Saturday , June 3 2023

Andrea’s Husband

Andrea Harris sat and stroked the big black cock as
she watched another black man thrash her husband’s ass
with a cane.

There were welts all across his bare ass cheeks as
Andrea let go of the cock and walked up to him, she
pulled the duct tape from his mouth, “You won’t
embarrass me again will you pussy boy, that was
shameful behaviour from you, I have never felt so

“No Mistress, I promise I won’t embarrass you again.”

“You’d better not, Sammy here enjoyed punishing you,
he can hit harder than me so you’d better not. I’m
going to release you so do what Sammy asked you to

Adrian Harris could hardly stand when he was released,
he staggered to where Sammy sat and said, “I’m sorry,
may I suck your cock now Sir.”

Sammy held his cock in his hand and motioned for
Adrian to kneel down and take the cock in his mouth.

This was the first time that Andrea his wife had asked
him to do this, up till now he had just watched as a
succession of black men with huge cocks fucked her ass
and pussy, before he had been ordered to get them
drinks and whatever, not suck their cocks.

He closed his eyes and sucked on the huge black cock,
he could still taste Andreas pussy juices and cum from
when he had fucked her not so long ago.

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