Friday , December 9 2022

Arranged my own wife’s Molestation! [ Very Hot ]

my name is Suman & today I am going to tell you a rather dark story about how I arranged my own wife’s exploitation for my sexual pleasure. If this theme disturbs you, turn back now. I am not in mood to hear sermons from assoles who visit xossip but think they are morally superior than rest of us. For rest of the perverts, I hope you enjoy this story.

Ok, so coming back to story – I have a beautiful & homely wife Nupur, whom I married few years back. Ours was arranged marriage & I fell in love with her at first sight. She was not a model but had a very cute face, fair with long jet black hair & juicy body to kill for. She was around 5.3″, had nice firm 34B boobs (which has grown to C cup by now) and a tight round ass. She looked great in both desi & western dresses, though after marriage she mostly wear saree & salwar-kamiz.
Our sex life was average. I mean, nothing wrong with her – she had normal healthy sex appetite & we used to have good times togather at beginning. But as it happens with all couples, our sex drive started taking a dive low as years passed & nowadays we hardly had sex twice a week or so.

Unfortunately my sex drive kept increasing with time & turned towards perversion. I got addicted to porn & I enjoyed rather nasty & dirty porns. Bdms or forced porns – where a girl was tortured or Molestationd by guys. Seeing a beautiful girl forced to perform against her will always made me hard.

Of course in such porn movies, things are fake & the girl will just do acting for money. But I always thought how it will be to see a girl Molestationd for real. I imagined Nupur in such scenes. To imagine my sweet wife getting kidnapped & Molestationd by dirty bastards made me crazy in lust.

I never shared my thoughts with her – she would have killed me if she knew. But I needed to discuss this fantasy badly so I started visiting sex forums like xossip. I was happy to see lot of like minded guys there & realizing I m not a freak fantasizing such things about my wife.

After few weeks I decided to get a bit bold. I took normal pictures of her – few in saree others in jeans t shirt etc. Than I opened a thread called “My hot randi wife” in PnV section & posted those pictures. Of course, after removing face.

In thread I described her as a cheap whore who loved exposing a lot of skin, and was of loose charecter. I wrote that she is here to make people hard & she loves the idea of folks jerking & cumming seeing her photo. This was not true in reality, but who will now in net? In any case, I was posting for just some virtual fun! I also indicated that I need lot of dirty & vulgar comments to post more pictures of this slut.

I was not expecting much response as I only posted normal pictures & there are so many couples posting their nudes in xossip. But I was wrong. Within 15 minutes there were at least 20 comments – most of them quite obscene –
” Kya dhasoo biwi mila hai yaar tujhe .. Kutiya ko nanga karo jaldi (What a juicy wife u got …Undress this bitch fast)”,
” Wah ekdum mast randi hai yeh to (What a whore she is)”,
“Is maal ko chodne me mast mazzaa aayega (Fucking her will be a great fun)” …

these were just some samples. All just by looking at my wife’s normal saree & jeans pictures! Guys were requesting me to post more of my wife & make her their shaag material for the night.

Very much encouraged by the response, I posted another picture of her – this one I took somedays back … she was wearing a sari & watching tv but her pallu accidentally slipped & ample clevage was visible. Unknown to her, I had taken photo with my mobile.

I cropped the picture to get a close up of her sexy clevage & posted it. I put a caption saying “Look how my whore wife flashing her clevage”.

Again, there was a volley of derogatory comments, many people saying they are shagging on that picture right now & requested more photos of this “randi” more frequently. Some guy requested if he can had a glimpse of my wife’s lips, so that he can imagine his cock inside it.

My cock was rock hard reading all those dirty comments & requests. Obliging the request, I posted a closeup of Nupur’s pink lips. The guy respoded by commenting “umm kya rasile hoth hai …lund chusne ka kitna legi yeah randi? (What juicy lips … How much will you charge for sucking my penis, whore)”

He also PMed me saying he cummed seeing her lips & he never cummed like that in long time. He declared that from today my sexy wife will be his online “muth ki raani (masturbation queen)”.

This was too much for me to handle & I went into bathroom n musterbated thinking how all those horny xossip men are jerking their cock looking at my wife’s pictures. I cummed so hard that my legs turned weak & I fell of bathroom floor & had to lie down there for few minutes before I gained my composure back.

Next day I woke up with a raging hard on. I must have seen a very erotic dream because my cock was leaking pre cum. I never remember dreams after sleep so can’t say what it was, but I strongly suspected my xossip experience previous night had to do with it.

Nupur is an early raiser & today too she was in kitchen, preparing breakfast. Albeit well educated, Nupur was raised in a conservative family & by nature she was a bit shy & introvert. At beginning of marriage, she only wore sari or salwar & refused to wear anything slightly reveling despite my requests. Over time she has become little open inside home (only we 2 lived in flat) but still never wore anything except traditional dresses outside.

Today she was wearing a satin nighty in kitchen – nothing revealing by itself, but while working water had splashed on her nightie & I can see the dress becoming transparent near her boobs & giving a sexy outline. Now you guys can say that what is big deal in seeing boob outline of your 2 year old wife whom you have seen naked thousand times – but I tell you guys, that morning was different – she was no longer just a 2 year old wife, but she was a sex godess over whom at least 100 guys have mustarbated last night!

I came behind her & hugged her tight from behind, kissing her neck. She didn’t notice me coming, so she was flinched first but than she realized it was me & started laughing “Kya hua ji, subeh subeh bahot pyar aa raha hai aap ko [what happened, so much love early morning]”

I hugged her tighter & started grinding my cock on her ass “Aare janu, kya karun .. tum cheez hi aisi ho. Bistar me chalo na, pyar k sample dikhata hu [what to do darling … you are such an item. Lets go to bed, I will show you my love]”

Nupur blashed & tried to push me away “Bahot badmash hai aap. Choro, abhi nahi, bahot kam hai [You r very naughty. Leave now, I have to complete a lot of chores] ”

But I wasn’t going to leave her. I needed to get rid of my hardness. Instead, I put my both hands inside her nighty & started pressing her boobs. Did I tell you guys that she has wonderful pair of boobs? Milky & Soft. Usually I treat them tenderly, but that morning I was quiet rough kneeding them. Nupur smriked in pain “Uff itn zor se nahi … dard hote hai [Not so hard plz … it pains]”

I was in no mood to listen. Not only I kept mollesting her boobs, I now pulled down on dirty unwashed kitchen floor. Before she said anything, I pulled her nightie up & exposed her love mounds. She wasn’t wearing panties & I just got mad seeing that lovely shaven pussy. I pulled my pant down & took my roc hard cock in hand, preparing to go inside that honey pot.

“Idhaar nahi … ganda hai …bistar me chaliye please…[Not here, its dirty .. plz go to bedroom]” Nupur managed to say.

“chup kar, tere jaisi maal ke liye ganda floor hi thik hai” I hissed. Nupur was so surprised with my words that she couldn’t say anything more. I never used curse words on her so she must be thinking I have gone crazy. Even I couldn’t beleive I have said those things. Xossip effect!!

Without any other word, I thrusted my whole 6″ inside her tight pussy. She just made an “Ouch” sound & closed her eyes. I humped her like a possesed man, while pulling her nipples & abusing her boobs. She didn’t say anything but I think her eyes were wet. It made me even more crazy.I wised I could take pictures of this fuck session & post in in thread. That would have made guys crazy in lust… seeing a beautiful housewife getting fucked by her horny hubby on dirty kitchen floor! The thought did the trick & I thrusted my cock inside her for 1 laST time & release a torrent of cum.

She laid there till I finished cumming inside her. Than I got up & started putting my pant on. She too stood silently, her face red – not sure whether in anger or shame. I felt a bit guilty for spoiling her morning.

“I am sorry Nupur, don’t know what happened to me … I just lost it” I apologized

“You were like an animal today. Dont do this again” she quietly said “I am your wife, not a street hooker”.

“May be you will be someday” I too thought quietly.

After breakfast I went to office but my whole mind was occupied with xossip. I couldn’t concentrate on work & constantly kept thinking on what new comments guys would be making in my thread. Too bad that my office firewall blocks porn sites & I couldn’t take accessing it anyway.

So I waited impatiently for 5PM bell & didn’t waste 1 second the moment clock hit 5. I just couldn’t wait till reaching home & opening my thread.

Fortunately, Nupur goes out afternoon for few hours for evening gossip with other women in flat. So I had full privecy in my hand. Usually I will spend this time watching tv programs I like (When Nupur around, she will always glue to saas-bahu serials). Today, I opened up the forum instead.

As I expected, there was quite a lot new comments. Total number of pages has crossed 20 already. My PM box too was full. Many of them were request for chat & yahoo id – I ignored them. I was not prepared to do anything outside xossip. Not yet.

There were others who requested for posting new photos & “Opening up my slut”. I replied back & assured them that photos are coming.

Just to check the mood, I made a post in thread “Guys, are you ready to see some more of my sexy wife? Raise ur dick, jerk off n reply with dirty comments if the answer is yes. I am editing her pictures right now!”

