Wednesday , September 28 2022

Arab guy impregnates a married indian sikh woman

A little about me first: I am an Arab muslim guy living in Vancouver, Canada. I have a fantasy for Indian Hindu/Sikh girls, because for them a muslim cock is like a forbidden fruit.

I met Harveer Kaur (name changed for privacy) on a dating site. She was married but unhappy. She told me she wanted to leave her husband and move on, thats why she was on that site. Soon she got separated from her hubby and started living by herself and we started dating. She was young, no k**s, nice round curvy body. She told me she had little family in Canada, and had moved here after getting married to her husband. So, needless to say, I started fucking her almost every day. She used to tell me how her indian husband had a small dick and she was not really satisfied in the bed. However there were other complications in her relationship with him. Slowly their families intervened and they started patching things up. After a couple of months she moved back in with her husband.

However, she still used to message me sometimes telling me how much she missed me and my big arab cock. I tried to fuck her again but she said she wanted to make things better with her husband and doesnt want to complicate the situation.

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