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Arjun having sex with neighbourhood aunty Neetu

So, I’m a 18yr old guy living in panipat..I live with my parents here..let assume my name to be Arjun..our original home is in some other state and we live in a rented house dad works in a govt firm.

One of our neighbour is very close to our family..the couple had three children and it happened that one of their child studied in the same class as mine, so her mom was always interested about knowing about my preparations for the exams..let assume her name to be neetu..she is 38 yrs old. Neetu aunty used to visit our home very often whenever my mum was at home.

One day,due to some domestic reasons my mom had to go to our native for one and half dad would leave for office at 8 in the morning and come home at around 8pm..I was all alone at home at that time..and had to do all the work by myself.

one fine day, I was washing my clothes and then neetu aunty knocked at that door…my vest n football shorts were all wet and I was not wearing any underwear underneath..I thought that she just came to ask something and then she would, I didn’t change my clothes and opened the door..she came inside and asked me if I had breakfast and what I would eat for lunch.

she roamed inside the house and complimented me for cleaning the house so well..she sat on the sofa and she got wet in the light rain..I gave her a towel and noticed that the was wearing a sexy lacy bra which was visible from outside her salwar kameez..seeing this is got an erection..I noticed that my bulge was visible so I aat down on the sofa opposite to her..

I was able to hide my erection but neetu aunty might have noticed that I got hard inside my pants..I felt embarrassed…she giggled a bit..and then someone called on my phone which was on my table..I didn’t want to get up..but I had to..I got up and my erect cock was clesrly visible..I picked the phone facing away from her..then I sat down on a chair near the table itself..

aunty asked who it was..I said it was a friend..she the asked if it was my girlfriend…I said no..she then asked me if I had a girlfriend…I said yes..she enquired about it and then she handed me my towel..she said that she’ll be coming again at 12 noon to check if was able to cook properly…while going she smiled and said ” ghr mei koi aaye toh andr kuch pehen lia kr”..

I sensed what she meant and felt hugely embarrassed…She again came at 12 noon and asks me what I’ll be cooking..she noticed that I didn’t bath yet..she offered me help and said that she’ll cook the paneer and dal and told me to get a bath..meanwhile I entered the bathroom..I remembered whatever happened and felt horny..

I shagged off in the bathroom..just after I shagged off she came running at the bathroom door shouting that something went into her eye..I grabbed the towel n put it over my dick and opened the door..she rushed in and washed her eye..she then asked for my towel and she said that be quick..and she took the towel from me..and I had to hide my semi erect cock with my hand…

she noticed the cum on the floor..she gave a naughty smile and went out of the bathroom..I came out of the bathroom after bathing wearing a towel and went to my room directly and was about to lock the door..then neetu aunty said that “drwaza bndh krne ki kya zarurt hai..waise bhi dhng k kpde toh nhi pehenta h tu” and I was dumbfounded…

I wore my clothes hurriedly and came to the kitchen to help her..she ws done with cooking and then she served me lunch…and went back home…I ws thinking over her comments repeatedly and shagged off again..The next day she came to me and brought some idli for me in a tiffin box..she told me to have it for breakfast…

while opening the tiffin box she spilled the chutney all over her clothes over her chest..she then rushed to the bathroom..she just closed the door and left a small was visible to me what she was doing..she opened her salwar and cleaned her boob area..she was not able to clean ir completely and asked me for a towel..I said that there is a towel inside the bathroom..

she cleaned her chest area and wrapped the towel over her boobs and came out..she then told me that she didn’t bath yet and if I had any any problem if she took bath in my bathroom..I said that I have no problem at all..she then asked me to get her clothes from her house…

she gave me the keys of her house and instructed me to bring her salwar kameez and also told me that there is a red colour paper box inside and to bring that too..she told me that she had a vanity bag inside her wardrobe which had her medicines and to bring it along..I went to her home and brought all the stuff..

I had some suspicion about that box and I opened it to find that there was a pink bra inside it..I wrapped it and put it back..I handed over her stuff to her and then she took bath..while she was taking bath I notice that the shower was kept flowing for too long..I felp suspicious and decided to look into what she was doing..

I managed to look inside the bathroom from the small gap between the door and the floor….to my surprise she was fucking herself with a dildo..she had the dildo in her vanity bag..when she was over with it she took out some cream and a razor from her bag..she applied the cream in her pubic region and shaved her pubic hair off..seeing all this I got excited and started jerking myself..

