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Ashely’s punishment

This is a work of fiction and is not meant to portray
any person living or dead, nor any known situation. This
story contains themes of spanking, anal sex, and incest.
It is meant for adults only and is not to be read by
persons under the age of 18, or the legal age in the
county/state/country in which the reader resides.

Ashley at Seventeen-

Twenty minutes after her final class, Ashley Shirer
appears at Mr. Jarman’s door. She leans against the jam,
waiting for him to get off the phone. When Jarman hangs
up, she says, “Reporting for detention, sir,” jokingly
snapping off a salute.

A small brunette with dark eyes, a decidedly nice figure
(though currently disguised by her school uniform, which
makes Ashley feel like a nun), Ashley is the most
attractive girl in Jarman’s fifth period English class.
She is also dangerously carefree and cavalier.

Mr. Jarman looks up, discomforted by Ashley’s attitude.
“It’s not detention,” he says. “We no longer hold
detention at St. E’s.” He pauses. “You didn’t read the
last circular, did you?”

Ashley shakes her head, sits down on the corner of
Jarman’s desk. “I threw it in the trash.” she says,
laughingly. Her English teacher and sometimes soccer
coach, Jarman is easily flustered, always uneasy in her
presence. She reaches out and touches his shoulder. “I
never read those things, you know that.”

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