Immediately there were enthustic answers :
“‘Subah se iski photo dekh kar apna lund hila raha hoon… bachche ki jaan loge kya? Jaldi post karo [Shagging from morning seeing her photo – please post fast]”

“lund ki deewaani hai yeah raand … ise bol kapde utare, badle me bahot saare lund milega [She looks crazy for cocks, tell her to shed cloth, in return she will get our cocks]”

“Fuck man!! what crazy posts!! I need to spend all night tonight, looking at her curves in new series!! Woooooooooooooooooow bhai, Please post them quickly yaar!!”

Encouraged by the appreciation and the high demand, I proceeded to post Nupur’s next picture set. As I said before, she was shy type & rather conservative during sex. You will be surprised to know that I haven’t seen her nude clearly in bright light – even after so much after marriage. Whenever we had sex, she insisted on switching off the light. After lot of pursuation, she ageed for dim light. During daytime she will make sure all curtains are down. She has decorated our house with heavy curtains, so once put off, it was as good as a dark room.

That meant that I really didn’t have any nude pictures of her. Of course, it was not like she would have alowed me to take her nude pictures even in pitch darkness. Once I tried to take her picture while she was wearing saree and she got upset & asked me why I needed to click her picture in “such condition” ? I didn;t have any good answer so after that day I never tried to take her pictures in “such conditions”.

Not her knowingly at least. I used mobile to take pictures whenever I got chance – when she was changing dress. Or when she was sleeping, wearing say a saree & her leg/thigh or clevage or naval got exposed. Or when she doing some house chores & bent to show clevage or push her ass up.

She never knew. I was clever to take snaps such way that she would have thought I was just playing with mobile. Beside, which wife will suspect her husband to take secret mobile pix?

Over the year I have built a good collection of such photos. None of them were nude though … just some part exposure. But I knew even they will b enough to tease guys & make them crazy.

When I was clicking those photos, I didn’t have anything in mind. I just took them for fun. Now they will be useful. Very useful.

I chose 2 photos from my collection. In 1st, she was wearing a red satin nighty & sleeping. Her nightie has slipped up, showing her milky thighs & a very tight ass.

In 2nd photo, she was sewing a clothe, her eyes were down … her pallu has slipped down & a very deep clevage was visible.

I posted those pictures.

A phone call came. Some collegue of mine called, he wanted some help with a presentation we were making togather. I was not in mood to discuss such boring staff now, but I couldn’t say no either. And that bastard kept talking & talking nonsense forever. Just when I was about to lose my patience, he said we will discuss rest tomorrow. I had a sign of releif & returned to where I was.

It was almost 40 minutes till I posted & guys have indeed gone wild as I expected. I gone through the page after page of obscene, vulgar comments & mustarbated.

Some people were quiet explicit in their description on what they will do with Nupur. I especially liked comments from a user named “brutalrapist”. True to his name, he sounded like a very violent & nasty guy. Here are few comments he made :

“Dekho dosto, raand ko … kaise gand faila kar so rahi he randi! Aise pose main koi kutia ko dekh le to iska to balatkar karke hi chorega! Main to is rand ka sabse bada diwana hu … sabse pahle main is rand ka balatkar karunga!! [Just look at my whore fiends … see how she is sleeping, showing us her round aSS. If anyone sees her in this pose, they sure will Molestation her. And I am her biggest fan, I’ll Molestation her first …] “”


“Bhai what a horny kutiyaa u got … love your cheap wild randi maal! saali ke randi jaisa sexy badan dikha kar hum sab junglee jaanwaron ko khush karo yaar ….aur fir hum sabhi jaanwar mil kar badle mein tera biwi ko nasty tarike se Molestation karenge … purey din raat…..phaad ke rakh denge uski nazuk badan ko….[Friend, what a horny bitch u got, love this cheap whore. Make wild Rockys like us happy by showing her slutty body .. and than we all togather will Molestation your wife is dirtiest possible way for full night … we will tear off her delicate body ..]”

All hubbies with dirty wife fantasies – after reading such comment if you don’t blast your cock than there is something wrong with you. I emptied my balls before I finished reading all comments.

My fun with xossip continued for next few weeks. I was kind of obsessed with it. Everyday at office I will wait egearly for evening. I will go home, eat something & glue to laptop whenever I get chance. I will post some of Nupur’s pictures from my stock. Than I will read all dirty comments & shaag till my cock pained.

No sooner diner finished & Nupur returned from kitchen, I will jump on her & hump her like a lusty Rocky. While fucking her, all those lusty comments by xossip guys will echo in my head & I imgined my poor wife helpless in hand of those bastard. That inveriably made me crazy & fuck her hard. Of course, after first day’s incident, I took care not to get too rough and antagonize her – but still it was great fun.

But all good things in world come to end one day and I was no exception. My stock of sexy photos deplated quickly. The guys also got impatient – they were no longer content with little skin flashes or dress slips, they wanted to see her nude in her full glory. I kept telling them nude was coming soon – but there was no way I could have taken it in real. Once after a post diner fuck, I tried to take her picture (secretly of course) in dimly lit bedroom .. but it came out dark & grainy.

Guys got more impatient & some guys started casting doubt. Some said “she might not be my wife at all and I was posting others picture and fooling people here”. That made me angry and I fought with them. In return they too started abusing me.

Some of others were cool headed & pleaded me to stay cool & ignore abusres .. but they also advised me to post nude soon.

I couldn’t blame them really. Al togather I have created impression that my wife is a cheap slut who drops dress in sight of any potential cock – so there was no way for me to justify why she wouldn’t pose nude before camera. I too will get impatient if I see & smell biriyani but can’t land my hand on it!

My stock of photos finished and I was forced to stop new posting. AT first guys kept pleading to come back but gradually their interest waned. They probably thought that’s the end of thread. Beside, there is no shortage of others husbands posting their wifes in xossip daily.

New comments hardly come now & so did PMs. In any case, I had nothing new to post or say. So I too stopped visiting xossip.

YOu guys must be thinking what a lame ending. Well it’s not ending really. This is where the real story starts. I can tell you in next episode if you guys are really interested.


Something bad happened in my office that week. Financial year ending was approaching and auditor was due visiting us in few weeks. Suddenly a big discrepancy in balance books were discovered. No one knew how it happened, who was responsible or when it happened. That means a big nice fuck was awaiting us (The accounting team) when auditor comes.

My manager went crazy. People say angry wife is dangerous, but may be they haven’t met an angry boss. He called us in his chamber, shouted all kind of obscenities for an hor while he all stood silently with our heads down like school kids. At last he said that if the gap not identified & fixed, many of us can start looking for new job. He also dictated that from that day onwards, ther is no “going home” for us till 10PM night. And nothing called weekend – each day will be working day. He said we all needed to get more “focused” and “committed” towards our work.

After taking care of focus & commitment, he cooled down & left office at 5PM.

Next few weeks were hell for me. All my fantasies went out of window. I will get up at 7 morning, finish breakfast & get ready for office by 7.30. I needed to reach office by 8.30 & from than onwards work continuously till 10PM with only 15 min lunch break in between. I reached back home by 11, somehow had diner & being exhausted, immediately go to bed & sleep.

To cut the long story short, we did manage to identify the gap & somehow fix it before auditor’s visit. That saved my job and even got me mild appreciation from my boss. After auditor left, my boss called me one day and said “Suman, even though you & your team screwed up things initially due to negligence, you guys done well to rectify it. I know you guys were working very hard for last few weeks .. so if you want, I’ll allow you few days rest next week.”

I definately needed this break. I retuned home happy & told Nupur about leave sanction next week. She was very happy too as for last 1 month I have hardly talked with her or taken her outside.

“Suniye na …” she said enthuistically “Aapko Vinita yaad hai na? pichle saal gaon gaye the to milne ayee thi. Uski saadi hai next week .. aap free ho to chalo na … mujhe baar baar aane ke liye bol rahi thi. [You remember my friend Vinita right? She came to meet me when we visited my place last time. Her marriage is next week … she was telling me to come many times]”

Vinita was her school friend … I vaugely rememebred a plump girl. I was not too enthuistic about that proposal though. I wanted rest and going to in-laws place or attending a marriage was not going to help. Beside I knew almost no one there & will be bored to death.

“Nupur .. tum chahti ho toh I will drop you at your home” I said “But I won’t stay there. Although on leave, something urgent might come up in office suddenly and I better be here at home” I lied.

“Oh” she was a bit disapointed. Than she thought and said “Aap jaate to maza ata. Thik hai, you drop me there and come back. Can we go this weekend?”

I said we can. She was very happy & immediately called her friend to inform.

I droped her to my in-laws place next saturday (her place is 3 hours around from here) and came back. I was alone in home for first time in a long period & I could do whatever I wanted. First few days was fun. I used to woke up at 11 o’clock morning. Entire day I just watched tv … ordered something from hotel & slept. Evening I called up my friends & boozed till late night.

BUt I kind of bored with this aimless life after 3 days. Friends too had their own office & family and next tuesday I found myself alone at home. I dont drink alone & I was bored watching tv. NOt knowing what else to do, suddenly rememebered xossip days & felt a hardness between my legs.

