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Aishwarya Rai Expose


She got out of the cab.
It has been a hard day. Abishek was not happy when she mentioned about a puja she had to do alone in a secret temple. He was curious. He wanted at least to escort her to the temple. Luckily he got a phone call from a film director for an urgent meeting.She slipped away from home while he was getting prepared. He will be pissed but she had no other choice. she took a cab. She didn’t want to get any unwanted attentions.

The apartment ground floor was almost deserted. The only living person was the guard in the gate. He knew her well from past. So she covered her face and entered the building. The guard was busy listening to music. She heard him greeting but dared not to looked at him.Her heart was beating so fast. She almost run toward the lift and entered it.

13 was the floor. She remembered it very well.

She got down from the lift and hurried towards the apartment door. As far as she knew no one else lived there but salaman. But she cant risk anything. So she almost ran towards the entrance.

She looked at the watch. 6.55. Just on time.And Then knocked the door.

Few seconds passed. She was getting restless. She looked once again at the watch and knocked the door again.

Suddenly the door opened and Salamans smiling face appeared. He took her hand and almost dragged her inside the apartment and closed the door and locked it.

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He greeted her with his coy smile.
She was not happy.
“What are you doing Salaman? Are you trying to ruin my marriage? You know I loved you from the deepest of my heart when we were together. It was you who ruined everything. Not me. So please spare me. Please let me go. I am begging you.””Don’t worry. I am just after some easy money. Beside I am too trapped by these people. They want this to happen. They will stop at nothing. If I did not interfere they may even kidnap you and Molestation you to death. So I am actually your protector here. Not the other way. ”

A sudden chill ran through her spine. She knew a story or two about such incidences. They were not nice. Beside once her Mother in law also was kidnapped. No one reveled it because of the bad publicity it shall cast upon there family. Amithab had to use his all recourses and lot of money to rescue her unharmed. But it was not a total success. She was Molestationd. Even a small video clip was sent to them with a massage asking for ransom. She had to follow lot of testes to be sure she didn’t got any dceises.

No she didn’t want that to happen.

“Thank you, Salaman I knew you can’t hate me.”

She looked at him with gratefulness in her eyes. And realized he was totally nude except his t-shirt. The tip of his cock was on display after the edge of his long baggy t-shirt.

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RE: Aishwarya Rai Exposed

She kept her eyes for a fraction of seconds and took away. But she realized Salaman caught her act.
She looked at him. That smile!!! She hated it. “I know what you did. It is shame on you!’ Was written all over his face with his coy smile.She felt her face redding.

“Like to see more?”

His question just took her off guard. Not that she hasn’t seen it before. She can still remember the fullness and hardness of that big thick member. It was unlike many other Indian boys was more fairer and bigger. It was a rumor everybody knew and talcked in Bollywood. Every girl in the industry wanted to have a look at it. So Salaman never had shortage of girls. There was a saying in the industry , “fuck sulaman or you are never fucked”.

But she is now married and after marriage never ever cheated on Abishek. well only once she had to give a hand job to Mukesh , the producer to get a certain film roll. It was nothing. Even she couldn’t make his member erect. The old bastard has lost it forever. And it was with the approve of her husband. He knew what is going on the industry and let her decide on what to do to go up in the ladder.

Salaman was still looking at her with that smile.

“No thanks.” She said.

“It is even bigger now”. He said.”I underwent a surgery to enlarge my cock. Worth a look.” He said again.

She was so embraced. Why can’t he just let her go?

“Just finish what I am here for, salaman. I have a family to take care of.”

“Oh yeah, I know it. Anyway did your mother in law said that I fucked her recently?”

“What?” she exclaimed. “Don’t lie. She will never do such a thing. She is always loyal to her husband.”

“Oh yeah, she did. Do you remember the party in Preethi’s house last month?”
“What did she say of not returning to home until Next day from the party?”” she was with me. Must say this, she is so talented. That is one of the best fuck I had recently. Very good arse too. Never fucked before virgin arse. So good the fuck.”

