Sunday , May 28 2023

Arriving Home Late

Slowly you walk towards the house. You don’t see any
lights on and let out a sigh of relief. Maybe he went to
bed and won’t know that you were out later then you were
supposed to be. Gently the door opens and inside you
creep, your heels in one hand and your purse in the
other. Up the stairs, one by one, nice and slow to avoid
any creaking.

You pause when you reach the top of the steps to allow
your eyes to adjust to the darkness and there you see
him. Standing with his arms crossed and a scowl on his
face. “You are late.” he says in a gruff voice.

A quick turn and you start back down the stairs only to
feel his hand lash out and grab your hair, yank you
backwards and drag you towards the room at the end of
the hall. The room with the toys and equipment. A place
where pleasure and punishment are doled out in equal
amounts. You start to struggle as he throws you into the
room and you stumble over the bench.

With a quick jab you lash out and catch him on the chin.
As soon as you do that you realize your mistake. A fire
lights in his eyes and he grabs you again, his hands
like vises clamping down on you. Handcuffs appear as if
from the air and you feel your arms expertly cuffed
behind you.

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