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Arranged My Friend Have Sex With My Mom

He took a deep breath and loved the musky smell of my mom’s juicy cunt.

My hands tremble as I narrate this story about how I made by best friend enjoy my conservative widowed mother. This is a true story and I am proud to have made two very important people in my life so happy. One my widowed mother Anupama and the other, my dearest friend Suri.

After losing her husband ( my dad) at the age of 34 years, my mom Anupama focussed her life in bringing up two of her children, one me and another my younger brother. I learnt everything about sex from Suri, when I was 18 years and he was 21. We both ogled women, especially friends’ moms and masturbated in complete fantasy. He slowly persuaded me to appreciate my own mother’s physical features, without guilt.

Anupama, 46 years of age is 5’3? tall, whitish complexion, and very sexy. She normally wore sarees which exposed all the wonderful sexual features such as her sexy mid-riff and naval which I adored, her 34 cup size firm breasts, her oh so wonderful, sexy ass which used to be tightly packed in her petticoat, her luscious lips, her sexy back and everything she had. Suri tJulyht me to fantasize her, when coming and it was such a special feeling to do that.

My younger brother went to boarding and it was just me and Anupama. Once I took Suri home for lunch and she served both of us. She was wearing black cotton saree, white thin cotton blouse and fantastically inviting and tight white bra, which showed her tits prominently. Her ass was full and inviting. Her bra ever so slightly peeked out of her tight blouse. It was a treat to watch her that way with Suri. While eating, he gently checked out my erect cock and smiled and I did that too. He was special in that dept. He had a juicy 8? firm cock compared to a 5? cute one of mine.

At that instant, I developed a compelling urge. I seriously thought that Anupama my mom, needs to be fucked and it’d be great if my friend does that instead of someone else. That evening I sucked Suri’s cock and asked him, if he could satisfy my mom and make her scream in love. He said, with my permission, yes. I faked an interview and that very night it pretended to leave out of station. Before leaving I told my mother, that for safety, Suri will stay back with her. I kissed Suri’s erect cock and asked it to make the most of my mom.

I told Suri to keep the mobile on and let me hear her moans and pleasures. Rest of the story is what Suri lovingly narrated. That night, my mom Anupama hadn’t changed her black saree. Post dinner, Suri pretended to sleep early and once the lights went off, he went to her room and made his most important first move. She was sleeping with her cleavage open and bra clearly an inch out and tits even more prominent. Suri, couldn’t have asked for more. He gently lifted my beloved mother’s saree and petticoat and straightaway started kissing her pussy’s side of panty.

He took a deep breath and loved the musky smell of my mom’s juicy cunt, which was about to be fucked like never before. Little did she knew about what was coming. She mumbled in sleep, but Suri continued his invasion to arouse her. In a sudden realization, she sat up shell shocked but Suri just continued to hunt her pussy and was kissing and gently biting. She exclaimed ‘ hey what are you doing Suri?’ and he said ‘Anu darling, I want to make love to you as I love you very much. Please allow me to enjoy you just this night’.

My mother said, but….and before she completed her sentence, she felt his hand rubbing her pussy and slowly closed her eyes and gently parted her legs to allow Suri better access. Suri then kissed my mom’s neck and caressed her beautiful breasts greedily. He had this beastly quality about him, when it came to my mom. I knew how badly he wanted to fuck Anupama. I was in the neighboring park, with heart filled in excitement and joy, eager to hear my mom scream in pleasure. This would be my tribute her womanhood.

Suri was now, fiercely licking and kissing my mom and rubbing everything he came across. Anupama engulfed in desire, made way for him helplessly. He locked his lips with hers for what seemed like eternity and by now, she was completely participative. He told Suri ‘ oh my god Suri, Please make love to me, ohhh my gaaaawwwd, please, I am all yours, ohhhhhhhhh’. Suri suddenly slowed the pace. He gently unhooked her blouse, button by button and before doing so, he kissed on my mom’s blouse, feeling her bra’s texture and treating it like his prized loot.

Anupama, was about to get what she always wanted. A real hard fuck. Suri gave my mom, a gentle lift in one hand and used the other to caress her firm and juicy breasts, sexy ass of hers ( oh god, I am about to cum, typing this). He first removed her saree. My mom Anupama was now just in her transparent petticoat with her panty outline completely visible, her blouse partially removed and her body had formed small pearl like sweat, making her look even more sultry. Suri was naked already and his 8 incher was stiff like a pole.

He then removed my mom’s petticoat by untying the knot in his mouth. She was now in her black panty with a visibly throbbing cunt ready to get banged. He then took his strong cock to my mom’s face and in a pervert move, struck her cheeks with his cock as if meting out punishment for being such a glorious slut. She made a small cry with the hit. My mom said ‘ Suri, hey, I want it badly, please put him in. Ohhh god, why didn’t you do it all these days, Ohhh…gaaawd’.

Suri then made my beloved mother completely nude and in that dim light, she looked like a sex goddess. He then did what I was waiting with bated breath. Inserted his fantastic cock into my mom’s cunt. She moaned much more than I had imagined, letting out all her sexual desires. Suri knew nothing but greed.

He fucked my mom’s pussy and shoved his cock deeeeeep inside and as he did that, she screeeeeamed in carnal pleasure and said ‘ oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my gaaaawwwddd, oooohhhhhh boy fuck me haaaaarrrddd, heyyyy what are you doing to me, gaaawd, this is so good’. Suri and my mom. What a beautiful scene. They were just one with each other. I sat listening to the amorous sounds in stunned silence hoping that Suri won’t cum quickly.

Suri fucked her and made space to caress my mom’s ass. In a sudden move, he spanked her soft ass cheeks and Anupama screamed in pleasurable pain each time he did. He attacked her sexually, making my mom plead for sex and after 30 most beautiful minutes of my life, Suri sprayed his holy semen into my mom’s super wet cunt. He grunted aaaaghhhh….anu….aaaaghhhh….I am coming, take me totally…… my mom too came violently almost chanting ‘ comming’ as if she was making up for all her lost life.

Once the lovers climaxed, they kissed each other and slept hugging each other tightly. Suri made love to her 3 times that night, which included, her pussy eating and she paid back with a blow job, when he cum on her face.

Suri took advantage of this and made love to my mom almost daily. He would fondle her breasts in my presence and I pretended not to have noticed. They grew very close and enjoyed a fantastic sex life. Suri, without my permission, even made my mom his sex slave and made two other men fuck her. My house generated erotic energy and I just loved it so much.

I am proud to have had the broad mind to make my mother sexually happy. She is much more eased out and wears sexy outfits to please Suri. I must admit, Suri has made me suck his cock without washing, and allowed me the honor of tasting my own mother. I can never pay back Suri. Through this forum, I thank him for doing this to me and hope, the readers to facilitate their mothers to enjoy a great sexual life and hopefully arrange it themselves.

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