I was not expecting any surprises. And indeed the thread was almost dead, with only few “post more” comments coming in last few weeks. My inbox however showed 15 new PM. I was surprised to find out almost all of them came frtom a single user – “brutalrapist”

I must give credit to this guy for his persistance. He kept sending PM even though I haven’t replied any of them & when all other guys assumed I am dead & stopped communicating. His last PM was only 2 days ago.

Interested, I started reading his PM from beginning. First few PM was usual – I mean dirty cock hardening comments alright, but nothing special. But last few PMs were real interesting.

In one he wrote :
“Hello friend, why you stopped posting your wife? I hope all is well. I am a big fan of her & I will like to see more of her – nude or not. Also, are you open for discussion on her? I have some really exiting ideas that you may love.”

In another:
“I don’t think females like your wife should only be made for living a dull family life. She has potential to make people leak in pants. I am sure you agree and will be interested in making her the porn queen wife – not just virtual, in real too maybe? reply back, if yes.”

Last PM (2 days ago) was most interesting :
“Friend, still no reply from you. Anyway, did you think of what I said earlier? I know you have very dirty fantasies about your wife. Is it only in mind or you are ready to see it happening in real as well? I can help. I am experienced & helped other husbands here. Dont you want to see all your nasty fantasies coming true in life? Don’t worry, there will be no risk. Please reply. Anyway, what your are going to lose by replying? I will wait for your response”.

My cock was hard as I read these PMs. These were not just dirty comments, this is proposal to do something dirty in real – though I didn’t know exactly what. This guy – was he a timepass fraud, or is he really what he says? Did he indeed helped other husbands doing something nasty on their wife?

Just when I was thinking whether I should reply to any of his PMs or not, a fresh PM came. It was from “brutalrapist” :
“Hi friend, I can see you online. Great to know you are back. I have written you some PMs in past – did you get chance to read them? If not, please read. And reply me. I am serious about what I wrote before. If you have slightest desire to see some action in real, than plz plz reply. We can discuss more. If you don’t like what I say than you can always stop writing back.”

I thought and thought. There was something dark & sinister in his proposal though not clear. It exited me. What may go wrong in just replying & hearing what he has to say? Maybe he will turn out to be another big mouthed fake guy – but it still will be fun to discuss something nasty on Nupur. I am not losing anything anyway. Beside I had nothing better to do.

So I wrote back “Hi. I read your PMs. How you will make my fantasies true?”

He replied immediately “Hi friend, so glad to get your response. Regarding your question, I have some idea about what your fantasies might be – but still want to hear from you to be sure. Communicating through PM is difficult. Are you ok moving to chatstep? IF yes I will create a room and send you link. Otherwise we can try here only.”

I didn’t have problem going chetstep, it indeed is better than PM when 2 guys are chating. I told him ok & in few seconds he sent me the link.

With great curosity in mind, I logged in to room. He was already there, with same id as xossip.

brutalrapist : Hi friend. So nice to to chat with you directly. I am Javed

me: Hi Javed, I am Suman (I told him my real name. I didn’t see any risk in that. There are probably 10 thousand Sumans in city)

brutalrapist : Suman bhai, kahi dino se aap xossip me aaye nahi. Sab kuch khariyat? (You didn’t come xossip many days .. all ok?)

me: We are good Javed, thak you.

brutalrapist : Good to know Suman bhai. Whats going on?

me: Nothing yaar, wife gone in-laws place .. me alone at home, chating

brutalrapist : Oh ho … bhabhi jaan ghar me nahi? Aish hai aap k toh, boozing going on? (Oh bhabhi not at home? Than u must b enjoying, n drinking)

me: ha yaar, drank a lot, now bored with it. Waiting for her to come back …

brutalrapist : yeah toh hona hi hai, bhabhi jaan ko chor ke nind kaha ati hogi aap ko (Thats obvious, I dont think you will get a good sleep without bhabhi)

I just replied a smily. We chated a little more on this & that. We turned out to be from same city (if what he said was true).

I already started liking this guy. I was expecting a rough n dirty talking guy, but this was seems to be mature & know how to start conversation. I knew he had a nasty mind (his comments were enough to prove that) but he also had a polished side. When we started conversation, I was sure it will turn out to be an erotic but innocent vitual fun. I was still not convinced that he is talking real, but I just started getting a feeling that this man may really mean what he said.

I was dying to ask him what he was talking about in PM – abou making my fantasy true I mean. But it felt awkward to ask, even though we really didn’t know each other & just chating for 5 min.

Fortunately, he only started it “So Suman … we were discussing your fantasy about bhabhi jaan. If you don’t mind, why dont u tell them to me ibn details? I’ll love to hear.”

“Err..” I responded little awkwardly “There are many actually. Writing all those thought are not easy … I mean …”

“Exactly” He caught my words “Thats what I was about to say. Do you think we cabn do voice? It will be much easier to discuss.”

I frawned. “Well .. don’t mind Javed .. err.. but I don’t think I will exchange personal details just now. I mean mobile number. Maybe in future .. but not now. Sorry.”

“Oh no no” He responded quickly “I didn’t mean mobile number Suman bhai. I understand perfectly. Of course, you shouldn’t exchange number so soon before you know me well. I wouldn’t even ask your mobile number till you feel comfortable & give it yourself. No, I meant online voice … maybe yahoo?”

I didn’t mind that. After few days I started the xossip thread on Nupur, I created an yahoo id called “hornyhubby”. With fake details of course, so that no one can trace it to me. I never used it, but it will be usefull now.

I gave him that id. He said he will log in & ping in 2 minutes. With my head full of curosity .. and my cock hard as rock, I opened ymsgr & waited for him.

I logged in ymsgr and waited. It wasn’t more than few minutes before Javed pinged, but to me it felt like hours. Than I accepted his voice call & I heard the man for first time.

“Aas salaam alaikum, Suman bhai” a clear, strong voice came from other side. It sounded like mature voice – mature but not too old (I later came to know he was around 40).

“Hello, Javed” I replied.

“Nice to talk with you Suman bhai. Aap abhi ekela ho na ghar pe (Are you alone at home)?”

“Ha” I said.

“Goog, good … freely baate kar sakte hai phir” he said cheerfully. “Before we start, mere bari me kuch aap ko bata du. (let me tell you something about me before we start”

“Sure” I said. I observed Javen had habit of mixing hindi/urdu with english when he speaks. His english was fluent & refined – indicating he probably was well educated … though his hindi had slight hyderabadi accent.

“Suman bhai, first of all, aab tak mene aap ko jo bataya, saab sach hai. Me koi fantasy nahi bata raha tha. I am real & I have real experience. Ha, xossip me hi aise 2-3 husband hai jin logo ki fantasy meine pura kiya hai. Naam mat puchiyega, I value privecy. Aap ke saath jab baatcheet chalu karenge, tab aap ke secret bhi mere paas safe raheg. (What I told you is all true, not any fantasy. I am real & I have real experience. Yes I have helped few husbands in xossip to fulfill their fantasy. Don’t ask their name, I value privecy & won’t share. When we start discussion, your secret too will be safe with me)”

I heard intently – Javed almost sounded like a professional who was describing something in which he was experienced. It was hard not to beleive this guy.

“I will not ask any details that risk your privecy. At least jab tak aap confy feel na karo. Discussion ke wich me aap ko kabhi laage ki you don’t want to proceed further, no probs. We can stop & part as friends. Agar saab kuch thik raha, tab syad humlog milne k sochenge. But vo baad ke baat hai. thik hai na Suman bhai? (I will not ask any details that risk your privecy. At least till you feel comfy. In between discussion if you ever feel you dont want to proceed further, no probs. We can stop & part as friends. If all goes well, we probably will meet sometime. But that’s somethink we will think later. Is it ok?)”

“Sounds ok, Javed” I said “Thanks.”

“Suman bhai, if you have any question, ask. I will give honest answer.”

I liked the guy & I thought I should also tell him truth. That my wife is not a slut like I made her to be in thread. I knew once he hears it, he will lose interest. But this guy was sincere & I didn’t think I should cheat him & waste his time any further by telling him bunch of lies. In any case, he will know soon enough if he asks me to do c2c with Nupur. What excuse I will have than?

“Javed …” Since you said you were honest, I think I too will tell you some truths about my wife …”

“Zaroor, boliye na” Javed said.

“Javed … you have read my thread … and … err … udhar mene likha tha ki meri biwi badchalan aurat hai. Lekin real me vo .. er .. aisi nahi hai … i mean, I just made it up. Sorry!” I said with slight guilt. I almost expected the guy to use some slang word & bang down the phone.

Instead, I heard him laughing “Suman bhai, please don’t be sorry. Yeah to mujhe pahele din se hi pata tha ki bhabhi jaan aisi nahi hai! (I knew from day 1 that bhabhi is not like that”)

“You knew?” I said, surprised.

