Saturday , June 3 2023

Anne And The Monkey Kong

Ann awoke. Her throat was parched. It actually hurt.
Too much seawater. She could hear the waves breaking
nearby. How had she survived? She remembered the
fishing vessel and how it suddenly capsized in rough
seas. There wasn’t time to signal the Coast Guard. The
ship sank quickly. Oh. Jack. Surely he made it.

She rose up. Her right shoulder was bruised and felt
numb. She was alone. Something roared horrendously in
the distance. She jolted to her feet. She was weak.
Wobbly. She felt she needed to get to safety. Her dress
was in tatters. The thing roared again. She decided to
go the opposite direction.

As she ran down the beach barefoot, a large lizard came
from behind her, snapping its massive jaws. She thought
she could hear bone crunching. It was as big as a
dinosaur but that was impossible. Wasn’t it? It was
catching up with her. She could not match its gait.
Sweat beaded off her forehead. She would have cried if
she could. He closed in, mouth gaping; ready for the

She closed her eyes. A massive furry arm crashed down
on the giant lizard’s head.

It stopped moving instantly. He grabbed her. She had to
be dreaming. He was huge. A massive gorilla on a
tropical island in the middle of nowhere. Yes. She was
sure she was dreaming.

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