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An act of lust defeated me to the dust – Lost Innocence Continue

After the TC had gone the lights were off as it was quite late night and I was lying on my berth naked under shawl, my panty and trouser were lost and my shirt was opened at front. All the while I adjusted my bra and buttoned-up my shirt and asked the boys to give back my trouser and panty as it was not safe to lie with nothing beneath.

Nitin came forward with my trouser and said, “Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone about what happened. You sleep we will talk later and we are very sorry about what happened.” with that he turned and lied on his birth.

There was complete silence and suddenly, “I started feeling guilty, what happened could easily be stopped.”

I closed my eyes and drifted to deep sleep, as I was exhausted. It was nine in the morning when I heard someone calling my name, as I regained my conscience, it was Bushra calling me to wake me up as we have reached our destination and everyone was lining up for a quick check before heading to board our bus waiting outside.

My head was aching like hell and I was hungry and because of the combination I felt extremely irritated, I was standing in a cue along with Bushra and Zain, waiting for to get clear from the exit gate.

It was then someone tapped me from behind, as I looked it was Nitin.

“I know you are hungry as you haven’t eat anything last night so I thought I can be of any help.” he said while giving a banana with a broad smile on his face.

I smiled at him and thanked for his favour, seriously I was very hungry at that moment and out of desperation I started eating banana without even offering it to others.

“Easy! No one will snatch it from you Rimsha, you are eating like maniac.” Bushra said while looking at Nitin. “By the way can you just explain, what was that! Miss weirdo.”

“Ah! Nothing,” it was just out of humanity you know and he is a good guy anyway.

“Good guy! what do you mean by good guy?” It seems something had changed in a night. “Don’t tell me you started liking the jerk Rimsha.” She said teasingly.

“Oh! You are impossible at times Bushra,” seriously stop being jealous and focus, your name is being called upon twice, you don’t want to be scolded by Miss Sharma right here on platform at least.

After clearing the exit. We headed to board our bus, this time I was with my friends as we took our seats obviously at the back like always we have. We were again filled with excitement to see the national park and meanwhile Zain gave me some more stuff to satisfy my hunger.

It was around 2 pm we reached our destination. The farm house was very beautiful. It was like a mansion surrounded by dense forest as it was located alongside the boundaries of National Park.

We will be headed for our tour to visit Bandhavgarh tomorrow early in the morning in jeeps provided by the administration of the National Park along with a guide.

One jeep can accommodate seven people and we had requested our teachers to allow us to go in one jeep together, so as to have more fun which was accepted on a condition that we would strictly follow the guidelines of the National Park.

So, it was done we were grouped together with Nitin Mayank and Avantika on third jeep. We were very excited as the Jeep was open and we could even touch the surrounding if we were allowed at some places.

Zain had bought DSLR camera to capture the moments and memories and we were all set to go on our first jungle Safari.

It was around four in the morning, when our jeeps were lined up at the entrance of the National park gate number two. There was a precautionary security check and we were told not to leave our vehicle at any cost without the permission of the guide and not to offer anything to the animals. In case of violation, strict actions will be taken.

After the routine enquiry finally the gates were open and we headed towards our journey to explore the wildlife in its raw form.

Guide was busy telling us about the history of the National Park and the types of flora and fauna found inside. He also told us that there was a temple at the top of the hill which opened only once in a year during a local festival and there was also a fort inside the National Park.

All the information was really fascinating and added thrill to our imaginations. The way he was telling us about the life at National Park, we were imagining things for real. He also told us that if we would be lucky enough, he will show us tiger for real without any cage live at a very few yards away. We were anticipating the moment and got hyper excited.

We roamed the entire length of the tracks made for jungle safari but to our bad luck, we hadn’t spotted tiger though we had seen many birds, deer, panther, wild buffaloes, wild pigs, hyena, and many types of flora along with some ancient medicinal plants. The biodiversity was really awesome.

The guide told us that due to the cold weather tiger must be at the top of the hill. He said, “You should come in summer, tiger sighting is more frequent then.”

It was around four in the evening we were heading toward the exit gate of the National Park. We had taken precious memories and lots of photos and now it’s time for us to say final good bye to the nature and prepare ourselves for our retreat.

The Administration of the park had provided a memento to each group along with a book which contain really good pictures of the biodiversity of the National park including the photos of fort and temple.

“The day was marvellous!, Right Rimsha?” Bushra said while throwing herself on the neatly laden bed in our room at farm house.

“Yeah! you are right, I had immense fun out there it was one of the most memorable day of my life.” Anyway want to have something before we left for our journey back to home?

“You have it, I didn’t feel like eating as I am already satisfied with the experience, though do pack something for the journey as I will need some food later.” she said while covering her face with blanket for a quick nap.

Yeah, sure I also need some munching while on a train. Let’s get ready as we have to leave in an hour or two.

We were again assembled at the porch for final count, Nitin was standing ahead of us as in bus we have to sit as per our will.

After assuring the strength of the student as per the list. We were asked to board the bus as our train was surprisingly again on time and we have to reach Jabalpur station in order to catch it.

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