“Yes Suman bhai” Javed said “I told you, I am experienced. Not only this, from your thread & photos, I can tell many things. Jaise ki, bhabhi must be 26-27 year old. Fig batau? hmm 34C, 28 … 35? height syad 5.4″ ke aas paas. Aaplogo ke bachche nahi hai … kiyun ki her belly is smooth, no stretch mark. Aaplogo ke sex life average hai. Bhabhi syad … syad nahi, must be conservative. Aap bahot saare dirty cheez karna chahte ho but you can’t tell her yeah soch ke ki vo aap ko pervert samjhegi. Iss baat par aapke maan me gussa hai aur aap bhabhi ko suffer karte dekhna chahte ho. Thik bola na mein?
(from your thread & photos, I can tell many things. For example, bhabhi must be 26-27 year old. Shud I tell her Fig? hmm 34C, 28 … 35? height mayb close to 5.4”. You don’t have kids … bcoz her belly is smooth, no stretch mark. Your sex life average hai. Bhabhi perhaps … not perhaps, must be conservative. You want to do lot of dirty staff in bed but you can’t tell her bcoz she will think of u a pervert. You are angry on her & you want her to suffer. Am I right?)

He was goddamn right … both with her stats as well as other staff. “Wow Javed, you must be magician …”

“Experience Suman bhai … just experience” He was laughing. “I could guess, but I wanted to be sure about it. By talking with you.”

“Well now you know for sure, I guess you are no more interested …” I said, with little disapointment in my voice.

“Just opposite” Javed quipped “Sach batau toh, if I thought she was a slut, I wouldn’t even bother to comment or PM you for so many days – even though you didn’t reply before today.”

“Really?” I was surprised again “But .. why?”

“Why?” Javed paused for few seconds. When he talked again, his voice was no longer pleasant, it now had a sinister tone “Kiyun ki Suman bhai, fucking sluts don’t exite me. Such sluts can be hired from market by throwing money. Nahi, I like ladies like bhabhi jaan. Sidhi sadhi, gharelu lekin khubsurat. Jinone zindegi me baas ek hi mard dekhe ho. Unlogo ki izzat lutne me bahot maza ate hai. jab me unlogo k saath zabardasti karta hu … aur vo log rote hai, girgirate hai chor dene ke liye … tabhi toh chodne ki asli maza ata hai! Khubsurat auroto ke akhon me ansoo na dekhu toh mera lund khada bhi nahi hota, Suman bhai!

(fucking sluts don’t exite me. Such sluts can be hired from market by throwing money. No, I like ladies like bhabhi jaan. Simple, homely but pretty. Who have seen only 1 man in life. Its soo much fun to Molestation them! When I force fuck them .. and when they cry & plead to let them go, that’s when is real fun of fucking! Without seeing tears of a helpless pretty lady, I dobn’t even get hard!)”

A cold vibe ran through my spine. At same time, my cock was getting hard again.

I was quiet for sometime and so was he. Probably both of were thinking what to say next. Than Javed broke the silence “Suman bhai, aap ho na udar (U r still there?)”

“H..Ha..” I replied, my throat was dry.

“Dar to nahi gaye mere baat sun ke? (I hope you were not afraid hearing what I said)” Javed laughed “Kya karun, mujhe saaf saaf baat karne ki adat hai. aap ghabrao mat … jo kuch hoga vo aap k permission se hi hoga (What to do, I have habit of straight talking. But dont be afraid, whatever happens, it will be only with your permission)”

“No…I am not afraid” I tried to sound bold. In reality, I was a bit afraid of this man. He was not a harmless oridinary fantasy boy – that much was for sure.

“Ye huyee na baat (That’s cool)” Javed said cheerfully “Me kya bolta Suman bhai, humlog idhari kuch din baate karte hai. Let’s know each other. Kya bolte ho aap? (If you are ok, Let’s chat here only for few days. Let us know each other a bit. What you say?)”

I was fine with it. We chit chated some more that day & for next few days. Nothing sexual on Nupur – or anything on sex for that matter. He was careful not to bring out anything on that topic & I didn’t bring out either as I didn’t want to sound impatient. I knew he only will bring it out one day.

We shared details of each other. I was careful not to mention anything through which he can identify me. I told him we are in a flat & only 2 of us stay here. He asked me once about Nupur’s nature & dresses she usually wear. When I said she was homely, conventional & slightly submissive woman & mostly wear only Saree or salwar, he seemed very pleased with that information.

From his side, he told me he works on “export & import” business – through exactly what kind of export or import he was doing, he didn’t disclose. He was single & unmarried – “bistar garam karne ke liye khud k nahi, dusro ki biwi behtar hai … (To warm bed, better to have others wife rather than own wife)” was his explanation.

After a week or so – next Friday evening, when we were doing voice chat in yahoo, he said it at last – “Suman bhai, humlog to 1 week se baate kar rahe hai. What you think about me? Bhorosa hai? (We are talking for a week … so what you think of me now? Do you trust me now?)”

I knew what was coming next. I said carefully “Abhi tak toh sab thik hi hai (Everything looks ok till now..)”

“Than” He said “Do you think we should meet? kaal kahi coffee pe mile?”

I was in dilemma. One side of me told me – “if you really meet him – than that’s it. He will know you & thare will be no easy way out, even if you want to.”

Other side told me – “Gandu, what you are thinking now? You want it dont you? How many times you have made your cock hard thinking of such fantasy? Now that the time has come to try it in real, you are pissing your pant! Be a man & meet.”

Wise man say when dick starts thinking than brain can’t compete with it. In my case too dick won. I told Javed we will meet 12PM tomorrow, in Caffee coffe day, close to city center.

Saturday morning I woke up with mixed feelings in mind. Night before I talked with Nupur, she was very happy & talked for about an hour on wedding & her friends whom I never met in life. She will stay some more time & come back next weekend.

If what Javed said was true, I knew I am going to push my wife into a nightmare. I couldn’t imagine what impact it will have on her future life. In so many stories I have read a innocent wife getting Molestationd against her will & starting to enjoy it by the end. I just didn’t beleive that can be true. Well, might be true in case of rare few but for vast category of women it will be a trumatic experience neverthless.

No, the bigger question was, how she will cope up with it later. Here, I was confident that I can make her forget this incidence (whatever it may be) with my love & support.

Other option was just to forget the entire thing – not to meet Javed, switch my SIM so that he can never reach me & that’s it. Life will go on as it is. But was it really an option? My mind will still be filled with perverse thoughts. ALready it has taken a toll – I no longer enjoyed normal sex with Nupur, despite she being so desirable a woman. I just couldn’t get full erection during sex unless I thought of how dirty men mollesting & enjoying her. With time this will only increase .. I was afraid I will turn into an impotant person, no longer capable of normal sex. And after that maybe one day I will start losing my love & feeling for her altogather! That was last thing I wanted.

This nasty, pervert fantasy in my mind needed to be wiped clean. And only way to do it was to just make it happen!

Thus decided, I completed my breakfast soon & pulled out my car. City center is quiet a long drive.


I was a bit delayed due to heavy traffic. I parked my car a little far from caffe coffee day, I didn’t want Javed to notice my car number. Better to be careful.

Little ago, Javed had called to tell me that he was already there. He also told me he was wearing a white t-sirt & blue jeans. Caffee coffe day was almost empty with only few customers scatterd here and there in different tables. I had no problem locating Javed in a corner table, seating alone.

As I went close to table and called up by his name, he stood & smiled & we shaked hand. I looked at him closely as we sat down & exchanged plesantries.

As I said before, he was man in 40’s though he could pass for 5-6 years younger. He was about 5.9-5.10, well built but not bulky. Clean shaved & he wore a costly designer sunglass. His face was square sized with a strong chin, indicating that this was a man of strong will & determination. At first glance, he gave impression of a pleasant, educated middle age man.

Closer study however will tell a little different story. First of all, his eyes. I didn’t like it. It was piercing, cold eyes – which never changed expression even when he laughed. Secondly his laugh – it looked like a fake smile hanging on his lips & sound coming out from mouth, not a genuine laugh or smile. Something like you will see airhotess or receptionist people doing often.

I felt cold & awkward in front of this guy. He made me uneasy. Anyway, there was no point thinking that as I just couldn’t walk out because I didn’t like his look. That will be silly.

“Suman bhai, chai coffee kuch lenge kya?” He was asking. Before I replied, he called the waiter and ordered 2 coffee.

“Der tak baat cheet chalegi … kuch le lena achcha hai (We need to talk long, better to take something)”

We didn’t talk much till coffee arrived. Once the waiter served it & left, Javed took first sip & looked around, probably to make sure no one else was close & listening.

No one was close. Only customer a bit far was a young student of 20 something who was absorbed in his laptop. I didn’t think he could hear or he will care to hear anything we talking.

“Bhabhi kaisi hai (How is bhabhi)?” Javed asked.

“Achchi hai .. saheli ki sadi me busy hai … next weekend aa jayegi (She is good, busy with her friend’s marriage .. will return next weekend.” I said.

“Good, good” Javed leaned on table to bring his face closer to me “Suman bhai, kitne din huyee humlogo ko baate start karte huyee? week? (How many days since we started talking? week?)”

