Sunday , May 28 2023

An Indian wife, meets a stranger at a bar and cheats on her husband

Me and my husband have been married for a few years. We have a decent sex life but was not a extremely hot one. He was good in bed but I always felt it lacked heat. He was a business man.. decent built and good last long in bed but was soft and loving. People have had a notion about indian women that they are a little conservative, but once you get them going they can rock your world. I was going to do something like that myself.

We moved to a new city a few months back. We bought a luxury apartment and had a posh lifestyle. My husband had a habit of living large, and that habit had got into me. He would travel a lot and some of the time we would go together and sometimes we wouldn’t. To describe myself, I am 5’8 slim waist, 32C bust size, nice shaped ass and a cute face. I would get the stares a lot and I would love it but I never knew one day it would go this far.

It was a Monday and my husband was going to be out of town for a week. So I decided will take a night out with a few friends. We decided to go to the local bar to get some drinks and then dinner. I put on maroon one piece with showing off my cleavage and my tight ass. The dress just covered my ass and a little below. Put on a thong and did my hair and walked out. On the way to the bar, I got a call from one of my friends saying they will be running a little late. I got to the bar and ordered a drink to myself. Just sitting on the lounge area I noticed a guy across the bar drinking a beer and looking at me. I didn’t bother making any eye contact.

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