Saturday , June 3 2023

Anne has fun playing with herself for her neighbors who are spying on her

I’d spot you from a window in my house. You and
Mary are moving your summer cloths out of your closet
in your 2d floor bedroom. Your apartment building is
very close to mine & you can look down into my 1st
floor bedroom. I know that I got you this time. I’ve
tried before, but you never looked. All of my apart-
ment is dark. I lie on my bed in my dark bedroom and
adjust the mirror on the dresser so I can check on you.
So I can watch you…looking at me… here on my bed.
You both are having a great time removing your cloths,
laughing & kissing & playing around.

As I stand in front of my window watching you,
my heart is pounding. I can feel my pulse beating in
my neck. I see that Mary is facing the window.

It’s time to start. I turn on the overhead light
and my room is blazing in light. Out of the corner of
my eye, I see Mary looking down into my room. I know
I must catch her interest, so I cup my breasts through
my sweater with my hands and push them into my ribs
with a circular motion. My knees are week and my
fingers are quivering. I tilt my head back to show her
the pleasure I’m giving myself. Every inch of my body
is electric.

I march around the room as I disrobe, giving
them fleeting glances of my body. I want to tease.
I want to build their excitement. As I slowly fold and
place my cloths on a chair, I glance their way and see
2 figures looking…watching me. Now I got you both!

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