“dus din (10 days)” I said

“Ha” he lowered his voice “bhai, is wich me humlog Nupur bhabhi jaan ko lekar koi aisi vaisi baate nahi kiye. Me chahta tha ki aap pahele easy ho jao mere saath. (Within this period, we didn’t discuss anything specian on Nupur bhabhi. Actually, I wanted you to get confy with me first)”

He paused a bit & smiled “Iske matlab yeah nahi ki me bhabhi jaan ki warime soch nahi raha tha (that doesn’t mean I wasn’t thinking about her).”

“Achcha?” I said

“Ha bhai” Javed said “Jis din unki photo first dekha thread pe, tabhi se baas soch raha hu. Khuda kasam, kya kohinoor biwi paya hai Suman bhai! Shakal to nahi dekha lekin kya makkhan malai jism hai! Nupur bhabhi jaan k photo dekh kar hi lund pe aag lag gya hai Suman bhai!!! (I am thinking of from first day I saw her photo in thread. By god, what a gem of wife you got! I haven’t seen her face, but even her body is soft like butter. Just by seeing Nupur bhabhi’s photo, my dick is on fire)”

He smiled lustily as he was saying this. This time, the smile seemed genuine. I also observed one of his teeth was gold plated.

For first time in life, a guy was talking dirty about my loving wife openly in front of me. I tell you guys, it’s nothing like a stranger talking nasty on your wife face to face, it;’s nothing like threads, comments or even voice chat!

My cock was hardening & I didn’t know what to say. Javed only continued “Suman bhai, you said you have some fantasies on bhabhi. Tell me, what are those?”

I looked at his egear eyes. I opened my mouth & tried to say something, but I couldn’t talk. It was still to weird, too difficult to share my dark fantasies with a stranger whom I met just 15 min ago.

Finding me silent, Javed insisted “Bataiye na Suman bhai … whats your fantasy?”

“Err.. I” I stammered “You know … kya fantasy hai … I mean …”

Javed smiled “Pata to hai lekin aap ke mu se sunna chahta hu.”

Still I kept my silence. After waiting for sometime, Javed said again “Samjha, aap soch rahe ho ki 15 min hua nahi mile huye, abhi isse apna fantasy wantasy kaise batau? Aise aap nahi bologe toh bhi mujhe pata hai aap k fantasy kya hai! Mere jaisa koi ganda insaan aap k biwi k saath ganda kuch karen, ehi fantasy hai na aap k? (Oh, I understand now – you are thinking it’s only 15 min we met, how to discuss fantasy with a stranger? Even if you don’t tell me, I can guess what is your fantasy. Some dirty guy like me should do something nasty with your wife – isn’t it your fantasy?)”

I maintained my silence. This guy was a thought reader.

“Galad bola to maaf karna Suman bhai, lekin aap k khamoshi bata raha hai ki mera andaza sahi hai .. (Pardon me if I said anything wrong, but your silence tells me that I was ptobably right)” Javed said cautiously “Me kya kaheta hu na Suman bhai, fantasy me koi budai nahi. Me aise kahi husband ko janta hu … sabhi logo ke kuch aisi hi fantasy hai. Kya budai hai? Dekhiye na, me aap ko apna fantasy bataya … aur aap k aona fantasy hai … iske matlab thodi hai ki real me bhi humlog aisa kuch try karenge?.. ( You know friend – there is nothing bad in fantasy. I know many husbands who has similar fantasy. Whats wrong in it? See, I told you my own fantasy … and than you have fantasy of your own. Does it mean we will try it in real?)”

Huh, Javed was playing it safe now. Good, very good. I will let him talk and see how far it goes – I thought.

He continued “Aise fantasy aur real ki baat hai toh … koi jyada fark nahi wich me. Aap yeah toh manoge, ki gande se gande fantasy kiyun na ho … koi na koi, kahi na kahi wohi cheez real me bhi kar raha hai! (Anyway, there is not much difference between fantasy and reality. I am sure you will agree that, No matter how dirty a fantasy is, someone somewhere is doing that thing in real).”

“Nah.. I don’t think all fantasies can be done in real. Not the real dirty ones … like mine!” I said.

“Nahi?” Javed looked at my eyes, almost challenging me “Aap to high classwale ho … aap ko nahi malum ki iss shehar ki sadak pe aur galion me kya kya ho sakta hai. Aisi cheez jo aap soch bhi nahi sakte, Suman bhai. Yeah baat samajhna jyada muskil nahi … I can prove it. (You are from hi class, you have no idea what can happen in streets & lanes of this city. Much more than what you can even imagine, friend. It’s a fact and it is not so hard to prove it either)”

“Vo kaise (howz that)?” I asked egearly.

“Bahot simple hisab hai, Suman bhai.(Vevry simple, my friend)” Javed laughed “Achcha, yeah bataiye, iss shahar k population kya hai (ok, tell me what’s the population of this city)?”

I didn’t understand the context but I answered “1 crore”

“Correct” Javed said “Inme se aap jaise khate pite acche ghar ki log kitne honge (And how many of them are from well to do family like you)?”

“Syad 15-20 lakh” I said.

“Chalo 20 lakh le lo (Let’s take it as 20 lakh)” Javed said generously “Baki 80 lakh me genana, bachche, buddhe, bimar hata lijiye. Kitne baache? 30 lakh (Now deduct females, child & old people from rest. How many left? 30 L)?”

“Ha syad (Perhaps)” I said, still not understanding the argument.

“Kaun hai yeah log (Who are these guys)?”

I shrugged, I had no idea.

“Jawan mard, Suman bhai (Adult male, my friend)” Javed said “not from good family. low class people, Labors mostly. Aab 30 lakh me jyada se jyada 20 lakh familywale mard hoga. Baki 10 lakh kaun hai? Iss shahar me jyadatar labor bahar ke state se aata hai. Family gaon me. Idhar kaam kar ke ghar paisa bhejta hai. Barabar? (not from good family. low class people, Labors mostly. In this 30 lakh, at most 20L will be men with family. Rest 10 lakh – who are they? In this city, most labors come from other states. Family will be at villege … they work here and send home money. Am I right?)”

“Ha” I said

“Aap ko pata hai, how these guys live? Full week subeh se shyam hard work … raat me ek ghar me 10-15 log sota hai ek saath. Rent ke paisa bachane ke liye. Jo kamata hai, jyadatar ghar bhejta hai. Baki paise me jyada kuch nahi bachta khane pine ke baad. Entertrainment? Desi theke pe saste ke sharab! (Do u have any idea, how these guys live? Full week hard work from morning to evening … at night 10-15 people sleep togather in small room to save rent. Whatever they earn, most of it they send home. After food and all, not much remains in their hand.Entertrainment? Cheap country liquor in roadside theka!)”

“Sex life?” Javed continued “zero. Saal me ek baar gaon jata hai to biwi ko pelta hoga. Baki time shahar me kuch nahi. Kabhi kuch paisa bacha liya to mahina-do mahine me ekbaar ghasti ke paas jata hoga chodne. Woh bhi 30 rupya ki randi … gandi … aap nange dekhoge toh bhi aap ke lund khada nahi hoga!! (zero. Maybe they fuck wife when they go villege once a year. Rest of the year while in office – nothing. If they can save some extra money, maybe they go to prostitutes once in a month or 2. That too 30 rupees worth chap whores … so dirty that your cock won’t raise even if u see them nude!!)”

I heard him mesmerized.

“Zara socho, Suman bhai (Think about it, friend)” He whispwered “Is shahar ki bastio me aur sadak pe aisa 10 lakh jawan mard ghum raha hai. Uneducated, low class … frustated. No sex month after month. Aisa koi banda ek din raste me Nupur bhabhi jaan jaisi khubsurat aurat ko dekh le to uske maan me kya khyal ayega? (10 lakh such young, horny male roaming in streets of this city. Uneducated, low class … frustated. No sex month after month. If such a person sees a pretty housewife like Nupur bhabhi in street, what thoughts will come in his mind?)”

Before I answered, he looked at me ibntently “App bhabhi jaan ko lekar bahar nikalte ho to kabhi khyal nahi kiya? Iss type ke log kaise ghumte hai? (You haven’t experienced such things ever, when you take Nupur bhabhi outside? Didn’t you observe how this type of people ogle at her?)”

“Ha, dekha hai…(Yes, I have seen indeed)” I said. He was right. Many times while walking at road, I have seen construction workers or other low lifes looking at her with lust. I have seen them laughing to each other, indicating at Nupur. I was sure they must be talking something vulgar about her. Sometime they even made obscene gestures or made whistles.

Nupur never noticed those things, but I did.

