympathetic manner, she said she could understand what I was going through with, as she had faced this before when she was first forced and blackmailed by Zuhair against the photos he had taken last year while she was bathing and advised me not to be alone anytime as now he would do the same to me what he had done to her, with that she left with a face of resentment and pity she had on me.

The morning brought a real surprise which not only would shatter my freedom but also left me on the mercy of a boy who was sex starved and would surely use me for his pleasure in the upcoming future if I had not find a permanent solution to this creepiest problem of my life.

Whole day was spent while assessing the facts and reasoning for the amount of destruction it would caused if I let Zuhair told everyone what had happened instead of accepting his terms while following the advice of Aliya not to be alone, after a long assessment finally, I conclude it was better to talk to him and tried to manipulate him to my side and left the whole issue without any further discussion. With a firm determination in mind I asked him to meet me at the store after lunch when everyone else were in their room for taking a short nap, which was a usual habit of the people here in India, to which he instantly agreed and said he would look forward to it.

You look stressed what’s the matter Bushra asked while eating lunch besides me at the dining table to which I simply looked in her direction and move my head in negation to shut up her further quarry while thinking over the meeting with Zuhair I was worried about how was I going to make him understand about leaving all this shit and forgot what happened at the store what was I going to say to him I was lost in my thoughts.

Suddenly someone tap my shoulder from behind when I turned around it was Amir who wanted to know if I would like to play Ludo with them after lunch or not, I said no I want to take rest as I hadn’t slept well last night. He said okay as you wish and left to count for others.

Half an hour later when everyone was either in the room for taking nap or in hall to play Ludo I silently walked towards the store, the door of the store was closed but not locked I went in and closed the door leaving a space ajar it was dimly lit through the light coming from the exhaust window at the top suddenly I recalled the incidence it was the same place where they started doing all those things where I was standing then.

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