I was about to climax and gave a loud moan and cummed on the floor..neetu aunty might have understood what I was doing..she then finished bathing and started wearing her clothes..she called me for help as she was not able to fasten her bra strap..I helped her and came out of her bathroom..while she was coming out of the bathroom she noticed that there was cum on the floor..

she asked me “arjun, ye nche kya pda hua hai”..I replied ” nhi pta aunty..conditioner hoga shyd”..she then touched it and smelled it..and said ” toh conditioner nahi hai..conditioner ki smell toh aisi nhi hoti hai” I said ” nhi pta aunty”..she then asked me ” tere hath mei kya lga hua hai?” And then I noticed that I had cum in my arm too..I said ” nhi pta aunty..kch lga hga”..

she said ” accha…sch bta ki tu kya kr rha tha jb mai nha rhi thi.” I said ” kch nhi aunty phone mei games khel rha tha”..she said ” but tere phone msi toh games hai hi nhi” then I said ” mera mtlb tha ki games download kr rha tha” she then looked at me with lust in her eyes..then we sat on the sofa and were talking..she asked me ” tune apni grlfrnd ko kiss kia hai?”..I saud ” nhi”..

she said “arre sharma mt..kai tri mummy ko nhi bataungi” the I said ” well..haan “..she said ” accha..iska mtlb agr akele bnd kmre mei hote tkh sex v kr lete..waise kya kya kia tune uske sth?”..I said that ” bs kiss kia” then she replied ” usne tere sath kya kia? Tu toh waise bhi andr kch nhi pehenta h..usne iska faayda nhi uthaya?”..

I said ” nhi aunty..hmne bs bus mei kiss kia tha” she replied “accha..tb shyd tra itna bda nhi tha..ab toh tu bda ho gya h..ab toh ldkiyan tere iss dressing sense ka khub faayda uthayengi..ldke toh lucky hote h..apni pyaas bhja skte ldkiyon ko toh bht cheezon ki zarurt hoti hai..haath se kaam nhi chlta hmara..aajkl toh tere uncle bhi ghr pr nhi rhte h…mai toh pagal hi jti hoon akele akele”..

I replied with a “hmmm”..she then said that ” waise maine delhi se kch artificial samaan mangayi thi..ussi se kaam chalati hoon aajkl..” she then brought hee vanity bag and showed me her was a vibrating one..I acted innocent and asked her what it ws..she said “ye whi hai jo tere pant k andr hai..bus difference itna h ki tra use nhi hua h aur ye use ho chuka h”..

I knew where this conversation was going..I asked her ” ye kaise use krte h”..she said ” tu apna phn de..dikhati hoon”..she then opened a porn site and showed me a video of a girl using a dildo..I remained silent..she then asked me ” bda ho gya h na tra?” I remained silent..she then placed her hand on my crotch and said “ktna bda h tra..roz hilata hga na tu”

I didn’t know how to react and utrered “ummm..haan”…she then tld me ” chl pant utar de apni..dkhte h ki mra dildo zyda bda h ya tra lund” as soon as she uttered the word ‘lund’ it sent shivers down my spine..I knew that it was now or never and I pulled down my shorts and my dick sprang out saluting her..she then grabbed my 8 inch dick and said

“kaafi mota bhi hai..tere uncle ka toh chota sa hai.. dildo se hi kaam chlati hoon..tri biwi ko bht khush rhegi ki itna bda aur mota lund uske pss hga”..then she asks me ” tu chup chap kyu khda h..tu mjhe dkhna chahta h na?..chl dkh le..” she the removed her salwar and kameez n was sitting there just in her bra and panty..she then asked me “tjhe kiss kiye hue ktne din ho gye”

I replied ” 8 mahine shyd”..she replied ” accha….pta h tere uncle toh mjhe bs lips pe kiss krte h n bs khde khde mjhe chodte hai..mjhe satisfaction milti hi nhi..srf chudne se mri chut ko rahat nhi milti aur toh aur mjhe unka lund chusne tk nhi dete” again she started her war of words and I was filled with lust for her..then I said ” toh mjhe use krlo..mai toh hr chz k lye ready hoon”

then I grabbed her face and gave her a deep kiss..eventually I opened her bra n made her sit on the couch..I sat down on the floor between her legs.. I said ” mai sb dkh rha tha aunty kch aap bathroom mei kr rhe the” with this I separated her legs and kissed her chut abover her panty..her panty was totally wet and I took it off..and started licking her vagina ..she was moaning and uttering

“arjunnn…aaahhh.meri jaan…chaat meri chut ko” she then held my head and went in into her clean shaven pussy..then I told her to stand up and I lied down on the sofa and said ” aunty g..aap mere muh k upr baith jao..”..she obeyed me n sat on my face..she then turned around and took my cock in her mouth..and sucked it hard and I was busy licking her pussy..she then said

“ab mjhe nche rhne do n tu uor chdh jaa” I obeyed but I couldn’t understand why she did so….while I was busy licking her pussy I felt her fingers on my asshole..she lubricated my asshole using her saliva and put two fingers inside..then she inserted her vibrating dildo in my arse..while licking my dick simultaneously…she had many orgasms and at that time she put the dildo deep inside my ass..

this was the best feeling of my life..I ejacuated on her mouth and she swallowed it all..and kept sucking on my dick and made it erect again and fuckin my ass with her dildo..then she took out the dildo and asked me to get down..she positioned herself in Rockygy style and asked me to neter from behind..I entered her pussy and fucked her like a mad animal…

I felt her pussy contracting and then she came…then I neared my orgasm and came inside her..she kissed me and said ” arjun..mjhe hmesha aide pyaar krte rhna..mjhe chodte rhna..mai tri hr baat maanungi”..since then we had many love making sessions at her home and mine..

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