Javed nodded “Ha, jyadatar log raste me koi khubsurat bhabhi ya ladki ko dekhega, jyada se jyada kuch comments marega aur fir raat me wohi bhabhi ya ladki ki naam ki muth maar ke so jayega. Lekin isse jyada harami log bhi hai. (Yes, most of guys will see a pretty bhabhi or girl at road .. at most will make some dirty comments and than at night they will musterbate thinking about that bhabhi or girl. But there are some people who are a bit more evil than that)”

“Bhookh se logo k dimag kharab ho jata hai, Suman bhai. Vo chahe pet k bhookh ho ya jism k bhookh! Socho, koi bhabhi sunsaan raaste se ja rahi ho aur aise 2-3 bhokhe logo ke nazar me aa jaye! Bhabhi ki jawani dekh kar achanak unlogo k dimag kharab ho gya … fir? Agar inlogo ne milke bhabhi ko utha liya aur zabardasti kahi aur le gya … yeah real me hona impossible hai kya? Aap ise fantasy kahoge? (Hunger makes people crazy, friend. Whether it is hunger for food or hunger for a female body. Think about it friend, some bhabhi going through a lonely street & 2-3 such hungry people sees her. They get crazy seeing her beauty. What happens than? Is it a really impossiblity that these people will kidnap her & forebly take her to some remote place?)”

I nodded my head. No, he was right. It was possible. “W…what they will do to her?” My voice was dry, I knew the answer but still wanted to hear from him.

“Well.. pyar muhabbat ke baate to nahi karega for sure (They won’t do romance for sure)” Javed laughed ” Ek gori, hi class memsahab ko chu pana bhi vo logo ke liye badi baat hai … aur jab aisi maal unki lund ke niche aa jaye to kya hoga? Chodega Suman bhai, budi tarike se chodega. Jism ke aag bujhayega bhabhi ki ek ek chhed me lund daal daal ke … (Such people can’t even think of touching a fair, hi class memsahib … and suddenly such an item comes under their cock – what you think they will do? They will fuck her friend – badly fuck her! They will fulfill their lust by fucking each and every hole of her …)”

I was now hard like never before.

I could feel the tension in air. Both me & Javed knew what other side wanted. Still we were playing cat-mouse game. I haven’t told him directly that I want my fantasy to become real & wanted his help. He too didn’t tell openly what he wanted to do on Nupur. While giving vivid description of what may happen, he was clever enough to talk in generic terms & nothing directly about my wife.

I have to give this guy credit for being such a clever talker. He was saying everything but still no one can charge him with an obscene proposal. I was sure by now that this guy is not fake.

Well I will wait & see. I was sure he will come to point eventually.

“Aab bolo, Suman bhai …(Temm me now Friend) ” He was saying “Jyada fark hai fantasy aur reality me? Jab Nupur bhabhi jaan ekele bahar nikalti hai, aap ne kabhi socha kya kya ho sakta hai unke saath? (Is there much difference between reality & fantasy? When your wife goes out alone, did you ever think what things may happen to her?)”

“Ha sahi hai … thik bol rahe ho aap. me is tarike se kabhi nahi socha. (You are right, I never thought the way you are saying)”

Encouraged, he continued “Wohi. Aab se jab bhi sochoge, yeah dimag me rakhna ki koi gandi fantasy nahi, you are just thinking reality & possibilities … kiyun ki you are concerned about her safety. Aise sochoge to you will not feel guilty. Aur allah na kare, reality me kabhi kuch ho bhi jaye to aap zimmedar thodi ho! (That’s it. From now on, whenever you think .. just keep in mind that you are not imagining some dirty fantasy, but real life possibilities – that too because you are concerned about her safety. If you think that way, there will be no guilt feeling. And god forbid, if something like that happens in reality, you are not responsible for that!”

He now looked slyly at me and asked “Achcha Suman bhai, baat ki baat bol raha hu – maan lo koi bhabhi ki saath aisa kuch hota hai … toh aap ko kya lagta hai, unki pati k kya reaction hoga? (Well friend, just saying for sake of argument – if something bad like this happens with a wife, what you think will be her husband’s reaction?)”

“Dukh hoga, gussa bhi ayega (Definately he will be sad, angry too..)” I played my card carefully “Lekin muje lagta hai ki achcha isi me hai ki ghar ki baat ghar me hi rahe aur bahar na jaye. I mean police media kar ke kya faida? Biwi ki izzat to wapas nahi ayegi… upar se badnami. Nahi, mujhe lagta hai husband k paas dimag hoga to chup hi rahega aur biwi ko bhi chup rakhega. (But I think it’s better that such news remains within 4 boundaries of home & never gets out.I mean, whats the use going to police or media? wife’s modesty is not going to come back – you will just make a scandal. No no, I think if the husband is clever, than he will remain silent & also make sure his wife remains silent too.)”

“Bahot khub, Lakh baat k ek baat kaha Suman bhai (Ah … very well … you just said a very reasonable thing, friend.” Javed thumped the table so loud that the boy on other table shriked & looked at us.

“Sorry, thoda exited ho gya tha (Sorry, got a bit exited)” Javed lowered his voice “lekin baat to aapne bilkul sahi kaha hai. Me bhi ehi kehta hu – jo hua so hua, don’t think too much about it & spoil rest of life. Aise ek baat batau, bahot saare husband has similar fantasy – lekin unke paas na to aap jaise samajh hai … na gaand me dum. Zindegi bhar fantasy soch kar lund hilane ki kya faida, bataiye? (But you have said 100% fact. I too say same thing – Whatevr happened – just happened, don’t think too much about it & spoil rest of life. By the way, should I say you something? Many husbands have similar fantasy – but they neither have your courage nor your level of maturity.What is the use of thinking fantasy & jerking cock for rest of life?)”

“Ha, mujhe bhi lagta hai ki kisi k dimag me koi fantasy hai to real me kar ke dekh lena chahiye ek baar. (Yes, I too think if you have something in your mind, you should try it at least once in life” I asked.

“Bahot badiya … sahi kaha Suman bhai, sahi kaha. Zindegi me sab kuch try kar ke dekhna chahiye. Jaise ki me pahele hi bola, Koi bhi fantasy ho – saab possible hai. Jitna abhi tak bataya … isse bhi ganda kuch ho sakta hai. (Very good friend, very good. Well said. Yes, everything should be tried in life. And as I said before, all fantasy possible in real life … even staff more dirtier than what I said so far…)”

“Oh” I felt a twitch in my cock “Isse bura aur kya hai? Yeah rapist logo se bhi buda koi ho sakta hai kya? (What can be worse than what you said? Can there be more dirty men than those rapists?)”

“Bahot zalim log hai bhai duniya me (So many evil men in this world!)” Javed made a sad face “Sirf Molestation kar ke maan nahi bharta unlogo k. Ladki ko noch khate hai. Aise budi tarike se chodta hai ki ladki 4 din tak chalne phirne ki halat me nahi raheti …. (They dont get satisfied just by raping. They just tear the girl apart. Fuck her so bad that she wont be in position to walk for next 4 days …)”

“Baap re … yeah to life risk hai! (My god, that sounds like life risk!)” I exclaimed.

“Tauba, Tauba” Javed touched his ears “Yeah kya bol diye Suman bhai. Zalim hawsi zaroor hai, lekin khuni darinde nahi. Ladki ki balatkaar karega, uski jism ki ek ek inch nochega. Kaatne chilne ki wareenty to nahi hai, lekin khun karne ki swal hi nahi paida hota. Aur unlogo ke sath aksaar mere jaisa koi thaand dimag k banda toh rehta hi hai na. koi risk nahi. (What are you saying Suman! they are lusty bastards but not murderers. They will Molestation the girl … tear every inch of her body. Yes, there will be no warrenty on cuts & brusises, but killing her? no no … no question of that. And anyway, usually there will be some cool headed guy like me with them .. so no risk at all.)”

“hmm” I said “Yeah to gya wife k risk k baat … Lekin husband upar bhi koi risk nahi hona chahiye … I mean no one should know …(that’s about the wife’s risk part .. but even husband’s safety should be maintained … I mean no one should know that …”

“No no” Javed said egearly “Unke upar risk aane k swal hi nahi … vo to scene me hi nahi rahenge! (There is no question of any risk on him or anyone knowing … he will not even be in scene!)”

“Scene me nahi rahega toh use pata kaise lagega ki kya hua hai? (How he will know what happened, if he won’t b in scene?)” I asked little disapointed. Safety is important, but if I even can’t see how these guys are raping my sexy wife, than what is the use of sharing?

“pata chal jayega…(He will know)” Javed answered “Ek ek scene ki video uthega na. CD bana ke diya jayega husband ko. (Because every scene wil be video recorded. CD will be given to husband.”

“Oh” I felt so exited at that moment. Imagine guys, your wifes real life Molestation getting recorded in CD & available to you so that you can see that whenever you want! To see how horny low class bastards tearing your innocent wife’s clothe, how she pleading to them in vein .. how they force her to do unspeakkable things. Oh, what can be a more kinky idea than this?

“Achcha Javed, aap bol rahe the na … about those nasty guys” I paused “I mean … aap jaante ho aise logo logo ko? (Do you really know anyone like them ?)”

