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Anne Humilation – University professor examines a female student

Anne is a mixed race student who is short of funds. Her university professor offers to help support her providing she agrees to pose naked at his house every day and submit to very intimate and humiliating examinations of her body including letting him smell her feet and genitals and watch her go the bathroom. Hope you enjoy it!

It was a great feeling to be finally back at Uni. It was the day I had been looking forward to all summer. The day when I would get to meet my fresh intake of students. Being a fashion course, most of them would be girls of around 18-19 years old, new to University life and keen to be finally away from their parents to experience life at campus.

As I came into the studio, I immediately scanned the room for likely subjects; foreign looking girls with dark complexions and hair to match: maybe black, Spanish, Hispanic, eastern European, Asian or mixed race. They didn’t have to be text-book pretty, just very natural, innocent looking and ‘girl next door’.

I was not to be disappointed. Things had changed so much since I had been at college all those years ago. Now nearly half the young people in the room were from other cultures…and one stood out in particular. I couldn’t quite decide where she was from but she had a very distinctive, slightly oriental look and a huge mop of thick black hair. Intriguingly, it was slightly frizzy.

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