Wednesday , May 31 2023

An Indian college girl meets her American client

Pooja Kulkarni had just turned 19. She had celebrated her birthday around 15 days back. But soon after her birthday, she had received a rude shock upsetting her life. She had a huge row with her boyfriend.

The result was a complete shock to her. Not only Avinash had lots of unsavory things to her, but he had insulted her outright. Now she was thinking if he was the right man for her after all. She had left her job for him, simply because he had asked her to do it. Just like that.

She was trying to sleep in her bedroom, but her mind was flooded with all the things that had happened. She often cried during the night, soon reason took over and she found herself analyzing the break up in more rational way. Now that she thought about it after getting over the initial shock, she felt what had happened was good for her. When she was in love with him earlier in the period, she couldn’t see his faults even though she really knew them all along. And it was a long list of faults. He had been too possessive of her. He always resented her career oriented mind and thought of her as a kind of household thing. Whenever she spoke of working, he often cut her out saying that working was not a woman’s thing really. He never respected her as a woman. She had forgiven all this when she had been in love. But now as she analyzed it more dispassionately, she was feeling happy that she was well out of it. She would have never loved an autocratic husband for herself. And soon enough the reality dawned on her. She will need to find job. One she was independent, she would see how it goes after that. She had enough experience to a least get a job in call center.

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