“Ha janta hu na (Of course I know)” Javed said matter of factly “Export import ki dhanda hai na … tarah tarah ki logo se rista rakhna padta hai. Dhanda karna muskil ho gya hai aaj kaal Suman bhai, is liye aise haramio se link rakhna bahot zaroori hai. zaroorat k time Kaam me ata hai. In fact, aaj subeh hi aise 2 logo se baat kar rahe the .. (I have export-import business right … so need to keep connection with all type of guys. Nowadays it has become very hard to maintain business .. that’s why it’s important to keep link with even such type of bastards. They are useful in time of needs. In fact, today only I was talking with 2 such guys …)”


“Ha. Idris aur Saifulla. Bahot parishan the dono. (Yes … Idris & Saifulla. They were a bit upset today.)”

“Kis baat ki parisani? (Upset about what?)”

“Aare bhai, bataya tha na … wohi old issue (Ah .. told you na, same old story)” Javed shrugged “Idris UP se hai … saal me ek baar gaon jata hai biwi bachcho se milne. Aur Saifulla bangladesi hai … illigally border cross kiya hai …ghar jaane ki swal hi nahi. Bhukhe hai dono mahine se. Aise to bahot kaam k bande hai dono, lekin aaj kaal thoda dhila pad gaya hai. Dhamkaya toh bolne laage ki … bina aurat k kaam kaaj me maan nahi lagta Javed bhai … bagera bagera. Me bola ki abhi tung mat kar … Suman bhai se milne ja raha hu, aa ke batata hu kya kuch ho sakta hai.

(You see, Idris is from UP … gets chance to go home once a year to meet wife & kids. Saifulla is from banglades, crossed border illegally so there is no question of going back home for him. Both these guys are great assets but recently they have become a bit careless in work. Scolded them today & than they started saying without female not getting interest in job anymore etc etc. I told them don’t tell all these sob stories now … I am going to meet a friend Suman, let me come back & than I will tell you if something can be done about your problem.” He winked.

The hint was very clear now. I gave an encouraging smile “Ha, kuch na kuch jugad to karna hi parega aap ko (Ya, I guess you must do something for those guys)”.

“Ha, Pichle kuch dino se tung kar rahe hai saale. Kaam kaaj me bilkul maabn nahi. Unlogo k galti nahi hai … uparwale ne 9-9 inch k lund diya hai, lekin istemmaal karne k liye chut nahi diye saath me. (Yeah, they are giving me trouble for last few day. No attention to work! Not their fault, Allah gave the 9-9 inch dick but forgot to give a pussy togather with it for use)”

“9 inch??” I almost choked.

“Hai toh 9 inch k hi. Lekin Nupur bhabhi jaisi khudsurat aurat ki chehere pe ragadne se 9 ka 10 bhi ho sakta hai … uske warrenty nahi lete bhai! (Well, yes it is 9 inch … but if it rubs on pretty face of someone like Nupur bhabhi, than it may become 10 inch also … can’t give warrenty it won’t..”

We both laughed at his joke.

“To bataiye, Suman bhai. Heroine to fixed hai, do hero bhi ready hai. Aur me director to hu hi. Bana lu movie? Producer tyar hone k der hai baas. (So tell me friend … heroine is fixed, both heros are ready .. of course, I am here as director. Should we make the movie? Only producer needs to agree now!)”


“Ji, producer.” Javed laufghed “Movie aap k liye ban rah hai to producer aap hi huye na. ‘Nupur bhabhi jaan ki balatkaar’ – movie k naam kaise rahegi? (Movie will be made for you … so what that makes you? Producer, of course. Now tell me … ‘Nupur Bhabis Gang Rape’ … how this is for our movie name?)”

The comical way he said this, I couldnt help but laugh myself “Baot badia naam hai. Producer razi hai! (Sounds like a great name. Producer is ready)”

“Shubhanallah, Yeah huyee na baat! (Excellent)” Javed jumped out of chair “Waiter bill lao” he shouted. Than looking at me he said “Chaliye Producer sahab. (Let’s go, producer sir)”

“Kaha? (where?)” I said.

Javed laughed again “Kamaal hai producer sahab. Itna zabardust movie banane ja rahe hai … hero logo se nahi milenge? (Come on producer sir! We are going to make such a superhit movie & you dont even want to meet the heroes?)”

In 5 more minutes, we were out in road.

After coming outside, Javed asked me to ride along with him in his car.

“I came my own car” I said “You can drive ahead, I’ll follow you.”

Javed thought few seconds & than said “Nahi Suman bhai, I dont think it’s good idea to take your own car where we are going. I mean its not a place where white color hindu guys like you will go usually” he smiled. “Come with me … once done, I will drop you in main road .. you can do a cab & come back here & pick up your car.”

I agreed. Now that I am part of his plan, better to trust him & do as he says.

I was happy that I listened to him. After driving around 10 minutes, he took a turn into a side road. We were heading towards an area which I knew exists in map, but never stepped in close by in my life.

I was not far from city center but it was ill reputed. To maintain privecy, I won’t disclose name of the place to you – but it will suffice to say that it was old part of city, dwelled mostly by lower income group minorities. Small congested shops lined by both side of road … road itself was narrow, made narrower by street hawkers selling fruites or cheap clothes or other mundane staff. It was almost evening & people out of evening azan lined up to streetside tea/samosa shops.

After 10 more minute of driving, road became too narrow to drive. Entire main road has now divided into multiple smaller lanes, each not more than 5 feet wide. Although evening sun was still up & shining, these lanes seem to be under permanant shadow as shops both side blocked all the sunlight. Now shops had switched on dim yellow bulbs but that did little to lit up the gloomy atmosphere.

Javed parked his car & we made our way through one of the crowded lanes. I observed most men were dressed in traditional muslim attire. Almost all women were in burqa. Javed seem to know this place well, while walking he greeted many guys & they greeted him back with respect. They also looked at me suspeciously – Javed was right, this was no place for a well dressed hindu man (Any upper class men for that matter).

However, no one said anything to me & I silenty followed Javed as he crossed from one lane to another bylane.

I almost lost track of the path, it was like a spider web. After some more distance, the commercial area seemed to fnish. Shops were now replaced by old dingy residential houses, some of them seemed not less than 100 years old. People in road too were much lesser.

At last Javed stopped in front of a old block. “Aa gaye Suman bhai. Andar aaiye (We have reached, come inside)” he sgnaled towards the iron gate.


We entered into a middle sized room. The room was darker than outside & took me sometime to adjust my eyes. It seemed like some sort of office room as almost entire room was lined with iron racks full with paperworks. Door on other side led to rest of the house & I can hear metallic sounds coming from there.

In one side there was a dirty white mattress, a old muslim man sat on it, intently writing on some paper. He looked up as we entered.

“Adab, Shakil sahab ..” Javed greeted him.

“Aare Javed mian, aao aao … baitho (come come, seat down Javed mian)” Old man greeted back. He looked at me curiously, but didnt ask anything.

“Nahi abhi nahi (Not now)” Javed said “Kaam hai. Idris aur Saif hai kya andar? (I have some work to finish. Is Idris & Saif inside?)”

Old man put a paan in his mouth & answered “Ha, Kaam kar rahe honge. (Yes, doing some work)”

“Thik hai” Javed said & gestured me to come with him in next room.

Next room was actually a long hallway … or a small factory floor to be precise. Men were working on lathe machine or other tools .. building metal parts. The floor was even more dimly lit with very few yellow bulbs hanging from roof. Ocassionally there will be bright flash of light with someone weilding metal parts togather.

“Factory hai apna ..(My factory)” Javed said “Export import bola tha na …(I told you about my export import business ..)”

“Kya banta hai idhar? (What things you make here?)” I asked

“Bartan … machine parts. Plastic k bhi thoda bahot kaam hai. Yeah purani factory hai, aur ek ban raha hai city k bahar. (Utensils .. machine parts. Some plastic work too. This is old factory, we are making a new one outside city)” Javed replied.

It was extremely hot inside this hall & I was sweating like a pig. Javed observed & said “Bahot garmi hai, nahi? Chaliye, udhar ek room me fan laahi hai, udhar ja kar baithte hai …(Too hot here, no? Lets go in that corner room there ,, it got fan)”

It was another small room in corner with only a large table & few chairs. Thankfully it had a ceiling fan. As javed switched it on, I sighed of releief.

“Rafiq, jaldi idhar aa (Rafiq, come here quick)” Javed shouted. A teen boy of 14-15 age came running.

“Aadam javed bhai ..”

“Ek kaam kar, Ismail mian k dukan se jaldi 2 thandi coke le kar aa (Bring 2 cold cokes from Ismail’s shop)” Javed handed him a 50 rupee note “Fir Idris aur Saifulla ko bol Javed bhai ne bulaya hai … abhi idhar aaye. (And than call Idris & Saif, tell them I want them here)”

“Ji” the young boy ran out.


We were sipping coke when someone knocked the door & than a huge face covered with beard pipped in. “Aapne yaad kiya tha, Javed bhai?”

“Idris? Aa aa .. andar aa. Saif kaha hai? (Come inside Idris .. where is Saif?)”

“Aya hai Javed bhai… (He too came Javed bhai) ” Both men entered room & stood in a corner respectfully.

