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Am I cheated my husband ?

I came across this sex – story website and I thought I d share my experiences about how I cheated on my husband Chuck with our neighbor, Jacinto; I can’t say I’m proud of it, but on the other hand I’m really not ashamed of it, as it was really hot and felt absolutely natural; it s also kind of fun and naughty to write about it. First a little about myself; I m not a grammar nazi or even close to being a skilled writer; I even had to go online and read a bunch of erotica just to get a feel for how I wanted to write about my experiences without sounding like an illiterate jerk, so thats what I m doing, with “names changed to protect the guilty”, (lol) and things changed around just a bit so in case Chuck (or anyone else who knows us) doesnt recognise anyone or anything. My name is Alexis, but everyone calls me “Lexi” and I m a cute, petite brunette, 5 4″ with shoulder length light brown hair, big, bright green eyes and a nice trim figure with a firm, heart – shaped little butt (I actually won a “Perfect Ass” award in high school), and I have very nice “B” cup (almost “C”) breasts with puffy nipples; as for the rest of my body, well, my husband Chuck calls my vagina a “little rose bud with delicate petals, ” I know, a little weird, but kinda sweet at the same time.

I have a very high sex drive and when I told my OBGYN about it she suggested medication to “throttle it back”a bit, but more about that later. In spite of my high sex drive I m relatively (or should I say “was”) relatively inexperienced sexually; my husband Chuck is a little older than I, and ours is his second marriage, but it’s my first at the ripe old age of 19 (tho I m 22 as of this writing). When we were first married, Chuck had a lot more sexual experience than I, and admittedly I was a little envious and a lot curious. So, there’s my “intro” and now I’ll tell my tale of love and lust. My story begins one cool summer morning in sunny Southern California; it was a Saturday and we had plans to go to the beach with our neighbors, a couple we were just getting to know, Nicolette and Jacinto. Nicolette works as an office manager for a doctor and is a stunning redhead with big boobs and an hour – glass figure; she has these huge brown eyes with eyelashes that just won t quit; she flutters those things and men just fall all over themselves (including my husband Chuck). Jacinto is a handsome, hunky, tanned and muscular 6 2″ fireman with a VERY nice body, and he and Nicolette

(we call her Jo) had moved into the house next door a few months ago, and the four of us hit it off right away and started doing BBQ and swim parties, going to the beach, concerts, out to eat etc. Something worth mentioning at this point is that when Jacinto and Nicolette were moving in Chuck and I went over and offered to help them, and they graciously accepted, with introductions all around. Jacinto looked sexy as hell in his jeans and old – fashioned white t – shirt with the little straps that showed off all his muscles; at one point Jacinto was coming one way down a hallway jammed with boxes, and unbeknownest to one another I was coming down the hallway from the other way, and as luck would have it we got “stuck” together in the middle; I said, “OMG, we re stuck together! NOW what are we going to do?” Jacinto let out a little chuckle and grabbed my hips and moved me forceably but gently to the side, but paused for just a second as his midsection met mine; by this time I was holding his muscular arms in both hands as an excuse, as if to guide us, and as we pressed together oh – so – tightly as we squeezed past each other I gave my hips a litle wiggle like I was trying to help free us, and oh MY(!) did I get a good “sense” of his manliness!

As we got “unstuck” we both laughed a little, and he winked at me as I careessed his arm and slowly walked away. It was an brief but amazing moment, and we both knew “what was up, ” as they say. A little later I saw Chuck helping Nicolette , and he briedly Anyway, it s about 11:00 o clock Saturday morning, and Jo and Jacinto come over to the house, we re all chatting back and forth, and I ask Jo if she remembered the tequila; now, this isn t just ANY tequila, this is the tequila that a celebrity discovered down in Old Mexico and then brought it to market in the U. S. where it s sale flourished quite nicely, as it s not only superb blue agave tequila, it supposedly has “special” properties due to the particular blue agave that’s used and the original “recipe”; it s expensive and hard to find, but surprisingly smooth and tasty, and worth every penny. Anyway, Nicolette FORGOT to bring the tequila, the ditz! Since the Chuckster is practically in love with Nicolette (they get along very well, maybe a little too well) Chuck then volunteers to run to the other end of town to get a bottle, as he says he knows for a fact a liquor store, “Mazzotti s” that carries it, and he and Jo are going to get it since Jacinto and I are “boring and he wants “interesting” company for the hour round trip. Chuck and Jo are always doing this kind of thing since they love to mess with Jacinto and I, so we humor them as to give the appearance we don’t give a damn, so Jacinto and I are like, “whatever”, just hurry the hell up, the clock is ticking, it s a beautiful day and I for one want to get to the beach as I m a total beach – bunny – windsurfing – nut and I have a new thong I want to show off and so does Nicolette (I know this because Jo and I went swimsuit shopping together). Finally, after a seemingly endless amount of trash – talking, Chuck and Jo get their butts in gear and out the door, and as Chuck closes the door behind him he gives me a little wink and says, it COULD take longer than an hour, so “don t get any funny ideas. ” Now, at this point I have to divulge that Chuck.

I haven’t been friends with Jo and Jacinto for all that long, but we have really clicked with them and we are all very comfortable in our relationships with one another; like I said, we really haven’t known them for very long, but we hot tub, party, and even went to the nude beach with them once where I got a good look at Jacinto’s near perfect body (and wonderfully large penis). We all just take things in stride, just the SoCal lifestyle I guess! However, the sexual tension had been growing between Jacinto and I, and Jo and Chuck seemed like they were becoming a little “friendlier” as well, but nothing to worry about; no one was becoming jealous or anything, Like I said, we were all becoming good friends and also becoming very comfortable with one another. I had been giving little hugs to Jacinto here and there over the past few weeks, and the last time we were all hanging out Jacinto and I were alone in the kitchen making drinks and I gave him a nice sexy kiss on the neck and when he laughed and flexibly pulled back a little, I quickly leaned in and planted another nice wet one right on his lips, then let out a giggle as if stealing a kiss from him was the most innocent thing in the world, but deep within I was hot for Jacinto and I wanted him to know it. It s worth mentioning that up to this point I had only three lovers (including my husband Chuck); one in high school, one after high school, and then when I was nineteen I met and within a year wed Chuck, but both of those pre – Chuck relationships were old – school, old – fashioned “romantic” monogamous relationships; I never had wild, hot, erotic, spontaneous just – for – the – hell – of – it sex (except with my former “official boyfriends” and Chuck) but now an opportunity was presenting itself with Jacinto, and I was seriously considering doing something about it.

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