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Anne Humilation – University professor examines a female student

Anne is a mixed race student who is short of funds. Her university professor offers to help support her providing she agrees to pose naked at his house every day and submit to very intimate and humiliating examinations of her body including letting him smell her feet and genitals and watch her go the bathroom. Hope you enjoy it!

It was a great feeling to be finally back at Uni. It was the day I had been looking forward to all summer. The day when I would get to meet my fresh intake of students. Being a fashion course, most of them would be girls of around 18-19 years old, new to University life and keen to be finally away from their parents to experience life at campus.

As I came into the studio, I immediately scanned the room for likely subjects; foreign looking girls with dark complexions and hair to match: maybe black, Spanish, Hispanic, eastern European, Asian or mixed race. They didn’t have to be text-book pretty, just very natural, innocent looking and ‘girl next door’.

I was not to be disappointed. Things had changed so much since I had been at college all those years ago. Now nearly half the young people in the room were from other cultures…and one stood out in particular. I couldn’t quite decide where she was from but she had a very distinctive, slightly oriental look and a huge mop of thick black hair. Intriguingly, it was slightly frizzy.

In stature she was quite tiny – just over five feet tall I estimated – and fairly flat chested but with a beautifully formed ‘bubble bum’ and shapely legs.

Oh how I love diversity!

Girls were just so easy to perv these days. They obliging wore skin-tight leggings, often with no skirt or shorts to hide their modesty. This young lady was no exception. Her shear black leggings showed every curve and nuance of her lower body from her slightly muscular calves (always a turn on for me) all the way up to the ample bulge of her groin which was just visible through the open flaps of her black jacket. Beneath, she was wearing a simple white, low cut T shirt.

As it was the first day of the new academic year, I was required to make a formal introduction of the course, and its tutors, and then to meet with each of the students for ten minutes to see how they were settling in. Working my way down through the list, she was the eleventh person to enter my study and I now had her name.

“Hi Anne, pleasure to meet you. How’s things going for you?”

“OK thanks, more or less.” She spoke with an American accent. Intriguing.

“You sound a little uncertain?”

“Well, I’m having a few financial problems. Seems my parents underestimated how much living expenses are in the UK. It’s so expensive over here!”

“Yea, tell me about it. Do you have somewhere to live?”

“Oh sure, it’s just I can’t afford to eat, the rent’s so expensive!”

“Have you thought about getting a part time job?”

“I already have one actually. I came over earlier in the summer to get myself sorted out. I work part-time in a shop in town. But I can’t take on any more hours without it interfering with my studies.”

“Oh I see; mm. Well I’m sure we can find a way to help. Leave it with me and we’ll have another conversation next week.”

My mind was now running overtime thinking how this might play to my advantage. I hadn’t got any particular solution to offer right there and then – but an idea was forming.

“So where are you from exactly?”

“Well I was born in South Carolina. My Mum’s actually Korean and my Dad’s African American.”

“Wow, what an incredible heritage.”

“Yeah, it’s a bit weird.”

“Fascinating not weird,” I corrected her. “I would love to hear more about it some time. Anyway, I’ll see what I can come up with and meet you same time next Monday.”

“OK, see you soon.”

“Bye professor.”

As she got up and turned around to leave the room, my eyes were immediately drawn to her round bubble but and I started to have crazy, dirty thoughts. So she was half black, half Korean; that would explain her dark frizzy hair and facial features. I looked down at her details on the sheet before me. She was only nineteen.

I then turned to her photo and started to study her pretty round face. She was not white, or black, rather a beautiful, dusky blend of both parents heritage. Her eyes were dark with a very oriental shape to them; but not the full epicanthic fold. Her eyebrows were thick, black and bushy; wide at the centre tailing off almost to a point at the ends.

Most interesting was her nose; quite broad and rounded except at the bridge where it disappeared almost entirely. What made it especially fascinating and unusual was the way it turned up at the end such that you could clearly see into her slightly flared, hairy nostrils.

But the biggest tell-tale sign of her father’s origin was her large lips, thick and full and dark, their size exaggerated further but the tiny form of her smooth chin beneath. With such amazing, exotic features, I could only begin to image what the rest of her body might look like. As I felt a stirring in my pants, I resolved to try and find a way of seeing her completely naked – not by spying but legally and with her full consent, even if it was reluctant consent.

During the rest of the week I played around with a number of scenarios; all of them revolving around how I could contrive to get her to undress for me, willingly, so I could look at every detail of her nineteen year old body at my leisure. From her toes to her head, I wanted to study, examine, smell and taste every intimate, private part of her.

As I masturbated that evening over the thought of it, I started trying to imagine what her genitals might look and even found myself thinking what it would be like to swatch poo come out of her anus.

I hoped she was hairy. Most girls these days seemed to abhor hair anywhere on their body and were obsessed with waxing, razoring, plucking and dissolving anything that grew.

By the time of our next meeting, I had a plan. I only hoped that she would react well to my suggestions and not be so offended that it would sully all future relations with her. I also had to be very careful that it did not backfire on me altogether and trigger any complaints to the University. I couldn’t afford to lose my job. That said, though, I was certainly putting myself at risk. I had now become so obsessed with idea of seeing Anne naked that had I knew only too well I was throwing caution to the wind.

Anne breezed into the room and sat before me once again. She was still wearing those leggings. I wondered if they had been washed at all since our last meeting (I so desperately wanted to smell the crotch panel and the feet). This time, though, she had removed her jacket so I could get a better appreciation of her upper body shape.

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