She remembered that day. Her mother in law said something about car broken down. And went straight to bed and did not woke up till late night. She looked very happy too.

She knew Salaman. This could be true. But she dared not to mentioned it anymore.

“Whatever salamn. Just finish things. I got to go.”

“ok! Ok!”

“Just follow me.”

Then he led her in to the inner part of the luxurious apartment. And stood infront of a door.

“This is my private studio. I put up this very recently.So your photo shoot will be done here. People are waiting inside. ” Saying this he steeped aside. And let her reach the door.

“Don’t you come?”

Suddenly she felt bad. Her heart began to beet fast. She can’t go to those people alone. She needed protection. She needed salama to protect her.

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RE: Aishwarya Rai Exposed

“Please salaman , please….” She pleaded.
“I am not comfortable with these people, they are bad aren’t they? So how could you let me into this trap?”
“I am afraid I can’t. That is the instruction I received. I have to obey or God know what will happen.”She saw the sudden fear appeared in his eyes. She realized he is no more a help.

He just turned away and left her there by her own.
This is bad, really really bad. She must have tell her husband. Shouldn’t have tried to deal this matter alone. She got her cell phone and dilled Abishake’s number.

“The number you are dialing is busy now!” It repeatedly said. “What the hell is he doing? When she needed him desperately! She waited a minuite and dialed again and got the same result.

Suddenly the door opened.She almost got a heart attack.

A boy around eighteen or twenty appeared in the door way.

“Hi!” He greeted her…

She checked him from top to bottom. He looked a nice kid to her. He was smiling with an extended hand .she realized he is one of her craziest fans. By experience with the look of ones eyes and face expressions she could tell how crazy they are about her.

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RE: Aishwarya Rai Exposed

“HI”. She greeted back.

“I am Srinath, I am the photographer. Come in Madam. We were waiting for you.”

She felt kind of relief. After all he is only a kid. Must be a kid of a powerful father. Such kids gets this kind of crazy ideas.To take photos of there dream girls.

“Nice to met you Srinath. Traffic is a little heavier outside.” Saying this she entered into the studio.

The place was nothing much to fancy about. Just a vacant area with some chairs and a bed. After all this is belong to Salaman. So a bed is an essential item. She remembered the past. He had such a strong urgency for sex. A regular girl will not meet his requirements that easy. Anyhow she coped up well with him. Only thing she refused was arse fucking.

While she was thinking a small door in the left side of the studio opened. A man surrounded by armed guards came out. She didn’t recognized him at once. But after few seconds she remember his face, it was in the TV few days ago. A wanted gangster, coldblooded killer. A chill ran true her spine;she shivered..

“Mrs Buchchan…I am ………… Do u know me?”

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RE: Aishwarya Rai Exposed

Yes, of cause she knew him very well. He is ……

“I am a busy man. So I am going to explain things to you in short. “”Srinath is my son. He want to take some photos of you. ”

Then he looked at her. He was looking directly at her eyes. She felt very uncomfortable. And automatically she took her eyes away and looked down.

“Well…I think this is not something new for you. You girls always doing this and actually this is the only thing you people do. ”

She saw the insult in his smile.

“look. I got to run. Just do what they request. After all this is just a fun game of few teenagers. Nothing big. ”

“Few teenagers? ” She asked.
“Yes” He replied.
At that time another door which was well hidden in the front wall, opened and three teenagers came out. They were all young and well built. Must be just over 18. And was waving there hands and shouting at her.Not that they insulting her. But seen there heroin just in front them must have boost there enthusiasm.
“Boys don’t drink too much. Or you will not see the real thing.” Mr….. said with a dirty laugh. All laugh to that sick joke.

A boy who must have had excessive alcohol took his penis out and began to masturbate.It was thin but a long dark penis. She remembered Ajay. His one is a exat match to this one. Once when they were drunk too much, her friend, Kajol let her touch her hubby’s long dick. It was like never ending from the base to the tip. She wanted to suck it and sucking she did. Well she never was able to took it completely inside her mouth. Wow! Such a nice dick to suck on to….

