Sunday , May 28 2023

Anna and me

She’s sexy, Blue – my Rocky – didn’t wake me when she came over,she kneels down, my dick is hard, when she touches it, I shoot off, she says mmmm, and she licks all of it off my dick and her hand . Blue is also licking his dick. Anna says I’ve watched Blue fucking you, I want to try it too.
She continues to suck on my dick, she turns and places her legs around my head and lowers her pussy lips to my mouth, she dripping pussy juice, I lick every drop up, her clit is hard and looks like a small dick, I start sucking it like one, she quivers and moans, she starts shacking and squirts pussy come out, I drink all of it, blue’s dick is out, she starts stroking it, he gets up and mounts her, his humping her, I aim his dick to her pussy lips and he rams in to his knot, she goes crazy on my dick, I can feel it in her throat, come starts squirting in, she swallows it, blue’s precome and her pussy juice is leaking out of her, I lick them both, blue’s knot is at her lips and ready to go in, I stroke his balls and he rams it into her, she screams, blue’s locked into her now and pumping his come into her pussy, it starts leaking out and I swallow all of it, I feel her pussy clamping down around his knot, she starts shacking and squirts pussy come all over us, I can’t keep up drinking all of it, blue turns and starts getting bigger inside her pussy, his filling her pussy full of come, she says I can feel his come in me it’s hot! Oh God! I love it, blue’s knot starts getting smaller, blue pulls out of her, their juices pours all over me, Anna turns and starts licking me clean, she straddles my hips rams my hard dick into her pussy, and slams her pussy against my dick, there’s a slurping sound each time she slams into me, I start meeting her strokes, I can see and feel she’s ready to come again, I start slamming my dick into her, she screams, both us start coming, we hold each other tight, her nipples against my slippery chest feels great.
We fuck all the time know, blue and I have also fucked her ass and Anna loves helping blue fuck me, blue loves Anna to suck his dick wail I’m fucking her from behind.
I hope this summer never ends

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