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An encounter between two strangers on the Subway

Just before the doors of the subway slid shut, Katie Wilson slipped through and steadied herself against one of the standing poles in the middle of the subway car.

As the subway started pulling away, she swayed slightly, her body trying to keep with the motion of the accelerating car, both hands tightly gripping the metal pole in front of her. Even though there were hardly any people on the subway car (and thus plenty of open seats), Katie just wanted to catch her breath for a few moments. Eventually she turned around and slipped down into a white plastic seat against the wall of the car.

She plopped her two handbags (the smaller tan one belonging to her, the oversized garishly red one her roommate’s) on the seat next to her and took a deep breath. She closed her eyes, exhaling slowly, trying to calm her racing heart and stop the slight spinning in her head.

She only had that one drink, but perhaps her rushing to catch the subway caused that extra dizziness she was feeling… or maybe it was something else.

Now that she could finally relax, “safe” on her way home, she reflected on the crazy events of the past few hours.

The night started off as you may expect any crazy night would start off, with her roommate, Sandy, urging her to go out. Although she was pretty exhausted from a really busy week at work, and honestly wanted nothing more than to curl up with a good book that night, she somehow allowed Sandy to talk her into going with her on a double date.

Sandy’s latest “flavor of the week” was some banker named Johnny and apparently Johnny was convinced that Katie would hit it off with his college buddy, Rick. How he figured this, Katie wasn’t sure, as she’s only met Johnny one time, and they’d not said more than the typical “hello, nice to meet you” kinds of things.

But Sandy really liked this Johnny fellow, and after hours of pleading (and a promise to take Katie out next week for a manicure), Katie reluctantly agreed.

It was almost worth it to see how excited Sandy was, and Katie vowed she’d do her best to try to enjoy herself. She let Sandy have her fun, advising Katie what to wear and telling her to “keep an open mind” about Rick, and to stop acting like an “old maid.”

Now Katie knew she didn’t act like an “old maid,” but understood why her friend would say that. Although she would never refer to Sandy as one who “gets around”, well… perhaps that’s exactly how she’d describe her! Sandy was always on the lookout for a new man, and when they were out, was always surrounded by them. In the three years they’d been friends, Katie figured that Sandy must’ve had dozens of partners, and seemed to relish being with each and every one of them.

She often said how at 24, Katie was wasting the “prime of her dating life” and couldn’t understand why she wasn’t out partying all the time. But Katie just wasn’t like that. She’d really only had one boyfriend, her high school sweetheart, Luke, and after that relationship she’d rarely dated. She honestly didn’t feel comfortable around men, and absolutely hated the phony small talk that was involved in meeting them.

And when she did allow Sandy to drag her out to some club or bar, Sandy was always the one the guys wanted to talk to, always leaving Katie feeling out of place and uncomfortable.

Sandy would always say how gorgeous Katie was, and how she projected an aloofness that intimidated people. But how could her social anxieties be perceived as “aloofness?”

And although Katie knew that Sandy didn’t have the “ideal” look to her (she was quite short and could lose a few pounds), she ALWAYS got the attention, despite Sandy’s constant wishes about having Katie’s “big blue eyes,” or “curly locks” (her “Caucasian envy” as Sandy would put it, being of Korean descent). Katie figured there was nothing exactly wrong with her, but also knew there was something that just must not be entirely … appropriate either. There was something Sandy had that she didn’t.

But after her breakup, following the yearlong attempt at a long distance relationship with Luke, she didn’t feel like dating much anyway. And then work took over and she just decided to focus on her career for now… except for the times, like that night, when she allowed her crazy friend to take her out on a blind “double date.”

So she was wearing the orange dress Sandy picked out for her, but she drew the line when Sandy attempted to dictate her underwear. What difference would what she’s wearing under her dress make? She sure as hell wasn’t going to be doing anything on her date tonight, no matter how much she may like this “Rick” fellow.

But when Sandy wouldn’t stop pestering her, Katie finally agreed to wear a pair of white thigh high stockings to match and contrast the black pair Sandy was wearing. After all, she would have gone out bare legged anyway, so she figured it didn’t really matter much if only the two of them knew that she was wearing this slightly more risqué kind of garment (although for Sandy, this was not unusual, as she has drawers of thongs, stockings, and garters). And if it made Sandy happy, she decided to just go with it.

Katie was even feeling a bit optimistic when they got to the bar and she was introduced to Rick, a tall, well-built, handsome man with a winning smile. It was amazing how quickly things went downhill.

After the standard introductions and Rick’s expected “Johnny’s told me so much about you,” Johnny told Sandy he had something for her in his car and led her outside, leaving Katie alone with her new “friend.” It took less than a minute for Katie to determine that Rick was a self-centered prick.

In that first minute he familiarized Katie with his salary, his car, and what he paid for his condo. Minute 2 revealed his exercise schedule and how much he could bench press. When his attention finally turned to Katie it was to get her drink order (snapping to a waitress to get her attention), and to praise her with the compliment, “Johnny was right, you ARE smokin’ hot!”

When their drinks arrived, Rick seemed to turn up his crassness, encouraging Katie to “drink up” as he downed his first beer in moments and flagged down another waitress. Although Katie had barely sipped her dirty martini, he attempted to order her another which she had to tell the waitress not to bring.

“Come on Katie, have some fun!” he chided. “I know you ladies took the subway, so I know you’re not driving home!”

Katie decided then and there that she would have no more than that one drink.

It was after Rick’s second beer that he started getting handsy. Although he seemed to scoff at the yoga classes she went to (at least her exercise routine was SOMETHING about her he seemed to want to know more about), he wasted no time putting his hands on her shoulders, insisting there must be something more she does to keep her body looking so “good.”

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