Thursday , March 23 2023

Alexia the trans-sexual

Alexia is my trans friend real name, Billie is her nick name, I ask her if she wants to spend some with me at the cabin, I haven’t told her about the wolf yet, I don’t think she would understand the relationship I have with it, it’s different from our buddies on the farm, they know something different about me.

We get to the cabin Billie’s already getting naked, we take our stuff to the cabin, I sense the wolf is close and his pack is too, Alexia goes to the truck and is face to face with the wolf, she’s frozen in her tracks like a deer in car head lights, I can see she’s terrified, I walk to them, put my hand on the wolf’s head and rub it, she says that’s a wolf, I smile and ask him if he likes her, he wags his tail, he sticks his nose in her crotch and licks her dick, then he moves behind her and nozzles her pussy.
I take Billie into cabin and put her collar and leash on, there’s some rope and two cut off broom handles. I take her to a small tree in the center of the clearing and tie her leash close to the tree, I tie the broom handles to her wrists and to the back sides of her knees with her legs spread apart.
Now the rest of the pack appears at the edges of the clearing. I’m so horny it’s all I can do to hold back the wild in me.
My dick is starting to change, the foreskin is changing into a furry sheath and the round head starts to change into a point, it gets longer and I walk to face her and kneel down and stick it in her mouth, it’s really gets longer and bigger around, it about a third in her mouth and I ram it deep in her throat, she gagging and gasping for air, I feel the knot starting to tingle, I’ve changed into my wolf form now, I pull out of her thoat and allow her to breath, she starts screaming, I tell her in my human voice to stop and she won’t be harmed, she stops.
I move behind her and mount her, the tip of my dick is at her pussy lips and squirting precum all over it, I ram into her pussy to the knot with all my force and she screams, I don’t give her any time to move around.
I furiously start stroking deep in her pussy, my knot is starting to open up her pussy, it pops in with a loud thud. She screams again and her body starts to shack.
The tip of my dick is at her belly button and knot is locked in her behind her hip bone, it’s starting to grow to it’s full size now.
I turned myself back into a man except for my dick, she screaming stop it too big, I grab her by her hair and tell her to stop screaming and take it, because it’s to late now your my Rocky bitch now.
I’m starting to pump come into her pussy now, I feel her insides expanding to take all of my come, about a cup is squirted in her each time it squirts.
She’s getting used to my size now and pushing against me and grinding her pussy around my dick.
I feel my knot start getting smaller, I tell her I’m going to put a plug in you to keep my come in you so it isn’t wasted on the ground. I pull out and put the plug in her.
Alexia starts asking why and how and are you a werewolf? I tell her not to say that again, we’re shape shifters and we’re not monsters. Your one now, your going to start changing very quickly, I don’t have time to explain all of it now, you will become a wolf and stay that way till the next full moon, then you’ll be able to change into a man, women or wolf or any combination of the three.
She said I feel something, I tell her it’s starting and I kiss her, she changes into her wolf form, she a beautiful animal, she lowers her back legs and pees, she a female wolf!!! I change into my wolf form and she rubs down each side of me, I stick my nose in her pussy and snort, I can smell her sex she’s ready to bread.
The pack come out in the open and circles us and rubs up against us, they start to inter the woods and me and Alexia follow them into the wild!

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