The boy lost it completely and shot his come everywhere. “Poorboy” She though.Now will have to remain silence with his disabled member.

“OK” I got to go.” Saying this Mr……… left the room.

Now she was facing the room full of fore hungry teenagers with lusty eyes.(at least three)
But after he left the room she belt better. She knew how to handle teenagers. It was on of the skill she developed on the way…”

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RE: Aishwarya Rai Exposed

All remained silence for a while. Nobody spoke.

“mmmmmmm” Srinath cleared the throat.

“Madam…..Shall we begin?”

She wasn’t sure what to say. It was not entirely her intention, going for a photo shoot. She knew what they had in there minds. “A naked photo shoot”.

She is ok with some minor plays with these bunch of teenagers. But posing nude is something totally deferent. She did not want to loose her reputation for some looser kids.

But …… Mr….’s words echoed in her eyers. She didin’t want to get involved with him in a bad way. He is a known basted. So ……..

“Madam come this way please….” Srinath’s voice came from distance.

She hesitant for a while. And reluctantly walked towards the door he pointed at.

Inside the room there was nothing but walls painted with trees. And there were some statues of wild animals and trees. The room was a forest. A great setup. There was even a artificial waterfall to give the finishing touches to the artificial forest.

“Ok boys…Now get ready and go to the places as I have told you earlier” Srinath instructed..

Oll of them took off there cloths as quickly as possible and went to various places of the forest and pretended like wild animals with there stances.

She noticed all of there pricks were clearly visible and erect. She felt very uncomfortable. Yes she could handle, at least it was her idea. But this was not what she imagined. She felt scared.

Srinath directed all the boys according to his desire and turned to her.

“Madam , Now would you please take off your cloths..”

It was rally panicking….She never expected this to be this hurry. Her heart beet
fastened. She felt really sick….

“I…I…I mean all of them?”

“Yes mam.. all of them. No even a single thread should remain in your body. All the cloths and Jeweleries should be taken off.”

She looked at him in amusement. …

Sick little basted.. Just like his father. She though…

Well I am not going to do it. I shall never do it…Never..Never… She swear to her own self.

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RE: Aishwarya Rai Exposed

he looked at her in anticipation. He waswaiting. She felt her stomatch aching. How come this sick basterd think that a world famous actress like her would be nude infront of him. It is not going to happen even in his dreams,………

“Errr.. Madam…” He called her. She pretend she did not hear.

“Errr…we are waiting madam, will you please take off those cloths….” She heard him saying again..

How dare he is to talk to her like that??? She was very angry.

“Are you mad?” She finally brusted out. “Or are you outm of your mind?” She waited for a while to make sure the boy catch every word she spoke.

But for her suprise she realized he was still with a very cool expression in his face. Infact he was smilling.

Suddenly her anger reised even higher.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” “I am not just a cheap slut you can buy from the street. I am Aishwarya, A..I..S..H..W..A..R..Y..A…!!!!””Remember it, and dont expect me to act like a slut you always play with, you…little…basterd…” She thunderd at him.

But he was still smilling.

“Yes madam I am well aware of that. And in this project of mine, I don’t want any cheap sluts even near it. I want your nude body to be in it. It is you I want. The most beautiful lady in the entire universe. ” “you know something mam, You are not just a actress..But a goddess..I want to prove it. That is what my project is all about.”

She realized he was telling the truth. He is mad at her. Her anger somehow subsided a little.

“But it is not necessary for me to be nude to do that. You know..”

“But mam..Havent you seen the drowings of ancient greeks and romans, all those true goddess are nude, reveling the true nature. I want that truth to be unwrapped. I truely believe you are a goddess from ancient greek..”

She smilled a little. “Stupid boy.” She though.

“Besides My father is so anxious about this project to be finished. He will do whatecer it takes to finish this.”

