Wednesday , May 31 2023

An idea of sexual life

I am a 44 year old investment banker living in Frankfurt living with my husband .

I met my husband when I was a junior investment banker in my mid 20’s and he was a receptionist. I specifically made him get me coffees and nobody else. I do think without the Matriarchy and my GIS (Government issued strapon) given to me around that time I wouldn’t have had the confidence and power to keep rising past intermediate.

What I’m trying to say is, I fucked him a couple of times in the office before taking it outside of work and eventually marrying him.

He is a wonderful, loving and caring husband. He is now a stay at home dad and I think truly enjoys raising our children. I work ungodly hours and so rarely see my kids. This is alright for me as the money I make keeps them in a very privileged position especially for being two boys. Born as lesser citizens it means they have the opportunity unlike Rupert my husband (who was lucky to get me when he did) to marry Rich upper class woman.

I would like to now discuss married life with Rupert. If this academic journal is about sexual experiences of the Matriarchy then it should know of the most common type of sexual experience; Eheleben.

This evening I’d had pizza delivered to my private office and continued to work till about eight in the evening. I got home around eight thirty Rupert told me the kids were already in bed. I really didnt want to see them I was very tired and stressed. I entered my flat ignored the receptionist and went to my floor. Top floor, all mine. Glass windows offer a near 360 degree view of the twinkling lights of Frankfurt. The floor space is more than ample to raise two children and besides we have another home in the country we can enjoy if need be. The elevator zooms to the top floor and opens with a ping.

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