Thursday , March 23 2023

Alanna being screwed by the owner and his animals

Realisation hid her like a well-aimed sledgehammer. She
had been fucked by this horse, which even now was still
calming down after loosing what seemed like a gallon of
horse cum into her stretched cunt. Alanna felt her
inner walls start to contract and adopt the usual shape
of her uterus instead of the expanded accommodating
tunnel that had so recently been violated by the

The mounting bench that she had been placed and tied on
was slick with the Animals seed. A pool of the milky
white fluid had collected on the floor where it had
gushed from her body and still trickled down the inside
of her trembling legs.

As a sledgehammer has an after pain, she began to
relive the events of the day and of the manner of her
violation. The waves of thought crashed into her brain,
as would the throb of pain after the initial blow from
the tool.

Her mistake of taking the right fork in the road had
led her to this. Trying to read a map and drive at the
same time is not recommended, especially in the tight
lanes of rural England. A snap decision to bear right
at the junction seemed for a short while, to have been
the right one.

The road was well maintained, with clipped hedges
lining the steep banks that were only relieved where a
gate into fields coincided. But, then the hardtop
suddenly ran out and the banks that had prevented her
from seeing any more than the road, also stopped. The
view that greeted Alanna through the screen was of a
dirt track that bent around a low hill and disappeared.

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