That was a pure threat. She realized it at once. This inocence looking boy is not as inocence as he looks after all. She shiverd. She knew exactly how influential his father is.

She tried to show that she don’t mind if his father knew.

“Boy…You know, As I am pregnant these days I am not as beautiful as before. My shape is not as prefect as earlier.”

“That is no problem.Besides ancient goddes were having round belies, not flat once.”

“Are you going to publish these? She asked again, playing a nother card …”

“Nope.. do not worry. This is for family collection.”

Now she was loosing her cards fast.

“well…” she began…

“Do not say more mam…Please just take off the dresses…” The boy had a certain command in her voice.

She hesitated more. And looked aroud to see the naked boys sorrounding her. And the camera infront of her ready to shoot, her in nude. She was feeling shy.And nervous as she was in her debutant shooting seen.

She looked around againg for a get away and found nothing.

She hesitantly took a step forward…

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RE: Aishwarya Rai Exposed

“What exactly should I do?” She asked from the boy, now in an almost defeted voice.

“Taking off the dress mam. That is what necessary.”

“But is it that necessary, I mean, at least shall I keep my under garments,……….Please….” She was pleeding now.

The boy looked sharp at her. And she feel his eyes exploring her body like two scaners.She was very unconfortable and wished he stop his scaning.

“mmmmm… What are you wearing underneeth?”

She was suprised by his question. Why the hell he wants to know that? She though.

“The usual.” She said.

“The usual?” The boy repeated her sentence. And keep looking at her eyes.

Well… He is waiting for an answer. She realized. She was blushed. It was not normal for her to describe her under garments for a stranger.She couldent bring the words…

“Well….” the boy looking still at her with a question in his eyes.

“Panty and a bra..” She hissed.

“Oh…I though a world class actress may have something deferent to wear underneth.” He said.

She ralized the mock in his voice.

“after all you are as exactly as a typical indian lady. aren’t you?” He was clearly teasing her.

He felt anger rising inside of her.

“So?” “What did you expect?” “Someone with a golden panty or something?” She asked,not trying to hyde the anger in her voice.

But the boy showed no sign of understanding her anger. “He really is a hard nut to crack.” She though.

“mam.. what colour are they?” He hit her with a nother question.

“What colour of what?” She questioned back. Still she was feeling angry about the boy. He is supposed to be honouring her. She actually did not understood the question at first. She though the boy is trying to tease her again.

“Mam please do not be mad at me. I was just asking the colour of your under weares.”

She did not no how to react to that question. It was not just a silly question but the most stupid one she has ecer heard.

Why should he asking such questions from her? Is he expecting answers from her for such stupid questions?

She looked at his face. He was looking at her with anticipation. She scaned his face and tried to see weather he was joking. But he was surely very serious.

She tried to remember the colours of her undies. She was in a hurry in the morning. She rememberd opening the wordrobe and colecting a new pair of undergarments she brought from paris last week. But she brought more than dozen pairs as she was gaining a little waight and wanted to replace the old set.She she was not clear of the colour of the set she is now wearing.

Was it the yellow one? She tried hard to remember.

“Why mam? can’t you remember?” The boy shocked her stream of thoughs.

Why should I answer anyway? She though.

“Mam… will you please answer? We don’t have all the day, you know. I have to let you go before getting dark or your husband will be really worried….”

Again the basted is thretning her. She felt sorry for her own self.

“hey..boy… What is the use of knowing the colour of my undies?” She asked.Trying to be as friendly as possible.

“I want to see weather they are matching for my background or not.”

“Ok…Ok…this is crazy.. but, I think it is better if I let you see my undees yourself and that way you shall skip the part of imaging.” She utterd.

The boy said nothing but folded his arms together and looked direcly at her.

She hesitated, and looked around and saw the hunger and eagerness of the eyes of the teenagers surrounding her.Her heart was beating faster now.

She took a deep breath..and closed her eyes. And catch the hem of her t-shirt and pulled it up.


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