Thursday , March 30 2023

Allison Gets Caught In The Rocky(D)gy Door

My wife Allison is a beautiful blonde 26 year old with
a killer body. She has large natural breasts, a nice
round ass and some nice creamy thighs. She is a
housewife and spends almost all of her time at home in
the nude, she loves being naked and I certainly have no
complaints about it. Our marriage has been great so
far, we don’t have any kids yet, just a small terrier
Rocky to keep us company.

When I came home from work one day I had quite the
surprise waiting for me.

I pulled up the driveway and saw a very big Rocky on my
back porch by the door. When I got out and made my way
up to the house I found Allison stuck inside of the
little Rockygy door, completely naked, and being mounted
by a big black Rottweiler! It was my next door
neighbor’s Rocky Max, my jaw was dropped and I was almost
paralyzed at the sight of him mounting my beautiful
wife. Half of her body was inside the house, from the
waste up, and only her legs and backside were exposed.

I could hear her screams and moans from inside the
house and as I tried to get closer to pull the large
Rocky from off of her, he turned toward me while still
inside of her and greeted me with some vicious growls.
I slowly backed away and stood back and observed the
scene for a moment. That’s when I noticed that my cock
had grown to a rock hard state.

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