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Annabelle, abducted by a deviant sexual sadist and his complacent wife

The following tale centers around a sixteen year old girl by the name of Annabelle Flint. An unusual name, but she was far from that being a very respectful teen, that saw only the brighter sides to life despite her many woes to the contrary. For her the first thirteen years of her life had felt like a dream, that sadly came crashing back down to reality when her parents who had been secretly fighting for many years finally divorced. The thirteen year old Annabelle had been forced to watch in confusion, holding her faded teddy-bear to her pajama-covered chest as her heart-broken father gave her a tight hug, whispering that he loved her before kissing her forehead. As if this had not been cruel enough, barely two weeks later her father would parish in a devastating multiple-car pile-up that would cost four others their lives as well.

For a few years Annabelle’s mother managed to keep their lifestyle fairly normal, but her former husband’s death had been more shocking than she expected, resulting in her developing a drinking problem that for the most part she managed to hide from those around her. Then the repression hit heavily within their area closing many businesses, including the clothing factory Annabelle’s mother worked for, forcing them to down grade to a small two bedroom house on the outskirts of their town. Yet none of this ever affected the young Annabelle, who managed to keep her sweet charming personality, even when her own mother’ was beginning to spiral into depression. It would take a little over a year for the area to begin to recover, by which time Annabelle would become aware of her mother’s growing problem.

Annabelle breathed heavily keeping an even pace, nearly halfway through her morning jog, which she and her mother Rachael had adopted once her mother had left rehab. The painful memories of the year long struggle to convince her mother that she needed help still very vivid within her mind. Today her mother had an Alcoholic anomalous meeting meaning Annabelle was on her own, her long burgundy blonde hair streaming out behind her shining brightly in the late autumn’s sun, as she ran down the narrow country road that bordered the backside of her neighborhood. Though young, Annabelle’s body looked overly mature, particularly within her tightly fitted athletic shirt and shorts.

At only five foot three inches in height Annabelle had fair tanned cream-tone skin, with angel green eyes that ensnared your soul with a simple smile. Her breasts were a large 34D that were very firm to the touch, along with a well defined curve of her amble bottom. All of which was drawing her a lot of attention as she jogged alongside others, as many in the surrounding communities also used these roads as jogging routes. Whether it be male or female, eyes were drawn her way as she passed, the jostling of her body’s features irresistible to them. The soft beat of pop-music playing within her ears, had the young girl a bit distracted as she merged onto another road, running sideways into another woman coming from the other direction.

“I’m terribly sorry,” Annabelle said removing her earbuds reaching out to help the older woman back to her feet. Without warning the woman lunged towards Annabelle, who tried to pull back defensively raising her arm. “Oww!” Annabelle cried out as the woman’s fist slammed into her thigh, at first unable to comprehend the odd object that seemed to be sticking into her, until realizing that it was a small syringe whose plunger had been fully depressed. “What was…,” Annabelle words began fading as her world begun spinning around her. A sensation of falling hit just before the void of nothingness consumed her leaving her unconscious.

The woman nervously raked her shaky hands through her short blonde hair, looking cautiously around to be sure no one was within sight. She reached down grabbing Annabelle’s arms pulling her into a sitting position, with Annabelle’s head resting against her small 32B breasts. Tightly wrapping her arms around Annabelle’s torso, the woman’s petite body struggled slightly as she lifted the unconscious athletically-fit girl up to her feet. A black tinted windowed SUV suddenly came to a screeching halt next to them, the back door flying open revealing a man leaning back from the front seat. The woman whose name was Erica, stumbled slightly as she dragged Annabelle back toward the open door. Were the man who was called Anthony, reached through grabbing the young girl’s limp arms pulling her into the backseat, while Erica maneuvered her legs inside until the door could be closed.

Erica once more looked around, a nervous look filling her eyes as she hurriedly jump into the front of the SUV. With an excited grin Anthony pulled off trying to look calm as he made his way towards the freeway, Erica on the verge of tears as she stared dismally out of the windshield. “Why are we doing this?” She asked in a timid-tone, causing the grin to fade into a glare, as Anthony turned to meet her nervous gaze. “Because I told you too,” he replied in a slow hard tone, making Erica turn away cowardly staring at the floorboard. Just as fast Anthony’s smile returned as he softly drummed on the steering-wheel, gazing up into the rearview mirror taking in the beauty that laid upon his backseat, her unconscious face turned so that Anthony could easily count every freckle that dawn her fair complexion.

The two were husband and wife, with some very different values on what that entitled. Anthony at thirty-eight was a brilliant and very charming man, an inventor and entrepreneur worth millions. He also was a sexual sadist that thoroughly enjoyed inflicting pain, yet surprisingly he was very much in love with his wife, and could not bring himself to cause her the pain he truly craved. While Erica at only thirty was very frail-woman after ten years of marriage, at first she had been very independent, but Anthony’s sexual and physical Pervert Exploit through their marriage had broken her down into his perfect submissive. For most of the day Anthony drove down the freeway, heading towards his home that sat squarely in the middle of a forty square acres of land.

Just as the sky redden announcing sunset’s arrival, Anthony pulled into his driveway, stopping at the gate entering the access code. His entire property had been walled off, that rose twelve feet in height, lined with spikes evenly spaced along its top. With some of his work there were many corporations that would resort to espionage to acquire them, but the walls now served a newer purpose as of today. He came to a stop out front of a large two story manor, with a gothic architectural style about its windows and spires. The two quickly pulled the still unconscious Annabelle from the backseat, were Anthony carried her within his muscular arms from years of physical labor, up the stairs into a house depositing her within a nearly empty bedroom on the second floor which only contained a bed.

Being situated within the center of the manor the room had no windows, built by Anthony a few weeks ago for this sole purpose. Anthony laid Annabelle upon the bed, smiling excitedly at the prospects that awaited, studying her angelic body for a moment. Before retrieving a small wooden jewelry box from under the bed opening it to reveal a thick leather collar, spaced evenly along the outside of the collar were a dozen metal brackets with electronic-coils attached, underneath was lined with hundreds of protruding tiny copper prongs barely visible to the naked eye. Anthony carefully worked the collar around Annabelle’s neck, clipping the specially made clasp which required a key that hung from Anthony’s.

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