I looked at both guys. Idhris was huge guy … must be 6.3″ at least & well built. He had a ugly & somewhat dumb face with a beard coming till his chest. He wore a muslim style kurta-pajama – which probably was white once upon a time, now turned dark brown with grese & dirt. It seemed like Idris mian didn’t beleive in washing his clothe regularly.

Second guy was much shorter … about 5.4″ or so … but he covered it with his width. He was not really fat, but muscular.Unlike his buddy, his face gave impression of a cunning guy. He was wearing lungi & shirt – which was much cleaner than Idris. His combed hair & trimmed beard was colored bright red with henna. He seemed to be a man of style – in his own way.

Nature wise too those 2 guys seemed different. Idris talked more & always had a stupid smile on his lips. He almost looked like a gigantic child with low IQ to me. In comparisn, Saifulla was a quiet guy. He hardly talked & from his face it was difficult to fathom what that man was thinking. Javed told me later that he is yet not comfortable speaking hindi/urdu – which explained his usual silence.

Javed looked at them & said “Idris ..Saif .. Suman bhai se mil. Yeah humlogo k movie k producer hai. Movie banane ja rahe hai humlog …(Idrish .. Saif meet Suman bhai. He is film producer. We are going to make a movie)”

Saif didnt say anything but Idris looked confused “film … Javed bhai?”

“Ha, film” Javed quipped “Aur tum dono hero banoge… (And you 2 will be heros)”

Idris looked even more confused. He brushed his hair with hand & than gave a big stupid smile “Baas kya, Javed bhai. Mazak kar rahe ho aap! (Come on Javed bhai … you are pulling our legs)”

Javed sighed & looked at me “Dekha na Suman bhai, kutto ko ghee pilane ki asar. Hero banne ki chance de raha hu to ekim nahi ho rah hai!! (See what happens when you offer ghee to Rockys. I am giving them chance to become hero, and they are not ready to beleive it!)”

I liked this guy’s sense of humour.

Javed was speaking again “Aabe gandu, mera kaam dhanda nahi hai kya ki, tujh jaise gadhe k saath mazak karun? Such me movie bana rae hai. Sab kuch fix ho gya hai. Sumanbhai ki biwi … Nupur bhabhi heroine banengi. Mast item hai ekdum .. pakka superhit film. Movie k naam bhi tyar hai – ‘Nupur bhabhi jaan k balatkaar’. Aab bata, banega hero? (Stupid assoles, dont I have better work than cutting jokes with you guys? We are really making a movie – everything is final. Sumanbhai’s wife, Nupur bhabvhi will be heroine. She is a total sexy item .. movie definately will be superhit. We even decided name of movie – “Nupur bhabhis gang Molestation’. Now tell, want to b hero or not?)”

Saif was still silent, but he was smiling now. Idiot Idris looked blankly for sometime – once at Javed & once at me. Than he made a big smile “Such, Javed bhai? Aap baas hukm karo … aisi item maal ke liye hero toh kya, naukar k kaam bhi kar dunga .. (Really bhai? You just give order … for such a heroine I will even do the servent’s work)”

“Naukar nahi, hero hi chahiye … (I need good hero, not servant)” Javed said “Ekdum mast bed scene banna chahiye heroine k saath – Me Suman bhai ko jubaN diya hu. Suman bhai bataiye, pasand aya hero log? (I have promised Suman bhai of best bed scenes with heroine. Suman bhai, tell me, do you like the heros?)”

“Bahar se toh thik hi dikhta hai … (They look ok from outside)” I smiled.

“Ha ha … sirf bahar se nahi, andar se bhi achcha dikhega Suman bhai, maan lo meri baat (Trust me .. they look far better inside)” Javed laughed happily & gestured towards the men “Aab ja saale, maan laga ke kaam kar. Time hoga to bula lunga tumlogo ko … (Now go .. do your work seriously. When time comes, I will call ytou 2)”

They both saluted us & left giggling, like 2 young boys.


After they left & door closed, Javed looked at me “Suman bhai, kuch serious baate kar le? (Should we have some serious talk now?)”

I nodded. Javed continued “Buda mat manna Suman bhai, plan saab to ready ho jayega … likein kya hai ki abhi tak me Nupur bhabhi ko dekha nahi. I mean .. mujhe pata hai ki A class item hai … aur aap ki hi biwi hai … fir bhi itna risk lene ke pahele ek baar aamne samne dekh leta to tasalli ho jati … (Dont mind .. I’ll plan everything but … till now I haven’t seen Nupur bhabhi. I mean… I know she is class item and she is really your wife too … but still, before I take any risk, if I see her once in real, I can start with more satisfaction in mind…)”

“You want see her & verify if she really my wife?” I asked.

Javed hesitated “Ha .. I mean aisa mat sochna ki mujhe doubt hai. Fir bhi … (Well yes … I mean dont think that I dont trust you … but still …)”

“Nahi nahi its ok” I said. I knew he will ask this so it didn’t come as surprise “But how? I mean .. aap se Nupur ko introduce karwane ki matlab … (But how? To introduce you with Nupur will mean …)”

“Aare nahi nahi” Javed interrupted “Introduce karwane ki koi zaroorat nahi. Baas ek jhalak dekhn hai. Aap unko lekar koi public place me aa jana … mall ya resturant .., aur mujhe pahele se bata dena, me dekh lunga. Me aap logo k saamne bhi nahi aaunga … (No need to introduce at all. I just want to have one glance. If you come with her in some public place – say a mall or resturant – and tell me from before, than I can have a look without even coming in front of you guys)”

I thought & told him I was ok with it.

“Toh kaab kar sakte hai yeah? Ekbaar dekh lu, fir saare plan fatafat ho jayeg (So, when can we do this? Once I see her, rest of the plan can be made quickly)”

I told him she is in her parents home right now but should be back next weekend.

“Thik hai Suman bhai” Javed raised “Mera phone no toh hai aap k paas. Jab bhi bhabhi aa jaye aur aap tyar ho, phone kar dena. (My phone no is with you. Once bhabhi is back & you are ready, give me a call)”

He dropped me at main road from which I took the cab back to my car. My heart was beating fast & head felt light. I still couldn’t beleive what happened today. It all seemed like a dream – but I only knew too well that nothing was fantasy anymore.

My cock was hard for almost hours by now & it hurt. While driving, I picked up my mobile & called up Nupur.

She was happy to get my call. “Kaise ho ji aap (How are you)?”

“Missing you so much darling” I said “I am coming tomorrow to get you back home.”




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    After several minutes wich I felt like hours the cd started to play. First it showed nothing but soon I could see the road and vehicles passing. Then near the pavement there were javed haneef and idris walking here and there. The camera then turned to the end side of the road, they were waiting fore nupur from that side. Again my mind wandered with millions of questions. Will my wife comes in tight jeans and tshirt as she normally do? Is she wearing panties or a tight shorts as she does sometimes? Well to answer my all questions suddenly the camera went here and there and focused at the bend. Oh my god forgive me there is my wife innocent and fresh like the morning sunlight. She was walking than running swaying her sweet hips rythmecally. When the picture is close and clear I saw she is wearing tight jeens and a tshirt. When she sway her hips to match her walk, I could clearly see her sweet triangle wich is soon to be drilled and filled by the waiting beast’s giant cocks.Yet I didn’t see the van but it was clear that the camera was inside the vehicle. Now nupur was several meters away from javed. Her innocent face showed no sign of waiting disaster. Sindoor on her forehead was glistening in the morning sunlight. then javed started to move. He walked two steps back blocking nupur. She stopped for a movement and turned to pass javed only to be covered by idris and saif. I could see her back side and she was trying to pass them. I tried anal with nupur sometimes only to refuse. She always considered anal sex I s a dirty, disgraceful subject. Seeing my wife’s big ass surrounded by sex hungry animals, I silently prayed them to ravish her precious ass holl.there was no-one around to help. She will never come for he morning walk if she had ever thought of a ting like this!Slowly they advanced, the ring closing around her. Nupur was clearly terrified now.She knew it would be useless to try to run for it – she would not be able to break through the ring and she certainly could not outrun them. She opened her mouth maybe to beg them but Her voice froze – she couldn’t even scream for help. Javed’s Hands grabbed her arms then saif cought her from backside. He intentionally crushed his groin on nupur ‘s ass eventually.she was helpless with three strong men against her, then idris cought her both legs hustling her along the pavement against her will then she was bundled into a large, closed transit van parked at the roadside.The doors were shut and the interior light went the van nupur is struggling but no sound came out from her mouth.”hold her legs tight” javed ordered and then He reached towards her and slipped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her towards him with one hand while the other reached out to her blouse and grabbed her breasts. She struggled and tried to kick him but idris was holding her both legs when she doubled over in agony. Saife’s Hands from behind held her under her arms and lifted her back up to face javed again. Again he reached out to grab her breasts and this time she held herself in check, still winded and pained Saife’s tight grip. “That’s better. You’d better realise that we shall all have you before the night is can either enjoy it or struggle and we’ll use as much force as we need to but we’ll still have you only that way you get more bruised, understand?” She froze. He twisted her breast …

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