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Anne Humilation – Mixed race student is paid to pose naked by her professor

The doorbell went again early the next morning.

“Hi Anne.”

“Morning,” she replied sombrely.

“You decided to come back then.”

“Well, you are clearly one disgusting, dirty old pervert who has no business being a college professor, but I need the money. Simple as that.”

“What you say is most probably true Anne. I am a dirty old pervert and my fetish is quite unusual I know, but I hope we can still be friends at the same time?”

“Sure. I didn’t mean to be so rude, sorry. I think you’re an honest man, and so long as I feel safe, then I’m happy – no that’s so the wrong word – I am prepared to humiliate myself in whatever way your dirty mind desires to help keep me in school. Just so long as you don’t get any other ideas. I’m not a whore and I won’t be treated like one.”

“I think we have a common understanding on that Anne. I absolutely promise never to touch you – unless invited.”

“And that’s not very likely, sorry.”

“So be it. Maybe we shouldn’t be having this conversation on my doorstep eh? Please do come on in.”

“So what do you have in mind for me today professor?”

“I’m just getting my breakfast so if you could go on through to the dining room and get undressed for me that would be wonderful. I’ll be with you in a minute.”

I pushed the door open for her and pointed at the table which I had laid out with a place mat, bowl and cutlery. I’d like you to climb up there Anne please.”

“What, really; on your dining room table?” she exclaimed.

“Yes, really. I want to sit and have coffee and eat my pastry while you pose for me.”

“What, you don’t read a newspaper like other regular people?”

“Very funny! Would you like a coffee?” I asked going out to the kitchen

“Why not – just black please.”

I resisted the urge to make some witticism.

“Coming up. Make yourself comfortable.”

“Yeh, like I’m gonna feel real comfortable drinking coffee whilst my professor ogles my private parts!”

A few minutes later I returned with a small tray with two coffees and a plate of pastries. As I entered the dining room, I was greeted with the most amazing sight I could ever have imagined taking place in my own house. There, sitting fully naked on the edge of the table next to my place setting, was my stunningly gorgeous, nineteen year old student. She was mixed race, half black, half Korean, with the most amazing caramel skin. And for the next half hour I could study her naked body in any which way I wanted. I only had to ask her to pose for me.

Her legs were drawn up close to her chest with her arms locked tightly around them. I could only imagine how she must be feeling right at this moment – vulnerable, embarrassed, perhaps deeply ashamed? I decided that I must go very carefully so as not to completely freak her out.

“Here’s your coffee Anne, and a pastry if you would like one?” I said, laying down the tray beside her

“Just coffee thank you.”

“Can I ask did you shower since yesterday?”

“Well I guess you’ll find that out for yourself, professor, in a second. That’s what you really want isn’t it?”

“Sounds like an invitation I can’t refuse!”

“I suppose it’s only fair you get your money’s worth.”

I drew back the chair and sat down in front of her. At five foot one she was quite tiny so even though she was sitting on the table, our eyes were more or less at the same level. As I looked into her beautiful face, I could see she was trembling ever so slightly. I realised at once that I needed to put her at her more at ease before moving to the next level.

So for the next few minutes, as we sipped our coffees, I attempted to engage her in some ordinary, mundane conversation. But it was hard to ignore her nakedness (and the huge swelling in my underpants) and within only five minutes of inane chatting, I was already risking a few glances down at her body.

“It’s OK professor, I can see you’re trying to be sensitive, but I know why I’m here and it’s not to discuss the terrible British weather.

“No, that’s very true.”

“I want you to pose for me.”

“Yes, of course. How to you want me?”

“Well if you don’t mind then I would like you to open your legs for me Anne so I can see exactly what your genitals look like. Given your mixed ethnic background, I’m really intrigued to find out.”

“I think maybe I do mind,” said Anne with hint of resignation in her voice, “but I guess a deal is a deal.”

“Indeed. Would you mind if I undid my trousers, it’s getting awfully uncomfortable down there.”

“Ha-ha! By all means take out your cock professor and play with yourself as much as you like – I just don’t want to see it that’s all!”

“Yes I quite understand.”

As Anne unfolded her arms and legs, I sat back in my chair, unzipped my suit trousers and clumsily took out my huge, throbbing cock. On seeing those long, dark nipples again, it leapt to attention in front of her.

“Wow, that’s quite impressive professor – and I like that you’re circumcised.”

“I though you didn’t want to see?”

“It’s a bit hard to ignore isn’t it!”

“Well thank you for the complement. And it was just your big brown nipples that caused that.”

“It’s nice to know they have that effect on a man, even one as old as you!” she laughed.

“Yes, very funny,” I retorted. “So let’s see what you’ve got between your legs Missy. Open wide and show me your vagina.”

“That sounds so clinical.”

“Sorry, but I just find that talking to you like this…well it just enhances the whole experience of er…”

“Degrading me?” She said, finishing my sentence.

“In a sense, I suppose; if I’m honest.”

“Well I admire honesty. So here you are professor…” And with that, Anne dutifully leaned back on her hands for support, planted one foot firmly either side of my leather place mat and opened her legs as wide as she could.

“This is what my vagina looks like.”

“Oh my God Anne!” My cock jerked in spasm. “What a… what an amazing sight that is!”

Just how many boys in her year group, I wondered, had dreamed of ever seeing Anne like this.

Once more I was feasting my eyes on the huge expanse of tiny, glistening, wiry black coils that were her pubic hairs. Although not dense at all, the hairs themselves were quite thick and wiry and spread out in all directions from the dark, exotic folds of her vagina right across her lower tummy. They grew ever more sparse at the outer edges and as I studied her intently, I could even a make out a few random curly hairs sprouting around her inner thighs. Some of them looked to have raised little pimples and red sores from constant chaffing in the creases between her legs.

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